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Integrate Salesmate with Squarespace for Unlimited Business Growth

Jul 18, 2017
Integrate Salesmate with Squarespace for Unlimited Business Growth

So you are pretty happy to collect information from loads of visitors by embedding a Squarespace sales lead form in your website. Congratulations! You are doing really good. But are you making the most of the data collected by your lead capturing form? Or, to be more precise, are you capturing those ‘hot leads’ as fast as they are being sent by the Squarespace form?

Squarespace offers plenty of creative ideas for efficient management of a robust online presence along with the simplest ‘Form Blocks’ for easy capture of lead info. However, the chances are high that you are failing to keep up the pace with it while copying and pasting all that info into your CRM manually, thereby lagging behind in tracking your prospects.

If the sales lead form on your website is literally filling up your inbox faster than you can count, it is time to take a step further and turn your efforts from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Opt for an intelligent small business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, such as Salesmate to collect your sales leads from your web form in an easier, faster, and hassle-free way. This will not only help you keep a track of all your user data but it will also boost the growth of your business without any limitations.

About Salesmate-Squarespace Integration

No matter whether you are already using the Squarespace sales lead form on your website or have a plan to embed it in near future, consider Salesmate for capturing the submissions directly into the CRM. In fact, when it comes to making a smart sales team even smarter, Salesmate turn out to be the best solution.

The tech start-up is committed to providing a next-gen CRM platform to small businesses, which comes with a number of additional functionalities including easy and affordable ‘app integration’. This ensures that whenever a potential prospect submits his/her details through the Squarespace form during the process of signup or registration on your website, the data gets saved into the CRM itself as a ‘deal’ or ‘contact’.

Therefore, if you integrate Salesmate with Squarespace, you get an amazing opportunity to organize and manage your leads easily, which facilitates customer interaction and helps you excel in your business.

Steps For Integrating Salesmate With Squarespace

The best thing about Salesmate-Squarespace integration is that it is extremely easy to setup and you can start capturing the information related to your prospects almost in no time. Check out a brief break-up of steps that needs to be followed for adding Form Blocks to your website in order to capture contact information from Suqarespace forms in Salesmate:

  • Start with selecting the webpage that you want to use as the ‘Landing Page’ (or, the ‘Exit’ page)
  • Insert the Squarespace ‘Form Block’ into that specific page
  • Define various fields in the form, which includes naming of the form, inclusion and modification of fields as per the requirements of your email marketing service provider
  • Configure the form storage by connecting the form to the Google Drive and defining the name of the sheet, which will store the captured information
  • Go for the advanced configuration of the form where you need to modify the Form Block by creating a CTA (call to action), inserting a Javascript Code, and replacing texts with the Landing Page URL
  • Develop your basic Zap (on Zapier) to create an automated workflow and customize it to add accounts to Salesmate

Benefits Of Integrating Salesmate With Suqarespace

When you choose to integrate Salesmate with Squarespace, you get an opportunity to enjoy a plethora of benefits for your small business. Let us have a look at all those reasons which are enough to make you opt for Salesmate and Squarespace together:

  • Creates an ‘intuitive & insightful sales pipeline’, which remains completely aligned with the natural thinking of sales
  • Makes lead capturing a simple, easy, and quick procedure, which is highly advantageous for the sales team
  • Does not need manual efforts for copying and pasting tons of data, which saves time to a great extent
  • Helps in organizing the leads in a hassle-free manner, which makes the entire process simplified and streamlined
  • Facilitates the assignment of sales representatives to the deals having the maximum potential
  • Aids in tracking all potential sales in order to find their status at different stages of the sales cycle
  • Helps in developing as well as projecting the sales forecast in a detailed manner
  • Gives a significant boost to the overall productivity of the sales team, which eventually helps in closing deals faster
  • Improves customer interaction remarkably, which results in fast and consistent generation of new businesses
  • Offers subscription-based pricing and one-time configuration to make the integration affordable

In a nutshell, the integration of Squarespace with a smart and all-in-one business CRM like Salesmate can help small businesses scale their sales to the top. Hence, make a well-thought out integration decision and ensure unlimited growth for your business.

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