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How to Find Right Influencers in Your Niche Business

Jan 29, 2021
How to Find Right Influencers in Your Niche Business

If you are in business, you cannot deny the fact that you only have power when you have clients and you will have clients if you have an audience. Your trade name is useless if it doesn't connect with the right audiences in a pertinent way.

Believe it or not, it's very important to influence people to keep going in your business. But, here comes the tough one, how to do that? Well, it's not that back-breaking how you have imagined. You just need a couple of influencers to do the job and you are good to go.

Who are the influencers?

Really, who are they? Well, they are the ones who play a very crucial role in promoting and amplifying your brand. Publicity is absolutely critical and growing an online presence is necessary when it comes to laying a winning platform for your business and a good influencer has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others.

A good influencer has knowledge, position and a trustworthy relationship with her viewers. Their approach is what reaches the viewer and convinces them to believe it. Always remember people buy stories and nothing sticks in your head better than a story and that's what influencers do, they know how to build a keen and enthusiastic audience.

An influencer could be a blogger, social media personality, celebrity, industry expert, thought leader or lifestyle brand.

How do they work?

  • An influencer can share content, mention brand names, wear your brand logo printed clothing or can also drive the audience to the brand's website or social accounts.
  • They can also become the brand ambassador of any specific brand and regularly mention and share content about the brand to spread the word
  • They can also write about the brand's story, products or services as their own content.
  • They can do product unboxing highlighting brand’s packaging design and product in it.

What is influencer marketing?

As we all know, influencing is all about connecting and making an impression through your conversation that makes people believe you. Influencer marketing is a sort of social media marketing where you reach out to an existing influencer who already has a quite a number of followers and reputation to endorse your product with an intention to increase brand awareness and sales.

Benefits of Influencer marketing

  • Build up brand awareness
  • Strengthen trust
  • Build authority
  • Outreach target audience
  • Helps to connect through ample customers
  • Helps to blaze a trail
  • Creates partnership

How to find right influencers

  • Know your target audience

It's very important to do your research in advance to know the preference of your customer and what section of people you are focusing the most while starting your business. It's necessary to get influenced by the choice of your audience. So this is the first and foremost step to find an influencer for your business because then you can look for an influencer who has an audience similar to that of your target audience.

  • Look for influencers based on your brand objective.

You need to be very clear about your objective or what you want to achieve and this in turn will help you to direct your search towards finding influencers who are best matched with your brand objective.

Whether you want to create an awareness campaign or create buzz you can select your influencers accordingly.

It can be macro influencer, micro influencer or nano influencer, based on what your objective is. Your influencer must not be from a completely different demographic.

  • Influencer campaign you can run

    • You can give gifts to your influencers in return you can ask them to mention about your brand in their posts or videos.Contact an influencer to write blogs for you
    • Get an Influencer to create contents about your brands and share them.
    • You can also organize contests and giveaways to get influencers to advertise your brand or share your content.
    • Give your influencers a discount code on their name to offer to their fans and followers.
    • Partner with an influencer to regularly promote your brand in exchange for discounts and other perks from your brand.
    • You can let your influencer take over your social media for a period of time for advertising.  

  • Choose the right social media platform.

Always watch what social media platforms suit you best, every platform may look alluring but don't get carried away. Always keep in mind what kind of content format you want to focus on and on what social media platform your target audience is present and then make a choice which works better for you and then find influencers accordingly.

  • Create a visual identity for your brand

It is very important to create an impressive visual for your brand. It's very necessary to your brand image to be alluring and eye-catching that influencers will endorse.

You can create an impressive logo for your brand to make it more visually appealing. For this you can hire a graphic designer or there are plenty of online designing market places available.

Designhill is one the best online creative market places where you can find the most efficient graphic design artists. There are plenty of online logo creator tools available as well where you just need to answer some simple questions and your logo will be ready quite effortlessly in no time.

  • Use Hashtags

It's easy to search and access contents on social platforms by using Hashtags. It's advisable to search hashtags that are quite relevant to your brand and this will help you to find influencers easily. If you find some post that really draws your attention, don't hesitate, check out the creators profile and see if they have the same niche as you, how many followers they have or how popular they are and get a rough idea about their worth.

Social media and Google alerts are another convenient way to find right influencers for your business. You can also rely on influencer marketing tool to help you find influencers for your business real quick and easily.

Some final thoughts

Always do your researches thoroughly, strategize your next plan of action in advance and make sure to have an alternative. There are plenty of options available but don't get too confused with it, so at first know your own objectives and goals and once you find a particular influencer who can help you achieve it, don't think much, you are almost good to go.

Hopefully, the above mentioned tips prove to be helpful and the process of finding influencers would be less ominous.

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Alice Jackson is a blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant at a crowdsourcing company. She is a social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, content marketing, designing trends, startup strategies, and e-commerce. When not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels.

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