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Four Reasons to Use an Ad Tracker

Jun 29, 2021
Four Reasons to Use an Ad Tracker

If you’re not already aware of the importance of ad tracking then you really should be! In brief, online ad tracking is the technique of gathering insights and data about your advertising campaigns: how they perform, how popular they are, and which demographics they reach.

Tracking how consumers engage with a campaign is vital to ensuring that your advertising budget is spent wisely, and that future ads reach the right audiences. Website such as Voluum allow you to track, optimize & automate your advertising with affiliate tracking software. Here are four reasons why you should consider using an ad tracker for your website and advertising campaigns:

1. Ad Tracking Improves Your Ad Performance

Perhaps one of the main reasons to start ad tracking is that it is a practice that can improve your ad performance. You can see if an ad isn’t working for you and introduce stronger messaging or better targeting. The key metrics that a good ad tracking tool will assess are your click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and your cost per click (CPC). Set targets for what you would like these levels to be, and start using ad tracking to improve your ad performance and bring it in line with your expectations.

2. Ad Tracking Helps You Better Understand Your Audience

It is vital to better understand your target audience in order to ensure your ads consistently reach them; this is where tracking comes in! Ad tracking can help you to gain more in-depth knowledge about your demographic's interests, motivations and behaviours: how long are they spending on your ad or site? Where do they go next? What factors might be influencing their purchasing decisions? Ad tracking can help you to answer all of these questions, and many more. These insights will help to shape your campaign and allow you to refine your message and your ad targetting until you achieve stronger results.

3. Ad Tracking Can Save You Money

Not even ad campaign will be successful, and not every ad channel will work for your brand. When you use ad tracking you will be able to see whether this is the case quickly and easily. Once you are aware that an ad or a channel simply isn’t working for you, you can either tweak or strengthen you messaging, reduce the spend to that channel, or cut it off completely. In the long run, this means that ad tracking can save you money, or allow you to invest more money into campaigns that are actually driving conversions.

4. Ad Tracking Can Demonstrate When a Campaign is Working

Keen to secure a bigger budget for your next ad campaign? Being able to demonstrate just how successful your last campaign was, using ad tracking, will certainly help. Ad tracking provides you with stats, facts, proven metrics that you can use to prove (or disprove) your success and harness the additional funds you need. Or to simply demonstrate that you campaign was successful, so you should keep doing what you’re doing!

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