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The Ultimate Guide in Social Media Copywriting: Trends In 2020

The Ultimate Guide in Social Media Copywriting: Trends In 2020

Consumers will easily follow a new trend, especially if it suits their needs. Yet, most copywriters are often stuck relying on traditional content writing strategies. Understandably keeping up with recent trends can be a bit daunting because they quickly come and go. However, if you are thinking of staying relevant and ahead of the competition, you will need to integrate these trends.

So, What Social Media Copywriting Trends Are We Noticing In 2020? Keep Reading To Find Out.

Voice Search and Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is a fundamentals aspect of SEO. It helps you appear at the top of any search engine result. One trend we see in 2020 is the voice search, which will affect how you write your keywords. About 30% of searches will be screenless, as opposed to typing our thumbs off. Thus, more of your target audience will use voice search channels like Google, Siri, Alexa, etc.

Voice search trends in copywriting will be by researching and implementing full and organic search terms. For example:

  • "Best Etobicoke Chinese takeout" will be "What is the best Chinese takeout in Etobicoke?"
  • "Buy cheap essays from Writing Judge" will be "Does Writing Judge have cheap essay writing services?"

Therefore, your blog post and social accounts will need to carry more of these keywords.

Creating Cross-Platform Content like Podcasts, Webinars, and Videos

Stats show that 45% of all internet users listen to podcasts. While leveraging on video marketing can help to increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%. Several podcasts, videos, and webinars are created for pieces of easily digestible content.

Therefore, as a copywriter, you need to consider scriptwriting for these mediums. It is a trend that is great for proving material to repurpose for other social media content. So you'll need to be able to transcribe your videos, webinars, and podcasts into articles or social media posts.


Another trend in copywriting for social media is storytelling. Sharing stories is a highly effective way to connect with your audience. More businesses are compelled to embrace storytelling to help them engage their target audience on an intense emotional level.

The trend also is that these social platforms are creating features that help you tell your story fluidly. Take, for example, Instagram Stories. As of early 2019, Instagram reportedly reached 500 million active daily users, most of whom use the Instagram stories feature. Other social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp have hopped on this trend.

As a copywriter, your stories can be a mix of visuals and text. This helps to keep the audience engaged. Your storytelling should be compelling and easy to understand at first glance without any ambiguity. Additionally, the story needs to have a theme, using specific and relatable examples. They can be are as personal as possible to convey the message. Storytelling should also be very story short, concise, and end with a call-to-action.  

Focusing On Customer Pain Points

We are often so focused on selling a product or service and forget to address customer pain points. In 2020 the focus is now sharing customer pain points. Why it matters that you solve their problems and how you can solve them. These are the areas where customer experience is below average or negative. They could be financial, productivity, support, or process pain points.

For instance, if you're addressing financial pain points, your content should state the better or flexible offer. Also, you should be able to listen, empathize, and use the customers' vocabulary. You can do this by creating "how-to" blogs or videos for your audience. This shift has been able to help customers see the value of your product more quickly.

Educational Content

Now more than ever, customers are more interested in the little details of every product or service. They no longer go online to make a mere purchase. They're in search of in-depth information. Thus, the trend is to educate your audience in a way that helps them make the right decision. The customer is always searching to know that they are getting the best deal.

Such content needs to provide relevant and accurate information to help a prospect complete their purchase process. Also, your audience is looking for informative descriptions that are easy to understand. You can use blogs or GIFs to share educational content. Take, for example, the paper review writing website, Pick The Writer. The site contains blogs, reviews, and ratings that give visitors useful information they need. It helps to make the decision process more informed and straightforward.

The Use of More Humor and Emoticons

A trend on how to increase engagement on your social media is the use of humor in your content. When copywriting your social content, you can make use of witty posts and bants. For instance, when Wendy's "sassy and bold" crack-wise tweets lit up Twitter. It had brands jumping on the bandwagon and follow suit. However, this is not for every brand. So before you make use of humor, ensure that it fits your brand and values. The message should be appropriate and communicated in an effective manner to your target demographic.

The use of emojis or emoticons is another social media copywriting trend you can use since communication is now less formal. It is incredibly helpful for a target audience with younger demographics. Just try not to forget your brand voice when hopping on this trend. Also, ensure that you danger-check in case they are any hidden meanings to specific emojis.


Trends come and go with astonishing speed. And when you are not up to date, as a copywriter or marketer, it can reduce your content's effectiveness and uniqueness. However, you also do not have to rush head-on to apply a new social media trend.

Look at the trend critical and see how it aligns with your brand before applying it. And of course, the tips from this guide in social media copyrighting trends will also be a great place to start.

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