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Tips to Become a LinkedIn Top Voice and Its Effects on Business

Tips to Become a LinkedIn Top Voice and Its Effects on Business

So apparently LinkedIn is all the rage in the professional and corporate world. One might think, like Facebook, LinkedIn might have died up too or become compromised. But LinkedIn still is a very professional platform that people use to network.

However, the key to working around with LinkedIn is not as easy as we might think. To get noticed by the recruiters, sponsors and other clients require a whole lot of hard work. Linkedin however keeps coming up with unique and productive ideas to keep the platform dedicated towards the corporate and business world.

One of the features that were introduced by LinkedIn was the blogging platform for all the leaders and businessmen.

Blogging Platforms by Linkedin

Linkedin Introduced its blogging platform in the year 2014 to all of its members. This platform benefited a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs and gave them a platform to showcase their skills, share their knowledge, and build their brands.

However given that there are a lot of people doing this, it is a struggle to get noticed on this huge platform of LinkedIn. To attract readers and grab attention is the real struggle. And even the most experienced writers and speakers go through this.

So, How to get Noticed on Linkedin?

Given the amount of content published by millions of writers and readers, LinkedIn came up with a strategy to filter the articles published on a LinkedIn blogging platform. Therefore LinkedIn came up with picking the annual list of ‘Top voices’. These top voices are the writers who are recognized by LinkedIn as individuals who are influential in shaping conversations and topics.

These top voices are the ones who are able the generate the most engagement on the platform as they possibly can.

The topics on which these top voices are chosen range from ‘management and workplace’ to ‘healthcare’ etc.

How does LinkedIn choose its ‘Top Voices’? And How You Can Become One?

There are various factors that LinkedIn considers to choose from millions and millions of articles to post its top voice. The following are the key elements that act as deciding factors consistency, engagement, and insight.

  • Consistency:

A lot of writers publish content on regular basis, but then because of lack of engagements and views, stop posting. This affects your business and its followers. If your article gets chose and you become one of the top voices, people go through your entire work.

Linkedin also chooses writers who have been consistent with their writing. For example, if you are writing about titan repacking kits or paint sprayers in your articles and covering that industry, you have to keep posting.

  • Engagement:

Engagement is the key deciding factor for getting selected as a top voice on LinkedIn. Your article must have that edge that is able to grab the attention of its readers and engage them by commenting or liking your article.

Linkedin also notices how the writer is engaging with its readers. Is it thanking them for a comment they made or being responsive to the readers?

One more element that LinkedIn takes into account is not just the reader's engagement or the writer's response to it, but the data scientist also sees if the writer is going out its way to follow their readers and liking a few of their post as well.

What LinkedIn is looking for is how your proving to be good mentors for your followers or readers.

  • Depth of Insight:

This refers to the part where LinkedIn makes sure that the topic of your articles is also insightful. You should choose topics to write on which you have researched a lot in your career and such etc.

A Few Extra Tips to Become A Linkedin Top Voice

  • Stay Authentic with your articles. A lot of top voice note speakers have stressed a lot to keep authenticity as the key in your articles.
  • Keep a unique tone and voice of your article.
  • Your personality should be seen in your article.
  • Keep your articles simple and easy to digest. Do not overthink your posts and make them complicated.
  • Talk about the things you know. Do not follow the trend. Stick to one niche and one niche alone of your field. This will reflect your passion when you speak about it in your article.
  • Always make sure what you are sharing is valuable to your readers. Write about what you would like to know if you were the reader.

Linkedin Top Voice has Effected on Business

A lot of professionals rely on news and articles, not just for the sake of reading it but consuming it in a way of following it and acting on it. This is why Top voices have a lot of effect on setting trends for businesses or certain elements.

A lot of us trust our employers for information. This is what the recent LinkedIn statistic says, This is why top voices have a grand following of its employees, who play a huge role in engaging and setting the trend.

Regardless of your industry, these top voices play an important role in setting trends throughout the business world. If you are using LinkedIn to scale your business, select an industry, look out for trends, land new jobs, or create b2b, b2c sales it's probably a wise decision to follow the articles of the top voices in the industry.

This is how influential these top voicers are. Even if you want to market simple products like titan repacking kits, you should follow the top voices of the home and essential industry. Or if you are looking to land new jobs or looking for a career change or maybe looking for a sales kick for your dead business, look for top voice articles for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

LinkedIn has been working hard to maintain its quality and is working continuously to benefit the corporate world, which it successfully has to date.

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