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7 Awesome Offline Marketing Tactics That Benefits Your Online Business
Nov 16,2018

7 Awesome Offline Marketing Tactics That Benefits Your Online Business

The fact that we live in the digital age has made a lot of marketers focus all their efforts on online marketing tactics. There is no denying that your website is your storefront and the main source of relevant content. Also, your presence on social media channels is of great importance if you truly want to engage with your audience worldwide. However, what these marketers undermine is the powerful offline side of marketing that is still relevant. In fact, there is no better marketing strategy than one that combines both the worlds.

While the marketing world is constantly breeding new trends, there are many old methods, particularly belonging to the “offline realm” that still have a huge effect and should not be ignored. After all, there are still people who aren’t as tech-savvy, but also those who simply prefer more tangible forms of marketing. You want to cover all your bases, right?


You must never forget about the power of putting a face to the name. When you meet your clients and prospects in person, it is quite probable that you will drive more traffic to your website. Via networking, you are able to truly engage with people and make them really loyal to your brand. Up to this day, there is nothing that can replace the effects of a firm handshake.

You should visit local branches of associations or organizations. Just make sure that you choose opportunities where you can find your target audience. As you keep networking, the next step is to attend a national conference held by the important organizations, where you can create a big impact.

Print publications
While entertainment and news magazines are mostly something that belongs to the past, the same cannot be said for industry-related print publications. Although it isn’t cheap, if you can find and afford a great journal related to what you do, you should use it to advertise yourself, and improve your online presence. Just make sure to be creative in the ways that you attempt to drive the attention of your target audience.

Speaking engagements
Speaking engagements, just like face-to-face networking, are extremely effective. This is your opportunity to say what you’ve got to a highly targeted audience important for your presentation. It is how you will truly be able to establish yourself as a credible thought leader in your industry/niche. Keep in mind that there is a path that needs to be paved for you to get there. You have to start small and accept even the unpaid opportunities before you are offered something bigger.

Fence signs
Fence signage is a great solution for drawing attention to your website and social media channels. You should use scrim banners to either cover fences that are surrounding your offices, or place them at attractive locations all around your area, where people are bound to notice them. Remember that QR codes are a modern technique today, so print one on your banner, and lead people directly to your website.

Cold Calls
Believe it or not, but cold calls still work. If you are unable to get face-to-face with your client, then give them a call, because it is still a lot more personal than email. Furthermore, it requires an immediate response. However, this is something that you should approach carefully. Have a specific reason why you are calling, and keep in mind how much time you are taking away from your call recipient.

If you are one of those that believe that cold calling is dead, then you are just doing it wrong.

Guerrilla marketing
One of the probably bravest and most creative tactics is called guerrilla marketing. It comes in many ways and forms, and the whole idea is to come up with something truly unique that will leave a strong impression on unsuspecting people. It may be something “smaller” such as street/chalk art that draws the attention of people passing by. But you can go to such levels as to organize a street festival, or get a group of stuntmen who are going to perform something amazing.

Then, all you need to do is make sure that everyone knows that you are the one behind it. Just make sure that you stay within legal boundaries.

Business cards
Finally, business cards certainly haven’t lost their merit. In fact, you simply must have one, as it is the quickest and most direct way to present your company and brand to a client or a prospect. Just ensure that you have a card that is professionally designed.

Make sure that every element is designed in the way that it is perceived in its order of importance. You need to use appropriate font, place your logo properly, and include all the important information about you and business. Once you have handed it over, the person will quite probably keep it in their wallet or somewhere in their reach, and also spread it around.

While online marketing is crucial in today’s digital era, and there are amazing strategies that you can implement, it in no way means that you should ignore its “more tangible” counterpart. Offline marketing is nowhere near extinction, and is, in fact, still crucial for reaching as many target users as possible. So, come up with a strategy that perfectly combines online and offline marketing efforts, and your online business will surely boom.

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