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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Aug 06, 2021
5 Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Businesses big and small are beginning to reconsider their carbon footprint and the way they are impacting the environment. Numerous companies are now striving to become not just carbon neutral but carbon positive. And with consumers becoming more eco-aware, taking your business green can even help you gain an edge over your competition.

Not to mention, it will help you contribute to saving the planet.

In this post, we’ll be looking at five different ways to make your business more environmentally friendly and why this matters in the long run.

1. Reduce Your Spend on Single-Use Items

One day, the world will drown in single-use plastic if we don’t change some of our habits rather soon. What you, as a company, can do is simple and very effective.

For starters, consider the items you use only once: plastic or paper cups, plates, cutlery, coffee filters and pods, food storage bags, etc. Make a list and determine how many of these items you use on a monthly basis and how much they are costing you. Then, start looking for alternatives.

Simply by having everyone in the office bring a mug and glass to work or purchasing them yourself, you can cut down on the amount of waste you produce.

The same goes for every other single-use item. Find a sustainable solution that is good both for the planet and your budget.

2. Donate Instead of Recycling

Recycling is certainly the way to go. However, there must be items you can rehome and donate instead of sending off to a recycling plant.

This is most often true of all the larger items your business may no longer need. That includes desks, office chairs, tech, books, storage units. By donating them to a charitable organization, you’ll ensure they get used again and prevent them from ending up in a landfill somewhere.

When donating an item, try to pass the message on as well: when the person or organization you’ve handed it to no longer needs it, they also need to find an eco-friendly way to dispose of it.

3. Consider Your Transportation

One of the biggest contributors to global pollution is, without a doubt, transportation. And while we certainly need to get from point A to point B in our daily lives, there are ways to do it that will reduce our carbon footprint.

For starters, encourage employees to walk and bike. A financial or other kind of stimulus can be a great incentive to get the ball rolling. If they need to drive, suggest carpooling. You can even go as far as setting the scheme up yourself.

If you need to cover shorter distances – for example, between warehouses – consider a golf cart. They’re already widely used by businesses like retirement homes, universities, and airports, so why wouldn’t you get one as well?

4. Implement Clear Composting and Recycling Policies

We’ve all gotten into the habit of simply throwing things into the same bin more often than not. But if you establish very clear rules and policies on composting and recycling, you can contribute to the health of the planet even further.

For starters, you need to ensure your staff don’t see this activity as superfluous and unnecessary. Spark a passion in them about the environment. Plant trees, have a community garden, establish a clear way for them to feel the value of their effort.

Have a composting bin in the office. A small one can do, which you will later empty into a larger one outside.

Lastly, partner up with local environmentally-friendly companies. See what you can do to help them out and what other measures you can implement with their help.

5. (Re)consider Who You Work With

Sourcing sustainable and reusable (or at the worst 100% recyclable) products and office supplies can further your eco-friendly mission.

Start by considering the items you use. From writing paper to toilet paper to coffee, pens, and lightbulbs, a lot of them can be switched to a more sustainable option.

You may find that some of these eco items are more expensive than the regular kind. You can find the budget for them by reducing your energy consumption. Don’t leave the taps running when you don’t need to, turn off unnecessary lights, invest in better electrical appliances, etc. Then, invest in durable, reusable items that will last longer than the ordinary, disposable kind.

Final Thoughts

We’re finally becoming more environmentally aware as a society. The time has come for everyone to play their part in making the planet a nicer place to live.

As a business, there are numerous changes you can make to the way you conduct your daily operations. These changes can not only reduce your costs and make you more sustainable but also make your business kind to our planet.

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