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4 Products for Remote Working, Explained by Business Professionals

Jun 04, 2021
4 Products for Remote Working, Explained by Business Professionals

Work from home, WFH, remote work - these 3 terms seem to be everywhere these days, and rightfully so. These new work processes have become all the rage because of the pandemic and people are finding ways to be as effective as they can through these changes. Entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, employees and more are figuring out how to work remotely and continue to push their career forward through various levels of success.

We’ve also heard words like burnout and struggling when it comes to these new processes, which can cause a major issue. Some people just can’t get used to working remotely and they’ve struggled to adapt to this new way of working.

It starts with creating a schedule that works for you and having the right equipment on hand to make it happen.

We hit the streets (or email) to talk with some business professionals on the WFH equipment they love the most:

(1) My Large, Organized WFH Desk

“In the beginning, I tried to work from my kitchen table, coffee table, and with a laptop stand on the couch. Plain and simple: it didn’t work. I wasn’t as productive as I needed to be and I felt uncomfortable during the workday.

I purchased a large desk that keeps me organized, offers a ton of space to work, and checks all of the boxes for me. This was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time and has completely revamped my WFH routine.”

Donny Gamble, Serial Entrepreneur and the Founder of Retirement Investments.

(2) My Hanging Whiteboard

“Like many people, I am a “to-do list” kind of worker. I like to lay out what needs to be done, projects currently underway, and maybe even write a motivational quote or two to inspire me.

I used to just use my notebook, but that changed when I was given a whiteboard to hang up in my home office. Now, I update it religiously and am able to track everything effectively in a clean, clear way. I love my hanging whiteboard and recommend it to everyone who works from home.”

-Sean Chaudhary, CEO of Alchemy Leads, a reputable marketing agency.

(3) My High-quality, Ergonomically Correct Office Chair

“For many reasons, your personal health and fitness can take a hit when you start working from home. Your daily commute is eliminated, you might work longer hours, and it can be easy to decrease your fitness regime.

When you work from home, you need to look after your body in many different ways and I didn’t take this lightly. I invested in a high-quality chair that compliments my body, encourages a healthy posture, and doesn’t make me feel stiff, even if I end up working long hours.

Please look into finding the best office chair that is right for you when you begin working from home.”

Tom Willis, CEO and Co-Founder of Phoenix Perform.

(4) My Smartwatch

“I’ve taken advantage of my smartwatch in many ways as a remote worker. I use it to remind me of upcoming meetings, set strict timelines for individual projects, and even get alerts for important messages and emails.

I believe that my smartphone was a distraction at times so my smartwatch has taken its place as my secondary device while working. All of its features can be used to enhance my WFH routine and I am a more effective worker by using it.

Compatibility is key and my smartwatch has really taken things to the next level for me!”

Lindsey Allard, CEO and Co-Founder of PlaybookUX.

Have you thought about adding equipment to your WFH routine?

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