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7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Oct 07,2020
7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Instagram Stories disappear in 24 hours, but they leave a permanent impression on your fans and help you to grow the follower count in the long run.

Many reasons make Stories such a popular Instagram feature that now attracts more than 500 million users daily, with the most important being the sheer versatility of this type of content. You can play with Stories to design posts that are eye-pleasing, entertaining, and informative all at the same time.

But how do you use Instagram Stories to earn more followers? There are a lot of options to consider here, but we will concentrate on our top seven ideas. Let’s take a look!

1. Post-Video Stories

The first tip on our list is a no-brainer, but this only proves the incredible impact video content has on modern audiences. According to the report, top publishers are ramping up Instagram videos by 90% to 100% each year.

The conclusion is obvious – Instagram users can’t get enough of videos and you should seize the opportunity to incorporate this content format into your Stories. Keep in mind that every video should be dynamic and able to tell a great story that somehow relates to your brand and Instagram account.

2. Think Outside the Box and Create Alternative Stories

We already mentioned that millions of Instagram users publish Stories consistently, but it’s clear that most of them look more or less the same. This is exactly why we encourage you to think outside the box and create alternative Stories.

For instance, agencies making college papers should focus on something else rather than academic writing. They can go behind the scenes of everyday business instead, eliminate traditional Instagram filters from their Stories, publish employee experience anecdotes, and so on.

3. Organize Contests

Instagram contests are a widespread engagement tool that also guarantees to earn you lots of fresh followers. There is no secret here since everybody loves competing and winning free stuff, so it only becomes a matter of timing and execution. You have several contest options at your disposal:

  • Like and comment a Story to win a gift
  • Organize an image caption contest
  • Tag a friend contests
  • Skill-based competitions
  • User-generated content

The best thing about Instagram Story contests is that they end quickly but still deliver the results you expect engagement and awareness-wise.  

4. Go with Takeovers

Instagram takeovers have become a quintessential marketing tool because they help individuals and organizations to approach new and previously unknown audience groups. For instance, a company such as can hire a famous novelist to take over their Instagram account and publish alternative content for 24 hours.

The tactic is very simple and straightforward, but you need to be careful when it comes to influencer selection. To make the most of your takeover Stories, you need to cooperate with a person who targets the same audience and nurtures similar business style and vision.

5. Publish Opinion Polls

Instagram enables business accounts to publish opinion polls in their Stories in order to learn more about users’ preferences, interests, and ideas. Although it can hardly lead to the growth of your follower base, it will make an indirect long-term impact.

How come?

Well, you can use a Story survey to find out what your target audiences would like to see on Instagram in the coming weeks and months. After that, all it takes is to craft the corresponding content and boost the popularity of your account with amazing posts and Stories.

6. Go Live in Stories

If there is one thing Instagram users enjoy more than video content, it must be live streaming. The reason is that live videos give fans the chance to engage directly by making comments, tagging their friends, and asking questions.

At the same time, this allows you to build relationships with the audience by replying to the most interesting comments. If you use this content strategy in the long run, rest assured it will earn you a lot of loyal followers and also attract new fans to your Instagram account.

7. Create Shoppable Stories

Another Instagram marketing trick you don’t want to waste is the creation of shoppable Stories. In case you didn’t know, 60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform. This basically means that you have to use product stickers in Stories to help consumers learn more about your offers.

The benefit of this technique is two-fold: It makes the brand easily discoverable among Instagram users and drives conversions simultaneously.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, start publishing a great Story day after day. It is by far the most popular Instagram feature that attracts millions of users daily, so it’s only a matter of time before Stories begin earning you a whole bunch of new fans.

We showed you the seven most interesting Stories ideas to attract fresh followers on Instagram. Which one do you like the most and do you have other interesting solutions to share with us? Make sure to write a comment – we would love to see it!


Thomas Lanigan is a blogger at the London-based assignment help agency. He is an expert in social media marketing, search engine optimization, business, and finance. Apart from writing, Thomas loves traveling and meeting new people and cultures.

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