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7 Lead Generation Strategies to Try in 2022

7 Lead Generation Strategies to Try in 2022

Lead generation is one of the crucial processes for any business. It is based on finding leads (people interested in your products or services to a certain degree) onboarding and warming them up until they decide to make a purchase.

Using and testing different strategies and approaches to online lead generation is key to broadening your audience. The choice of methods is always up to you, since no one knows your business better than yourself. Let’s review the top seven outbound lead generation strategies that can fit companies in various fields.

Email Marketing Build-Up

Email marketing is a great way to build brand-to-customer communication. This marketing channel is best for sending weekly exclusive proposals, run giveaways, and notify your leads about new products.

In terms of lead generation, email marketing is a fast way to generate leads from your website in exchange for discounts, coupons, or a chance to win some prize in a giveaway. To make it work, you need to create a subscription form and place it on your site. Your bulk email service will help you collect email addresses and organize them in a mailing list. Once people opted-in for communication with your brand, you can send them bulk emails.

Specifics for Cold Emailing

Cold emailing proved to be an effective strategy especially in a B2B segment. Find and capture leads by collecting potential customers into an email list and create your bulk email campaign. Cold emails have lower open and click-through rates compared with messages sent to an opted-in contacts, but since B2B deals have a larger average check, this method is worth your time.

If you don’t know where to start at cold emailing, you may use scraping services with drip campaign option. It helps you find email addresses from open sources on the internet, list them in a convenient order, create an email campaign, and then — track the results, onboard users, and convert them into paying customers.

Content Marketing Strategy

In the digital era content rules. Any company, brand, or persona is recognized for the content they produce. For most companies today content marketing is in focus because this is how to generate leads and nurture them organically by providing expert pieces of advice, as well as educational and entertaining content. Of course, it’s best to combine different approaches to content creation in your lead generation strategy.

Despite the platform you’re posting your content on (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, a blog, etc.), it’s necessary to mind your target audiences’ interests, needs, and pain points to generate leads successfully. This means that content must be engaging, helpful, and, at the same time, easy-to-digest. Top content creators also manage to make their content go viral, which is relatively easy on up and growing platforms, like TikTok.

Active Blog Producing

Consider a blog something similar to a hub where people can find information in a specific field of knowledge and in a style that matches their identity. Any business which sells products or services that requires some understanding from users needs to produce blog content in order to quickly clarify why and how to use specific products.

In terms of lead generation, blog articles may drive leads from search engine results page. It works because people naturally Google for more information before they choose between available options to purchase. With that being said, your blog needs to have a note of entertainment to simplify the educational side of things and generate more leads.

Build Your Brand’s Community with SMM

Social media is where people spend a huge portion of their spare time every day. Due to the harshness of digital noise, they tend to spend more and more time in relatively small groups based on interests. Your goal as a business is to build your own community around your brand.

Social media marketing offers various lead generation opportunities, but also it requires a subtle understanding of your audience's needs and tastes. You can build your audience by using a combination of timely engaging content, paid targeted promotions on socials like Facebook and Instagram, promos with the influencers in your business field, and direct messaging with people. The element of virality is also key to generating leads fast via social media platforms.

Re-think Your Site to Generate More Leads

No matter what kind of website you own — be it an online store or a blog — you have to provide your audience with a good user experience, to say the least. It’s best to step further, however, and add some gamification elements and create captivating web design for your site.

Unlike other platforms, you are a god in your website’s universe, so sky’s the limit for your creativity. Just analyze your target audience, their tastes first and try to find new ways to capture them on your site. For instance, you can design a simple game which includes your products, and the winner gets a discount coupon. You can also add a customization module for a car selling website, so that people can create a vehicle of their dreams, which will be more likely to be sold.

More Effective Use for PPC Display Ads

PPC advertising is a killer lead generation strategy, especially taking new Shopping widgets in Google’s search engine results page. Like we mentioned earlier, people search for more detail before they buy things, so being on top of the search results page with PPC ads is a great way to quickly convert users into leads and move them further down the sales funnel.

Google as an advertising platform offers profound tools specifically for lead generation purposes.

Summing up

These strategies are only a few from a great variety of options. Mobile marketing through SMS, phone calls, applications, as well as chatbot marketing, messenger marketing, and push notifications may work perfectly with the seven tactics mentioned above. Pairing these strategies up with offline lead generation through events and direct communication may also strengthen your strategy to a new extent.

Don’t let this abundance confuse you, though. Choose lead generation tactics wisely based on thorough analysis of your business, audience, and competitors. Otherwise you risk wasting your budget ineffectively and getting frustrated.

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