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How to Start Selling on Instagram

How to Start Selling on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps in the world, with over one billion active accounts. The growing number of users represents a new market for the retail industry, and numerous shops have now established their presence on the photo-sharing app. If you’re looking to be a successful entrepreneur, Instagram might just be the place to boost your sales.

Despite the enormous size of the online market, driving sales from social media platforms is not always as easy as it sounds. Elements like competition can still affect a business’ chances of success. Finding ways to differentiate a product and make it stand out is vital to attracting potential buyers. Some of the aspects you should consider when looking to sell your goods on Instagram include:

1. Converting to a Business Account

If you’re really serious about taking your social media sales to the next level, then getting a dedicated account is a great way to show initiative. You can choose to register a separate account for your enterprise, or turn your personal profile into a business one. Converting your personal Instagram into a business account is a simple process accomplished in three easy steps. Simply:

  • Log onto your account and go to your profile page (by clicking on the profile icon)
  • Click on the three-lines icon on the top-right of the page and select “Settings”
  • Click on “Switch to Business Profile” and then “Continue”  

Instagram marketing expert for a college essay help service suggests that switching to a business Instagram account involves additional perks that are not available with personal profiles. Instagram Insights, for instance, offers resourceful information like demographic data.

Another digital marketing expert for a paper writing service says that you can also post links to an external website on your Instagram Stories, redirecting viewers to a landing page of your choosing. A business Instagram account offers multiple marketing and analysis opportunities that can significantly impact your sales volumes.

2. Build an Audience

Once you have an Instagram presence, the next step involves gaining an extensive list of followers. It’s important to remember that having a large following will not be helpful unless it’s the right audience. Shortcuts like buying an account with existing followers or acquiring bot followers will do nothing for your sales revenue. Any followers gained should be as a result of their interest in your content.

Building an audience takes time, commitment and dedication. Identifying accounts related to your products is a great way to get started. Collaborating with relevant profiles to promote your content introduces your goods or services to the right crowd. Following profiles with similar interests will also encourage them to follow you back.

The social media marketing head for a thesis writing service says that using trending hashtags with your posts is another way to get the attention of a specific target audience. It’s also worth noting that Instagram requires a business profile to have at least 10, 000 followers to access its swipe-up feature.

3. Posting Regular Content

Engaging with your audience is crucial in building product awareness. Ensuring your followers enjoy a steady stream of content is essential in driving sales. An audience needs to be constantly reminded of opportunities if people are to keep the information in mind. Regularly coming across related posts and adverts will catch a browser’s eye and leave a lasting impression.

According to an expert blog and essay writer, the content posted on your business profile should vary in detail, even when showcasing a similar product. If you’re selling sweaters, for example, pictures of satisfied customers can be interchanged with models advertising new additions, and candid standalone shots of the items.

Changing up the presentation will prevent monotony from setting in. If you’re not always available online, an effective way of maintaining your virtual presence is scheduling future content. Scheduling posts on Instagram can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the “Publish” button when posting content
  • Using the date and time options that pop up to choose when you would like the content posted
  • Select “Schedule” and follow the confirmation process

Scheduling content during peak hours (i.e. when most people are on Instagram) is a great way to ensure you maintain an effective presence on the platform. Peak times will vary according to the time zones of your target audience.

4. Setting Up an Instagram Shop

Instagram has recently enabled business profiles to set up an immersive storefront on their platform. Followers can browse through various catalogs and view detailed product information, enhancing their overall shopping experience on the app. Signing up for an Instagram Shop is free for any profile that meets the following requirements:

  • Your business can be classified under a supported market
  • Your account is connected to a website domain
  • Your business offers an eligible product
  • Your business complies with Instagram’s Commerce Policies and Merchant Agreement

Qualified profiles can set up their Instagram Shop in a few easy steps:

  • Click on the triple line icon on the top-right of your profile page and select “Settings”
  • Choose the “Sign up for Shopping” option
  • Fill in the required information
  • Submit your application for review

Progress on your Instagram Shop can be tracked on the “Shopping” tab found in the “Select” menu. Once your application has been approved, maintaining regular content on the platform can improve your overall sales.  

5. Interact with your Followers

Maintaining an effective communication line between you and your followers develops a connection that can lead to increased sales. Aftersales services like follow-up calls for previous buys enhance the overall shopping experience of a customer.

Replying to queries asked in the comment section of your posts also improves the overall customer service experienced by potential buyers. Sending personal messages to selected groups can be another effective way of building brand credibility. It’s important to use a professional tone at all times when interacting with followers on your profile.


Selling items on Instagram should be approached like any other business, with special focus given to your account’s followers. It’s crucial to combine your Instagram activities with reliable delivery services to ensure a comprehensive customer experience. Remember, the sales process doesn’t stop after confirming a sale on the app.

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