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Tips to successfully use Social Media For Keyword Research

Tips to successfully use Social Media For Keyword Research

Over there years, there have been tremendous changes in online marketing. Although social media marketing is no longer a new phenomenon, there are still several unknown elements that marketers have to continually experiment with. Even with the continuously changing landscape, factors such as keyword placing remain relevant and influential to online marketing.

A rapidly changing aspect of online marketing is social media influence. Whereas marketers have been quick to tap and harness the power of new models of marketing through social media, keyword placement remains an integral factor and one that must be done in the right way if it has to bear fruits. Although various social media platforms may require a different approach to properly harness keyword research, there are several similarities that you can take advantage of. In this article, we look at some approaches to help you successfully use social media for keyword research.


For any content to gain popularity and succeed online it has to be ultimately relevant. This means that it must resonate well with the target audience and respond to their needs. Such content must address important questions and satisfy the curiosity of the audience.

Joel House Search Media shares the opinion that keyword choice must be relevant to the subject matter. For instance, if a social media post is addressing healthcare in the New York area, ensure that your keyword is closely tied to the topic. At the same time, position the keyword relevantly within your post.

Relevance also relates to targeting the right audience with the right keyword. Look into what various demographics would be interested in various social media platforms.

Target gender, age, interests and location.

A significant role that social media platforms have brought into the marketing space is enabling specific targeting for various demographics. As you carry out your keyword research, narrow down to how various platforms are using age, gender, location, and even personal interests for marketing purposes.

Facebook offers an outstanding experience of using keyword marketing to drive information to very specific audiences. Using well-defined and advanced algorithms, the platform is able to hand users specific information as required. For instance, if you make a Google search about electric scooters, it is likely that a related post will appear on your Facebook page the next time you log in. Successful keyword usage comes from such a close relationship with the audience. You can use a Google Adwords company to understand your audience.

Flow with Trending topics

Any modern marketer knows the strength of trending topics in pushing brands and products forward. Trending topics( both positive and negative) give unprecedented mileage to brands and can make a significant difference in a company’s bottom line.

To gain exponentially from trending topics, marketers simply need to understand what keywords people are searching online. The beauty of keyword placement is that you can use a number of related keywords while addressing the same topic without losing relevance.

While taking advantage of this, use the language being used in discussions around the trending topic as long as this doesn’t jeopardize your brand. This brings you to the same level with the audience and all participants in the discussion.

Follow relevant influencers

Did you know that influencers can make a great difference in telling the story of your brand and pushing forward your products? This notwithstanding, you have to make the appropriate choices regarding the kind of influencers to follow. ‘

Brands pick influencers to make a difference in specific industries for a reason. On LinkedIn, established personalities are used to push stories with ease because of their influence, knowledge, and experience. Look closely at what such individuals are saying and pick what works for your own brand.

The key to this kind of following is learning the topics being discussed and what is eliciting lots of interest with followers. Carefully pick what works for your situation and work around it.

Use your instincts:

Knowing what people would naturally search about your brand is a powerful way of creating content that resonates well with the audience. There are several analytical tools that can help to evaluate and analyze what your social media audience is looking for.

Naturally placed keywords are not only highly efficient but also help to point out people’s interest in general.

Understand your audience and where they are easily found

For you to place keywords appropriately, understanding your audience is a basic necessity. How do you know what information your audience needs and how they consume it?

  • Identify with their language, age, and even timing:

With close data analysis, you will highlight differences and similarities between the language of young people and the older persons and any other audience demographics in between. You will identify how they interact on social media when they are active online and what they consume for long. This information is vital to your marketing campaign and the overall strategy.

  • Know the preferences of your audience.

Preferences, in this case, refer to where your audience is most active. Are they more on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other? What pulls them to social media the most? Do they love photos, infographics, prose or videos? Such questions are vital in identifying the appropriate keywords for your audience. Take advantage of it to learn and scale rank your content high using the appropriate keyword.

Take advantage of Behavioural differences In various platforms

The diversity exhibited in various platforms allows divergent approaches to social media keyword placing. Different audiences behave differently on various platforms. This means that it’s important to study these characteristics and respond with the right keywords on those platforms. In other words, it is possible to use different keywords on different platforms even when addressing the same subject matter.


It is through the right keywords that your content will gain the desired traction online and attract traffic. A central component to the success of keyword placing is research. To target the right audience you have to relate very well with their needs, their timing and their language. All this can only be established through proper research. At the moment, social media is key to all online marketing needs. Make it a priority for the success of your brand.

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