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Magento for Small Business: 6 advantages you will appreciate

Magento for Small Business: 6 advantages you will appreciate

Starting your own small business is no doubt a life-changing decision. And although owning a business is an amazing journey, it can be a rocky road as well. As any serious journey that one needs preparations, thoughtful decisions and a right start. In Amasty we believe that Magento is that best option and a right start for those who are planning small business. So here are 6 advantages that Magento provides to everyone who are looking for innovative web store platform.

Design a Beautiful Store

Today’s customers expect great experience from every aspect of your business. But it all starts with the design of your store. The way your website looks is the first message you send to the world about what you do, what’s your mission and purpose and what your clients can expect. That’s the reason why your store design is impossible to overestimate. And that why Magento offers the most flexible and powerful tools to create a really eye-catching experience for your customers.

Set Up Your Products Quickly

Purchasing online can be really challenging if a store doesn’t provide enough information about the product. And in this case a customer gets doubtful and tend to refuse buying online. To avoid this situation a good seller has to provide detailed information and high quality pictures and Magento takes it very seriously. It takes only few clicks to showcase your new product or edit more information about an old one and therefore keeps your customers updated and satisfied.

Attract Customers

Even nowadays when so many business, commerce and life happens online many people prefer offline shopping as it feels safer and more familiar to them. To win these customers an online store has to provide all possible advantages and guarantees. Magento is very careful about providing all tools that help to attract customers. Try offering free shipping and returns, provide detailed item descriptions and product reviews, guarantee secure website and payment systems and you will see an increasing number of customers who will trust you store.

Boost Sales

There are many ways to boost sales in e-commerce and some of them are those you never even thought of. But Magento most certainly did so that any seller will have a range of option to help attracting new customers and help old ones get better experience. There is no need to mention how important it is to integrate social media channels into your online store, but we also think that virtual try-on tools, an opportunity to make videos or providing product reviews are great tools as well.

Sell to International Customers

For every successful small business comes time when it gets bigger. And what’s the best way to grow and expand your customer’s circle than going global. Magento provides many tools to make your business international. You can gain knowledge from local experts all over the world, use 150+ language packs, apply local system integrators and regional extensions, And simply feel at home in any part of the planet.

Get Paid Securely

Secure payment system means more to your customers that you can imagine. In many cases your clients will leave if paying for purchase takes too much time or it is not secure enough. So if you compare two stores - one offering several payment options and the other that doesn’t do it - you will see that the first one increases sales. With Magento you can provide several payment options and be absolutely sure that they are secure for you and your customers. Make sure you make use out of everything Magento offers and don’t miss any option to gain a competitive advantage.

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