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5 Must-Read Shopify Tips to Double Your Sales

5 Must-Read Shopify Tips to Double Your Sales

Getting everything on the run may involve a lot when you decide to take your business online and set up an e-commerce store. Laying the groundwork, acquiring stock, and driving traffic to your store are some of the biggest challenges.

You should take the help of an award-winning Shopify digital agency, Bing Digital to ensure the design perfectly reflects your brand value. Besides, the company can also assist you in acquiring relevant traffic to your site. Once you have the right traffic on your website, converting the visitors to customers is another great deal.

In most cases, if you operate a Shopify store, you are more likely to record low revenues when you lack a sales strategy. You can also have a strategy and lose track of it if you don’t have a plan to guide you. As the e-commerce landscape keeps changing, it becomes more involved to run an online store. That is why you need these tips to improve your online store sales this year.

1. Incorporate opt-in forms

Opt-in forms are what you should have in your store if you want most of your visitors to take action – buy from you. For instance, you should have a pop-up message on your online store that shows up whenever a customer visits your website. Use this strategy to remind customers of the new arrivals, discounts, offers and ask them to opt-in.

Pop-ups have a conversion rate of up to 3.1%, making them the most effective in changing visitors to customers. Ideally, before you can place pop-ups on your website, for instance, the landing page, you should understand the intent of your customers.

You don’t need pop-ups all over your website to make this strategy effective. For example, a payment page should not have a pop-up. This may annoy the customers and result in more abandoned carts.

2. Optimize product pages

When people visit your online store, they want to be sure that what they see is what they get eventually. Therefore unless you optimize the images on your website, you will not convince your customers to buy. You can follow these steps to optimize images for SEO:

  • Compress: High-quality images (Large) can make your website slow. However, that doesn’t mean you have to upload blurred images. You can compress the images without interfering with the quality. To boost the site speed, you should keep all the images between 70-140 KB.
  • Specify the dimensions: Shopify recommends images measuring 2048 x 2048 for square images. If you want the product images to be zoomable, you should keep them at least 800 x 800 in size.
  • Name all files: you should name all the images you upload on your Shopify store correctly. When naming the images, you can use relevant keywords since Google and other search engines will consider that when crawling your site.
  • Use simple language: when describing the products, you should use words that people can relate to easily.
  • Key features: highlight all the key features of a product that make it stand out from the rest. Focus more on the unique selling points for each product – this is what most online shoppers will be looking for when comparing products.
  • 360-degree images: these will create an interactive experience allowing customers to rotate the products around, mimicking what they would do in a real store. When customers can fully explore the product, they are more likely to make up their minds on whether to buy or not.

3. Launch your email drip campaigns

If you want to drive more people to your Shopify store, you should start reaching them directly. That means you can launch an email outreach campaign to remind existing customers about the product you are offering.

Email marketing has a significant marketing return for any online business. It is a cost-effective method to reach out to customers and make them buy.

You can segment your customers and send them emails based on their gender, shopping behavior, and geography. You can also come up with different email buckets that target different customers. Some emails you can implement in your campaign include:

  • Emails to update customers about your company
  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • After-purchase emails to remind customers of new offers and recommended products
  • Re-engagement emails

4. Focus on building a converting landing page

A landing page is the most important page on your website. With a great landing page, you can increase customer conversion rate and grow your sales in no time. In most cases, landing pages will not convert most visitors because they lack CTA, take time to load, and are poorly designed.


You can use third-party page builders to build an effective landing page for your Shopify store. Engage your sales team to create an engaging, colorful, and compelling landing page. Most page builders don’t require any coding skills, making it easy to build your landing page from scratch.

When you design your site landing page, you should focus on these:

  • Create engaging headlines by leveraging powerful copywriting tactics.
  • Include a simple and clear CTA
  • Come up with content or copy that can address the customer’s pain points
  • Include social proof elements like customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials

5. Start a loyalty and rewards program

There is stiff competition online, which means you should give customers a reason to choose your store. When customers establish a strong connection with your brand, it can help them choose you over the competitor.

It costs more to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. When you focus on retaining customers through loyalty and rewards programs, you can easily grow your sales.

Loyalty programs give customers a reason to keep shopping with you. If customers earn a reward for every product they buy in your store, they are more likely to remain loyal.

Ideally, some research has established that 77% of customers agree that an online store with a reward or loyalty program is more likely to make them stay.

Loyalty programs can improve sales in a Shopify store by establishing a lasting and strong relationship with new and existing customers.

Final Thoughts

If you want your Shopify store to record more sales, you should focus more on everything that makes customers happy. Build a strong landing page, create a reward program for loyal customers, improve product pages, and establish social proof. With these tips, it can be easy to convert more visitors and increase sales with time.

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