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TikTok Marketing: Five Strategies to Boost Your Reach on the Platform Today

Jun 16, 2021
TikTok Marketing: Five Strategies to Boost Your Reach on the Platform Today

As the 7th most-used social network, TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps globally, and it's no secret that many marketers have been looking for ways to tap into its massive audience.

TikTok has several features that make it an attractive marketing opportunity for brands, including its ability to create short videos and easily reach a large audience quickly. Today, it's become one of the most popular apps for brands to connect with their audience and build brand awareness.  

But, how do you know where to start? Here are five TikTok marketing strategies you should be using today!

Use the Right Hashtags for SEO

SEO is a gamechanger. It's one of those necessary evils that are both simultaneously infuriating and rewarding. Of course, you're not going to rank without it, but there are plenty of tricks for getting more visibility on TikTok with the right hashtags incorporated into your content strategy.

To find relevant hashtags, you can use a search engine or social media platform. TikTok has its own hashtag directory, and YouTube's got an entire list of hashtags for every occasion.

If you're confused about which hashtags to use, type in a broad keyword within TikTok's search section, and you'll get tons of suggestions. To target a wider audience, it's a good idea to go for a generic hashtag.

Partner With Other Creators

An excellent way to grow your TikTok following is to partner with other creators. This will allow you to get a new audience and grow the reach of both accounts. Of course, it must be mutually beneficial when doing this and not just one person gaining from the partnership.

Search for relevant content to find creators who'd suit your brand. When you find someone, shoot them a friendly message stating you liked something they created and would like to work together. Then, when your follower count grows, you'll find people more inclined to work with your brand.

Pick a Niche

The key to succeeding on TikTok is to choose a niche. There is no point in playing the numbers game when your channel can only reach one group of people, so it's better to pick something specific and narrow down your audience as much as possible from the get-go.

What you post wisely on TikTok will depend heavily on this choice: if you are targeting teenagers, you'll want to post videos that resonate with this demographic, such as beauty tutorials or more controversial content. If instead, the goal is to reach adults aged 30-45, focus on parenting and other family-oriented topics.

If you don't know what niche will work best for your marketing campaign yet, then try out a few of them and see which one works best.

Participate in a Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges are one of the most popular trends on TikTok. A hashtag challenge is when TikTokers are asked to carry out a particular task, record it, and post it on social media with the specified hashtag. Participating in these TikTok challenges is a great way to engage your audience on TikTok and get more followers.

Examples of recent challenges that went viral are Feta Pasta, Perfect Match, and Crowd Cheers. There are likely to be more viral challenges in the future, so it's a good idea to participate in those to boost your reach!

Create Engaging Content

Lastly, you need to create engaging content. Unless you are a celebrity, you likely don't have the luxury of attracting followers by simply having your name in the caption. If TikTok is to become a marketing channel for you, then it's time to invest some time and effort into creating content that will engage with people.

To create engaging content, make sure you're authentic, and you're not trying to be someone else. Apart from this, TikTok is a visual social media platform, so make sure you have good quality graphics and videos.

Lastly, the content needs to be compelling - it should have some kind of human factor to it that will get people's attention. So, for example, an engaging video could show someone trying out something new or doing something like cooking together with friends for the first time or something like that.

Final Thoughts

Are you using TikTok Marketing to engage with your audience? If not, it's time to start. With the right strategies and a willingness to grow outside of your comfort zone, you'll be able to get more out of this social platform than ever before!

She is a Canada-based B2B copywriter. As a copywriter for 8 years, she is determined to make boring business copy shine. In her free time, you can find her trying out different foods.

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