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Increase your Instagram followers using these simple tips

Increase your Instagram followers using these simple tips

Document your lives and share it in the most smart way with Instagram. Instagram makes the whole concept of sharing photos fun and helped in disguising the poor quality photos with smart techniques. A simple photo clicked from your camera can be given a complete different look and feel with so many filters available on Instagram. However anything and everything that you add on to your Instagram account holds importance only when you have visitors on your page. If there are not enough likes on your page, all that effort put in to post your story goes in vain.

Read the article below and get an insight on how to increase your follower base on Instagram so that they can interact with you on your post.

Make your profile look professional

  • Customize your Instagram profile page to make it look good with an amazing feel factor. Give enough valid reasons to people so that they follow you and your story.

  • Consider choosing a good theme for your account. If you have a particular fascination towards something, make that as your profile theme. People with a theme are more likely to get more visitors.

  • Choose a proper username, something which s easily located in searches. It is wise to choose your business name as the username. Incase, that is taken atleast keep your business name in the beginning of the chosen username.

  • Choosing a nice profile pic is yet another important step in making your profile page look classy. Also choose your words wisely when you describe who you are and what you do.

  • Add a small bio about yourself, which gives a proper insight to people about you. It becomes easier for people to connect to you, now since they know enough about you. It also helps them to relate your page to you. If you are interested in fashion, you can use words like “Expert beauty tips” in your bio and visitors instantly know what the can look forward on this particular page.

  • Add a link to your website, so that people can directly go to your website from your Instagram page.

  • Find some good friends whom you can follow. To do so go to the settings section of your account and click on “Find People to Follow”. This helps you to import friends from other social media channels like facebook, phone contacts etc. Hence, you are able to connect and share your story with those whom  you already know.

  • Apart from connecting to your own circle, you can also get connected with those who are popular on Instagram. To do so, click on the “Instagram Suggested” option. This will help you to get connected to some of the popular accounts on Instagram. You can also add on connects by the “Explore” section on Instagram where you can manually scroll through various accounts and explore about those whom you want to connect with.

  • Sync your account with other social media accounts. As a result everytime you post your picture on Instagram, it will be featured on other social media channels too (the ones with which you have syncd your account with) To do so go to “Share Settings” which will feature the list of social networks you want to link your account with. Just select the ones of your choice and get going.

Enhance your photography and editing skills

  • One obviously needs to begin with taking few interesting pictures which is bound to excite people. What makes your Instagram profile quite popular are photographs. You must hone your basic photography skills and photo editing apps. No rocket science courses to be done to do so.

  • Take more of meaningful photos rather than posting selfies. Remember you are posting pics to satisfy the style and demand of your  visitor and not just for yourself

  • Do not use too many apps while clicking your photos. Use natural light as much as possible.

  • When you shoot a photograph, make sure your captured images are symmetrical. Whether it’s a landscape, human or anything else, the photo needs to be symmetrical. Such a photo is quite appealing to the human eye. Also keep your picture very simple, setting it against simple background.

  • However while taking the photograph, you can try a different perspective of clicking an image. The angle should be such selected that it leaves the visitor quite bewildered.              

  • Instagram is a mobile app. Its quite obvious that the pictures any user post on your profile is taken from your smart phone. Capture your photos in such a way that you are able to find interesting perspective and look for symmetry in your photos. Focus on one subject at a time and embrace negative spaces.

  • Another important feature which supports great photographs is your editing skill. Though Instagram is packed with few editing softwares, yet they are not enough to produce great photos. Use a number of available photo editing apps to add effects to your pictures, before you actually post them.

  • You can also use a number of collage softwares available online. This help you to merge 3-4 photos in the same scene and present it in a beautiful way. If it’s a multiple shot from the same scene, using a collage is the best option.

Regular practices for fast follows

  • One most important thing one should do to have a fast follow on their account is to like some photos which are related to your posts. To begin with, go to the “explore” page and like the photos mentioned there. These are the photos from some of the most visited accounts and profiles which have lots of visitors. If you like photos here, some of them are most likely to follow you as well, if your photos excite them

  • Another  important thing one should do to attract engagement of visitors on their page is to use the hashtags (#) For e.g #increaseinstagramfollowers

  • Refine your search and then start liking the photos. If you are interested in posting pictures about say a pizza, refine your search and look for #pizzalovers #eatapizza #tastypizza. Pick a hashtag with lots of posts. You can try a reverse technique by liking the photos which do not have many likes. This will surely help you earn visitors to your profile page

  • Practise commenting on people’s photo which makes your connection with the person quite personal. Once they like your comment, they ill surely like to follow you and like your pictures too. Be simple in your commenting and try to comment on maximum pictures possible. Remember everyone likes being appreciated.

  • Remember to add lots of comments and questions to your photos. Add a little story about what your picture is all about, where it was shot and so on. This helps in increasing the customer engagement. Storytelling is always helpful in generating engagement and sharing.

  • Also ask questions when you post a pic. This tremendously helps in increasing the visitor engagement as each one of them are more inclined in giving their valuable comments to your posted question.

  • You can also include “Call to Action” hashtags which inspires people to follow your instructions and post pictures using your posted hashtag. Suppose you post a picture with a weird hairstyle, post it with a comment which reads “Lets see some weird hairstyle” and use the hashtag #wierdhairstyle. People will automatically start posting pictures with weird hairstyle using your hashtag.

  • Make sure you do your postings in regular intervals. Do not post quite often but also make sure that there is not lot of gaps in your postings. Usually posting 1 – 3 photo per day is enough to feed your visitors with interesting pictures. In contrary if you post a lot of photos, visitors tend to neglect it. It clogs their newsfeed which surely they wont like to entertain.

  • You should also know what is the right time to post your picture. You might have the most beautiful picture on your mobile but if you have posted it in the wrong time, it is more likely that photo will go unnoticed and will not be given any importance.

  • People usually check their social networks in the morning before leaving for work, school, college etc. So the best time to post a pic is then. Its more likely to have the maximum likes with people’s renewed energies.

  • Make use of apps like Statigram to know what is the peak time when most users are active on instagram. This will surely help you to gather lot of likes for your posted photo.

  • You can also use filters to give amazing effect to your shot picture. These filters can make your picture look more colourful, appealing etc.

  • Encourage “Influencer Marketing”. If you feel there is someone who can greatly influence your follower base, then simply go on to their profile and click on “Turn On Post Notification”.  Now each time they post something on their page, you will get a notification and hence you can interact with the user.

  • Click on “Approve photo tags” before some tagged content is shown on your profile. There are many who users who will tag you to some of their photos. You might not want those photos to appear on your profile. In this case, you need to approve the photo tags before the content shows on your profile.

Use tags to increase your follower base

  • Make sure you use proper tags to tag your photos. Though people are of the opinion that one should use lot of tags to increase the visibility of the post yet the number of tags should be limited to 2-3. Using of lot of tags, make your post quite cluttered and clumsy. It makes your post look like a spam post.

  • Try using your tags wisely. Use popular tags and common words. For example, while tagging the photo of your cat, a tag “#cutekitten’ is likely to be more popular than “#adorablekitten”

    • You can also use the “TagsForLikes app. This is a very popular app used by the people for a set of popular 20-30 tags which you can copy and paste to your comment box after posting a pic. You will immediately have lot of people liking you pic and post.

    • You can also create a few creative hashtags to make your posting quite original. The hashtag need not be essentially a popular keyword. It can also be something quite funky and interesting which people will be curious about.

    • You can geotag your posts. This means you can add a location as to where the photo was shot. All you need to do is to enable the GPS while you are using the photo. Instagram will then be able to track where your photo was taken.

    • You can Geotag your photos with important locations like London, some popular bridge, Maldives etc. There are people who are randomly looking for pictures on such location. Using Geotag will immediately help your picture to be filtered and appear in their searches.

After you have done all the above said things, remember your account is all about quality photos. No one after all wants to follow borings and pointless images. Also try following less number of people than the number of people who are following you. Remmeber never to post photos of other people without taking proper permissions or use bad comments to describe someone’s photos.

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