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The Basics of Facebook Ad Manager

The Basics of Facebook Ad Manager

Since the inclusion of social media in our lives, marketers started focusing on this platform and the platform owners responded them too. Facebook is the biggest arena of social media marketing with the market share of almost 80%. Facebook with the audience of over 1 billion users has become the home of every marketer that is why social media marketing has become one of the top-earning profession. Facebook has become the favorite place to market of every small business owner because there is not a lot to spend and you can get a lot in return. Moreover, the accurate analytical result of every marketing campaign attracted the bigger fishes of the pond too, and the big brands are also using this platform.

If you are interested in setting up an account for your business too on the Facebook, then you doesn’t have to hire any professional for it because it is too easy and anyone can do it with its personal profile. For this, you have to understand the Ad manager first. Following are some of the basic things you have to know before starting out full flash Facebook marketing.

Set up Ad account:

To start Facebook marketing, you have to set up your ad account or business manager first. For this, click on the drop down button where you log out your profile and click the business manager button then. On the left side of your page, there would be Add New option which will take you to Ad Account option. Enter the name of your ad account and all the payment details and click create ad account button. Congratulations, you have made your ad account.

Types of Facebook Ad campaigns:

Now when you have set up your ad account, it is time to know about the types of Facebook ad campaigns. There are many types of ad campaigns that Facebook allows you to create but since you are just a beginner at this level, it is important to know about the basic ones. There are three basic types of Facebook ad campaigns.

Boost your post: whenever you would post something on your page, the Facebook will ask you to promote it. This is a simple way of boosting your post. But if you want to get maximum results out of it then go to your ad account and select start new campaign. Then the Facebook will show you the types of campaigns and select boost your post-campaign from it. This campaign helps you to take your post and the message to the maximum people and create awareness about your brand among the masses.

Page Promotion: if you doesn’t have any resource yet to write or design the posts for you, but you want to start your Facebook marketing as soon as possible, then the page promotion campaign is the best way to build some audience for your business. Run the page promotion campaign and start getting likes on your page and build some audience for your postings.

Click to website: if you own any website or do business from the website, then this campaign is solely for you. This campaign allows you to add your website URL in the posts so the viewer can click it and land on your website. This is the best way to get maximum traffic on your website from the social media.


Facebook Ad Analytics:

Keeping an eye on the performances of your ads is important. This will not help you in the budgeting but will also help you in increasing your ad potential. To understand the Facebook Ad analytics, it is important to know some of the terminologies first that Facebook uses in the ad stats.

CPR: it is the short form of cost per reach. This will show you how much cost you had spent on showing your ad to one person.

CPC: it is the abbreviation of cost per click, and it will tell you the cost you had for having one click on your post.

CPE: it is a cost per engagement which tells you the cost you spend on account of every engagement of your post with the viewer.

Final Words:

Facebook marketing has become much advanced, and it is impossible to summarize in one post. However, the content in this post is enough to start your own Facebook marketing.

Author Bio: Hilda Peter is a Digital Marketer, Blogger at Writing Victors – Assignment Writing Help. Her journey as a professional blogger helped her earned an admired position in organization. 

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