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15 Instagram Reels Ideas For Business Owners (With Examples)

15 Instagram Reels Ideas For Business Owners (With Examples)

Instagram Reels

It is the new way to reach a vast audience on Instagram currently. If you are not using Instagram reels, you miss out on an excellent opportunity to explore your business or brand.

An Instagram user will get a notification if their reel is featured on the Explore page on Instagram. Instagram selects featured reels to bring every user to discover entertaining and original content. Fix a clear-cut objective if you need to showcase your reels on the Instagram Explore page.

Here are the 15 simple ideas for every business owner to get started with Instagram reels. Let's dive in.

BTS(Behind The Scenes)

BTS(Behind The Scenes) is entertaining video content because audiences always wish to see the original site of the brand or business. A great BTS reel video content on Instagram can be anything behind the product making or bloopers shared in Instagram stories and feeds. Jordi Koalitic is the best example of creative photography, and he uploads the awesome BTS of making photography works on his page.

For people who have no idea as how to increase Instagram reels views, posting behind the scenes content is a perfect way to achieve quicker engagement in less time, promote businesses and  gain brand  trustability.


Everyone likes stories. They can learn more if the stories are in a motivating sense. Introducing the members behind a business or brand and telling the whole process could be the way to bring it on. For example, Marketer Natasha did a perfect re-introduction which results in getting more audience.

Before VS After

It's a popular video idea and showcases any product work or service. Keep it attractive, simple, and relevant to your business. For instance, catch Blankslatereno's video content which shows their product in raw material and as a final product.

Tricks And Tips

The video content idea of tricks and tips or hacks are approachable among audiences because it has learning values. It helps you get more people, and you can share your knowledge with your audience. Sugar Geek Show is a perfect example of showing tricks and tips ideas on the chocolate industry.

Bring Challenges

It is a perfect way to engage with the community. Many challenging factors are happening in social media, and constantly dances are the perfect one. For example, Harrison did a popular dance challenge video contest and inspired many people.

Merge With Trends

Catching the trending and viral content is the perfect way to spark in the crowd. Promoting the services or products through notable trends may be the best way to get more customers. For instance, Christopher did more reels on promoting products with trending effects, video ideas, and hashtags.

Fashion Contents

If you bring it perfectly, it is more fun. Bring fashion video content with joy mixed with grabbing more viewers. For example, Louis Vuitton, a massive brand, shows their collection in a fun mixed fashionable way to promote their products.

Food Contents

It is exciting content for most people, especially for food lovers. It's an excellent idea for businesses or brands that are in the food industry. For example, Pura Indonesia uses reels to bring the recipe-making funniest with trending hashtags.

Travel Contents

It doesn't have to be any travel stories. It may also be traveling recommendations or tips of destinations. The perfect traveling hashtags give you more new audiences. For example, Savi and Vid, who travel to many destinations worldwide, create many traveling reels.

Evergreen Contents

Working with evergreen content(repurposing content) is the perfect way to get new fans and bring short-term review content of the previous one, which they may not be interested in to catch the content. For instance, Brain Lee and Dayna worked a perfect job with the evergreen content to introduce their page on Instagram.

Tutorial Contents

How-to video contents and tutorial video contents are the video ideas that many people enjoy on the platform because they are also considered information providing the content. For example, Kiel James Patric, a photographer, does a video on how to seed a sunflower and harvest it.

Product Highlighting

You could add shopping to reels on Instagram. It is like live shopping on Instagram. Only a few used this product highlight as their video idea, so you can take this into your account to spark in the crowd. Marissa is a perfect example for product highlighting who innovatively showcases her product to explore the brand.

Employee And Community Spotlight

UGC(User Generated Content) could highlight your products in a significant way. If any customers mention you in their post, don't forget to add it to your profile and save the post for future compilation. For instance, Fenty Beauty repurposed their customer's content both on Instagram and TikTok.

Answer Every FAQs

The best way to grab more followers and to engage is to answer every question raised by the audience. Instagram reel FAQs video content is similar to the story section, but you want to fit into the scheduled time slot. For example, Scout Paramotor uploaded multiple FAQ video contents to answer their fan's questions.

Teaser Video Contents

Make your fans more curious about your video content by providing interesting video previews. Make attractive teasers with stunning visuals for your video content. It's the perfect way to grab the audience's attention. For example, Singapore Guidebook has done many teaser content about their specific visits and brings CTA(Call To Action) to get their fans on the respective landing page.

Final Thoughts

Hold these Instagram reels ideas to schedule social media posts. Bring out more reels and promote your business to a broader audience.

She is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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