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Benefits of using Pinterest for Business Marketing

Jul 29,2016
Benefits of using Pinterest for Business Marketing

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where businesses and individuals can pin their favourite brand content and what they like online. It has become the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter and receives an average of 1.36 million visitors daily, 68% being female visitors.

Pinterest makes it convenient for the followers to relate to the brand. It not only provides backlinks to the website but also helps to SEO ranking thereby boosts the visibility of a brand or content. A list of numerous reasons that make Pinterest an important social network and a must include in the marketing strategy of your business include:

1. Increased Traffic

Pinterest has been designed in a manner that helps people connect with the things that interests them online. Almost all the images on the network are linked to the original source of the image and with a just a click, the users are taken directly to your website where they can read your content as well as purchase your products.

2. Reinforcement of your Brand

You can personalise your page on Pinterest with your business name and logo as profile picture. You can also add a small summary about the nature of your business, link your official website to the page, categorise your products and even link your page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This gives maximum exposure to your content every time you pin an image on your page.

3. Improved SEO

Since Pinterest is regularly indexed by search engines, it provides with search engine optimisation benefits for your brand, website and content.

4. Enhances visibility and builds reputation

You can share work, insights and useful resources with your followers as well as offer advice and tips from your field of expertise. This will not only help you build a reputation within your niche but also drive more traffic to your page and business website.

5. Cross Promote your Business Locally

Pinterest Place Pins are special type of pins that allow users to associate image pins with geographic locations and some extra information including address and phone number. The users can take advantage of these Place Pins for business networking and cross promoting of their brands locally with other non-competitive businesses, especially those with substantial number of followers.

6. Acts as a Digital Scrapbook

The sites offer an array of inspirational quotes, wedding plans, travel bucket lists, must have shopping lists, food photography, DIY how-tos and much more. This allows you to share your products and services on Pinterest to a wide range of interest groups that best suits your needs.

7. Benefits of being a User Driven Network

Pinterest is completely user driven. When a user pins your pin, others see it and pin it again. This increases your coverage and you do not have spend separately on content marketing. If you pin the right description and a quality image, other users will share your pin and improve your chances of gaining new customers for your brand.

8. Helps E-Commerce

The ‘Promoted Pins’ feature of Pinterest is an extremely effective option for a range of e-commerce companies including fashion, cosmetics, cooking and crafts. It offers a product and image-driven environment which not only promotes brands and but also drive more sales volume and value when compared to Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site.

9. Develops relationship with followers

Pinterest facilitates you to build an interactive community of potential customers. You can ask questions, share information and increase engagement on your site. This will not only help you to connect with them and build a relationship of trust but also compel your followers to buy your products turning loyal followers into potential customers.

10. Facilitates Recruitment

Being a place to connect with people over shared interests, Pinterest is popularly used by HR departments to hire inspiring young talents for the business.

Pinterest provides you with the opportunity to see what’s trending today, use that information to your advantage and position your offers and products accordingly. Thus, it is a great marketing option that will help you introduce your business, blog, website or brand to a whole new audience and acquire potential customers in the process.

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