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Most Asked Questions About Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Most Asked Questions About Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Lead generation and appointment setting service are two of the best strategies you can have to develop a high-quality sales pipeline and generate sales.

If you’re a company that’s looking to sustain, grow and expand your business, investing in lead generation appointment setting campaigns are your way to go.

Lead generation and appointment setting are essential foundations of any business. These two work alongside each other to generate leads and secure appointments for your companies to facilitate sales conversion.  These two might be familiar words that you usually see as part of various sales development activities, but do you understand how they work and how they can help your business?

Learn more about lead generation appointment setting through these most frequently asked questions:

1. What is lead generation and business to business appointment setting?

Lead generation is the first step in your sales process. It focuses on stirring and capturing consumers’ interests by introducing your products and services.  The goal of lead generation as the initial step in your sales journey is to generate leads and nurture them through continuous follow-ups until they are ready to make a purchase.

Lead generation can be done in various ways, such as through social media, advertising, content marketing, and email marketing. Also, through cold email outreach using cold email software. These all work, but lead generation through outbound telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to perform lead generation because telemarketing as a medium is more direct and immediate in terms of approach than the other platforms used in reaching out to customers.

On the other hand, appointment setting is the next step after lead generation. Qualified leads are now subjected to appointment setting wherein setters are tasked to secure appointments with these key decision-makers for sales teams to close.  Therefore, appointment setting aims to secure appointments as many as possible. Increasing the number of appointments booked contributes to increasing sales conversions.

2. What types of leads are there in lead generation and appointment setting service?

In lead generation, different types of leads can guide you in narrowing down what might work in your favor.

- New leads

New leads or potential leads refer to possible customers aligned with your ideal buyer persona. Usually, lead generation and appointment setting agencies have databases where they can get decision-makers who might be interested in your company’s products or services.  

- Nurturing leads

These leads are the ones who are not interested in purchasing at the moment, but they have shown their interest in your products or services. With the proper nurturing and relationship building, they can be potential consumers in the future.

- Unqualified leads

Unqualified leads are individuals who are not interested in your products or services.

- Qualified leads

Qualified leads or sales leads are those who have shown their full attention and interest in your products and services. These are also the leads that are ready to make a purchase.

2. Can lead generation work without appointment setting service and vice versa?

While lead generation can work without appointment setting, appointment setting can't work without lead generation.  However, conducting lead generation without following it up with an appointment setting makes no sense.

Therefore, we can conclude that lead generation and appointment setting work hand-in-hand and co-exist to complement the function of one another.

Lead generation efforts kick-start everything in the sales journey. It's the process designed to look for those decision-makers who can be converted to sales. Lead generation is also in charge of nurturing these leads and monitoring if they are ready to purchase. Once prepared, that's where appointment setting comes in. Setters directly call these decision-makers to schedule appointments where closing sales representatives will present their tailored sales pitch.

Lead generation and appointment setting complement one another; these two functions should be employed efficiently to maximize results.

3.  Which is better, outsource to appointment setting lead generation companies or execute in-house?

Executing lead generation strategies and appointment setting campaigns in-house or through a third-party agency both have their respective pros and cons.

Performing these two strategies in-house can be cheaper for your company because you can maximize your internal and existing resources such as your employees, technology, and office space without having to spend much. However, lead generation and appointment setting execution entail years of expertise and experience to guarantee results; therefore, weeks or months of employee training and monitoring will not ensure adequate skills and enough competency. With this, the lack of experience and expertise might withhold the success of launching effective lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

Outsourcing lead generation and appointment setting companies might be a wiser choice, especially if you're looking to increase your sales and grow your company in serious manner. Third-party agencies have the years of experience, skills, and expertise to design and execute effective lead generation and appointment setting campaigns for you.  They are also equipped with the necessary technology, database, and workforce who will solely focus on generating leads and securing appointments for your company.  

4. What reports do lead generation appointment setting service companies to provide?

Appointment setting lead generation companies are transparent when providing feedback on your campaigns.  They keep you in the loop by providing 100% transparency with call reports. They provide daily call logs and give you access to their software to see how many leads were generated, and appointments were booked to date.  At the end of the campaigns, they also give a full-blown report and analysis of the data gathered.

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