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Everything You Need To Know About Sales Pipeline Management With CRM

Sep 06, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About Sales Pipeline Management With CRM

If you are new to the concept of the sales pipeline and sales funnel management then you have come to the right location. Here in this article, you will find a detailed overview that describes the difference between marketing and sales pipelines. Along with some tips and tricks, you make sales pipeline management efficient with Odoo CRM. But the to achieve agility is workflow customization, for which it is recommended to consult only certified Odoo partners, rather than reaching out to Odoo Freelancers.

Marketing and Sales Pipeline

If you are thinking that you can turn any interaction into leads and prospects without any marketing then you have got it wrong. In 2021, branding and digital presence have become the most essential thing for any business’s survival. And, this starts with Marketing, for which marketing experts devise multiple strategies with the goals of creating awareness, generating public interest in a product, and delight them through the rich content so that they can click on the CTA’s or perform a certain action.

Once a person shows interest or hits the ‘contact us’ button or sends a message to enquire about the pricing, then he or she becomes a marketing qualified lead. And it is transferred to the sales department, where it has to go through various strategies until it is closed. Since all MQL leads are not there to buy therefore there is a need to have a system in place that assigns lead scores and tells the sales department which MQL should be prioritized and which one has the potential to become SQL. And, in this quest, only Odoo CRM’s sales pipeline can help. It is programmed to assign a probability score to a lead. But, to avail of this feature, you have to go to the configuration setting and turn the feature on.

Another essential thing about the Odoo CRM is the ‘predictive revenue.’ It is shown at the top of the column. As you add or remove any lead from any stage, the amount changes. This means you won’t have to wait till the end of the month to know which lead produced what revenue.

In a nutshell, the marketing pipeline consists of 4 phases, which focus on attracting lead. However, the sales pipeline consists of three phases in which the salespersons nurture the lead, send customized quotes, and close the lead. However, lead are successfully won, they become part of the pipeline, where sales and marketing teams collaborate to sell and resell services. The purpose of this is to gain loyalty. The method of a sales pipeline works perfectly for both B2C and B2B sales processes and can have a long-term impact.

How One Can Create And Manage Leads In CRM

Well, the process is super easy. In Odoo CRM, you just have to integrate Odoo Sales, set up the dashboard, allocate leads to each stage, and assign a salesperson. Hold on, if you are wondering how you can add new leads, that are not acquired by the website, then all you need to do is create a new lead. For this, you must have an email address or contact number, that will be mentioned on the form. Here you can add the essential tags, such as ‘email’ or ‘call’ to help the salesperson identify how the lead is being nurtured and where it is located. And, the steps don’t stop there, you can duplicate the leads, and merge them with other leads as well. Also, you can attach a short note to either remind oneself or to instruct the salespersons.

In addition to creating new leads, you can use Odoo CRM to mine for leads. This is called ‘lead mining.’ Here, you use the credit to hunt for leads. For this, you just have to specify what kind of industry you want to target, how many employees it should have, and the technology it uses. Once you fed the system the information, it will provide you a list of companies that you can use to initiate the nurturing process.

After you mine for leads allocates the stage. The next step is to assign salespersons. For this, you won’t have to put much effort, because you can select the sales team, already categorized into regions, expertise, and personas.

The last thing that you need is the reporting. And, Odoo CRM offers a wide range of options and filters which you can use to customize the reports and present data that you need. However, the trick is to get CRM customized to match your business needs. For this very reason, it is suggested to consult certified Odoo partners.

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