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How to make the most of Facebook Messenger Marketing for your Business

How to make the most of Facebook Messenger Marketing for your Business

With millions of people using Facebook Messenger every day for communicating with businesses, the importance of the app to the marketers has gone hundred steps higher. If you have a business page on Facebook and you are yet to utilize the Messenger for marketing, you are certainly losing a large chunk of the market share.

In this article, we are going to share a few simple tactics that will help you use the Facebook Messenger for your business the most beneficial way. Let’s start:

1. Take Advantage Of Your Messenger Code

Facebook Messenger has recently launched ‘Messenger Codes’ which, quite obviously, has become extremely popular among the marketers. These are simple scannable profile codes, which are found inside the message inboxes of Facebook business pages and can be used for connecting with the interested followers.

If you want to find the messenger code for the Facebook page of your company, look for the icon present at the bottom of your message inbox. Just click on it and a new screen will appear along with the messenger code (a chain of dots and dashes encircling the profile photo). You can also find a quick demo as well as the ‘download’ option right on that screen. Facebook allows you to download the transparent PNG file of the messenger code in three different sizes based on your needs.

Once you download your messenger code, share it on your company page. Let your followers know that they can get in touch with you anytime just by scanning the code image with their Messenger app. Also, encourage them to save your messenger code image to their photo libraries so that they can connect with you whenever they need.

When it comes to initiating one-on-one conversations with potential customers, messenger codes help a lot. It can be used offline, which encourages companies to add the code anywhere and everywhere (mainly to the business cards) so that people can reach them easily through Facebook private messages. This gives extensive exposure while turning simple private messages into serious businesses.

2. Share Your Private Messaging Link

Here is another way businesses can leverage the power of private messaging on Facebook. Each business page comes with a direct sharable link for this purpose, which can be shared with people in order to allow them to initiate conversations through private messages.

Find the drop-down menu associated with the ‘Message’ button on your Facebook page and access your private messaging link by clicking on it. The accompanying URL will be copied directly to your clipboard, which can then be shared with anyone. If you have the Messenger app, go to the ‘Settings’ tab of your business page to grab the same link. You can share or copy it just by clicking on the ‘Share Link to Message Page’.

Alternatively, you can skip copying your private messaging link from any of these locations and find the same just by adding your Facebook username to these two URLS: “” and “”. While the second URL doesn’t work fairly when typed into mobile browsers, the first one is more reliable and can always be used without any worry.

People can copy the link shared by you and paste it into their browsers or click on it directly. Both will take them to a screen from where they can send private messages to your business page. Just like the messenger code, the private messaging link can also be used offline, which ensures that your potential or existing customers can connect with you anytime through Facebook private messages.

3. Offer Personal Support To Customers

Facebook messenger marketing has taken customer service to an all new height as it helps businesses provide real-time support to interested people. If you are in the e-commerce industry, you will find it extremely relevant and useful.

There are times when people have queries regarding your products / services and the traditional way of calling or emailing your company for seeking the answer simply do not work. May be you are not from the same country, or the person needs an immediate answer instead of waiting for the reply to his/her email, or even he/she just want to get the answers privately. In such scenarios, make the use of Facebook Messenger and provide one-on-one support through direct conversations.

From helping people choose the most suitable products to sending confirmations for their orders, Messenger can allow you to do anything and everything. You can even seek the help of the powerful Messenger bot to offer interactive support to your customers seamlessly.  

4. Provide Real-Time Customer Experience

Attending your customers through Facebook Messenger can turn out to be a real-time affair. All you need to do is be really prompt with your replies. Taking long time to reply to your customers can ruin your reputation by creating a sense of ignorance in them. Messenger helps companies reply to their customers in a reasonable amount of time, which not only reflects their efficiency but also contributes to the growth of their businesses.

You can seek help of the ‘Auto-Reply’ feature introduced by Messenger in order to send instant replies every time someone sends you a message. Go to the ‘Settings’ section on your business page and find the ‘Messaging’ tab. Click on it to set up your auto-replies, which can be messages of up to 250 characters with company logo and other customized images. Your customers will receive these messages as soon as their messages will reach your inbox. Make sure that your messaging status is different from ‘away’, or else, the auto-replies will not work.

Messenger also allows companies to set ‘Response Time’ on their Facebook pages, which can be adjusted manually in order to pay attention to specific messages. This will save your time to a great extent while giving your business a completely professional look.

Mastering the art of Facebook Messenger marketing can open a new horizon for your business. Follow these simple tactics to pick up the pace and you will never have to look back for sure.

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