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How Landing page design and AB Testing give 2x leads for B2B business

Mar 11, 2020
How Landing page design and AB Testing give 2x leads for B2B business

A/B testing isn’t a luxury pass-time thing for marketers. It is rather a growth hack in other words lifeblood for B2B businesses. It tops the list of the most significant ways to create the best landing page design that converts. A/B test gives a clear idea of the page design that will make the landing page better and increase its conversion rate by two folds.

Landing Page Design A/B Testing – An Overview
Landing page split test or AB test is an experiment where two variants of a landing page are randomly shown to the users. It determines the superiority of the page over the other in terms of design and performance. Both A and B versions are similar to each other with the variation of one or two elements only.

For example – a vendor sells oranges in the market and stacks the oranges in a big crate. He can sell an average of 400 oranges. He comes to know about A/B testing and he gives it a shot. The next day he stacks the oranges in the shape of a pyramid on a countertop. This minor change results in an average of 800 oranges. On comparing both old and new look you discover a 50% increase in sales. People were more convinced to buy with a new display of oranges.

Similarly, AB testing allows marketers to get the highest possible number of leads from the landing page. Colour changes and text style lay a huge impact in converting website visits into potential leads.

AB Tests on Landing Page Headline
The first impression is the last impression when it comes to impressing the website visitors. Headlines being the prominent part of your landing page can either make or break your brand’s image. Hence, it is important to phrase compelling and impactful headlines.

Clear and strong headline builds trust among the readers and prompts them to decide to give your products/services a try. With AB testing you’ll come to know whether or not your landing page headline can make a mark. You can easily gain hundreds of leads from your landing page, given it is designed perfectly. You’ll know whether the entire headline is to be changed or simply the replacement of a few keywords is needed.

For example, people could have two different responses for these - 'Schedule your consultation now' and 'Our scheduling advisor awaits your call'. While both seem similar at first glance, your potential client will be more pleased with the personal touch added to the latter.

The AI image prompt generator can help you create captivating visuals to complement your powerful headlines, enhancing the overall impact of your landing page design.

Focus on the preference of customers. Your taste and preference don’t matter when it comes to impressing the clients. You may have a deeper understanding of the product, but it’s your potential customer who’ll but it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience throughout the AB testing.

AB Tests on Landing Page Video and Images
Aesthetics are crucial in landing pages of AB testing. Prospects should be able to connect themselves with your selected image or video. You may fail to achieve a good number of leads if the image on your landing page may be turning visitors away.

Be careful when using a video or an image. Don’t add an image just for the sake of making your landing page colourful. It may damage your brand’s image along with the marketing efforts. Consider AB testing before putting up the picture.

Besides, it is not compulsory to put up a picture on the landing page. A logo builds trust and produces better results. Use popular images. Experiment with different videos or images. With AB test you can determine whether or not you should include an image to your landing page.

AB Tests on Enquiry Form Landing Page
You can do without adding an enquiry form to your site’s landing page. Be careful when including the different sections in form input. Be considerate of what you ask through the form. Email address, name, and contact number are the basic points that can’t be avoided for a simple thing like signup to access further details or join the mailing list/newsletter. Collect comprehensive information about the user but nothing too personal.

Besides the written component AB testing helps in determining what kind of attention-grabbing or creative copy will prompt the users to hit that “send enquiry” button. Landing page design AB testing also considers aesthetics. The right mix of colours is important to draw the attention of people.
Make necessary changes so that a landing page visitor is amazed at the presentation of the content. You want to make them stay longer on your website without letting them turn frustrated. With AB testing you can easily take note of the things like layout, font sizes which are ignored otherwise.
Keep in mind just because you got your landing page tested doesn’t mean that it will bring the desired results compulsorily. You may have to use your intelligence as well to come up with smooth and convenient page design.

AB Tests on the Landing Page’s Copy
AB testing of the landing page copy takes into consideration content, imagery, font size, font colour and just everything. In other words, the test solves a problem for the visitors who reach the site looking for a particular service or product. Eventually, it is the customer who is to be influenced by the landing page design.

The test will help you discover the flaws and missing elements on your landing page. It helps in creating a perfectly designed page that is too fascinating and interesting. There is no point in merely adding a page-filler that won’t provide any potential value to the visitor.
Filling the space with customer reviews is a better alternative. Prospects are more inclined towards the reviews instead of the images/videos. Besides, it builds trust between the business and prospective customers.

Furthermore, it’s not wise to focus on the selected sections of your landing page and ignore the rest. For example, you may focus too much of your time and effort in creating the content and headline and pay less attention to other parts of your landing page. Even after putting in so many efforts it fails to impress the visitors. Resultantly, they may not continue browsing through your entire site.

AB testing gets every bit of your landing page tested and verified. Say, if the body and headline copy appeal and convinces the visitors to stay on the page, but still they don’t take the desired action. None of your marketing efforts will bring the desired results. For this reason, get a complete copy of your landing page AB tested. You may come to know about the missing points in its body or headline. All the components need to work together. AB testing can help you ensure that they are in sync with each other

The goal of landing page design and AB testing isn’t limited to increasing the leads or garnering hundreds of leads. It helps marketers to learn about the preference and taste of the prospects. Marketing has no single formula that fits all. AB tests help understand the behaviour and intent of potential buyers. Besides, it is not wise to rely on a perfectly curated content or a flawless landing page design for higher conversion rates.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor - currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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