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How to Create Effective Videos for Your E-commerce Business

How to Create Effective Videos for Your E-commerce Business

What’s the best way to create effective videos for your e-commerce business?

This is the biggest question we’ll answer through this post.

Creating effective e-commerce videos can greatly benefit your business in many ways.

A recent survey reveals that 89% of customers have purchased a product or service after watching a video featuring it:

Further, according to the same survey:

  • 87% of marketers say video helps them drive more sales
  • 90% of them say video helps with lead generation
  • 92% say video helps them generate good ROI

But here's the thing — even though video offers great benefits to businesses and customers, creating effective e-commerce videos can be challenging.

In fact, 66% of marketers say creating videos for their business is a complex task.

So in this article, you’re going to learn how to create effective videos for your e-commerce business like a pro.

Let’s get started.

1. Start With a Solid E-commerce Video Strategy

If you want to create effective videos for your e-commerce business, the first and most important step is to begin with a strategy.

According to a recent survey, 59% of organizations say that having a video strategy helps them get better results with video:

Since almost everyone is using video for e-commerce marketing, having a clear video marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd and deliver a great customer experience.

While this might slow you down, thinking about the strategy before you start creating videos will help you big time.

Here, you’ll need to determine what you want to achieve with your e-commerce videos. And then determine the metrics related to those goals to identify what you need to monitor to track your progress.

Some of the reasons you would want to create effective videos for your e-commerce business include the following:

Once you establish the main objectives of creating e-commerce videos, it will be easier to determine what type of videos to create, where to post them, etc.

2. Keep the Videos Short and Sweet

If you want to create effective videos for your e-commerce business, make them short and enticing.


Because the modern customer tends to get bored with long product videos.

It's no wonder platforms like TikTok that allow people to create short videos are becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce marketers.

Short-form videos are proven to generate high ROI and are dubbed the best format for lead generation and engagement.

Pro tip: To supercharge your e-commerce video marketing strategy and generate high-quality leads, leverage reliable lead generation solutions with your videos. Here is a lead generation software list by Attrock to help you choose a suitable solution for your business.

3. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

No matter how beautiful and professional your e-commerce videos are, viewers won’t care to watch them if they don’t help them solve the specific problems they're facing.

Essentially, your target audience is the group or category of people who are interested in buying your products or services.

They are probably looking to learn how to use your products or get a better understanding of your brand.

So, you need to understand what issues your target audience is facing so that you can address them in your videos.

Understanding your target viewers will help you determine the tone and message to convey through your videos.

It'll help you take a value-driven approach to outsmart the competition.

Furthermore, keeping your target audience in mind when creating videos for your e-commerce store helps you tailor your message to them.

4. Leverage Shoppable Videos

In the e-commerce world, the buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase is full of potential pitfalls.

Sending potential customers to your home pages or product pages and leaving it to them to find the products they watched in your video can make them drop off without completing the transaction.

You need to get your audience to checkout quicker, easier, and with fewer clicks. And this is where shoppable videos become helpful.

Shoppable videos are a great strategy for advertising your products in an entertaining and informative way on social media.

By creating these kinds of videos, you give your customers the chance to interact with your video and purchase what they are looking for right away.

Shoppable videos deliver an immersive and personalized shopping experience which helps to improve customer engagement.

The good news about shoppable videos is that they are easy to create. You can shoot them as normal videos and upload them to Instagram and add your products in. It’s also a great way to reduce business expenses as you don’t necessarily need to have a website to sell your products.

5. Focus on Benefits, not Features

When customers come to your e-commerce store, they want to buy products that will help them solve a problem they’re facing. In this case, you need to talk about the benefits users can get from your product rather than the features it has.

For instance, assuming you’re promoting video ad networks in your videos you need to talk about the features the network offers alongside its use case and the benefits it offers to your viewers.

6. Determine the Right Type of Video to Create

For a beginner, it’s easy to think that your focus should be the product video category.

Nevertheless, that’s not always the case. You can feature the product in different types of videos, including:

  • Unboxing videos: These are videos that feature the unboxing of the product for the first time. It gives viewers the experience of what it’d be like to open the product when they receive it.

  • How-to videos: These are videos explaining how to use your product or service in a way that can help to solve your customers’ problems. For instance, you could create a video explaining how people can use AI text-to-video generators in the best possible way.

  • Product introduction videos: These are videos that focus on introducing a new product to the market by explaining its benefits and useful features.

  • Testimonial videos: These types of videos work pretty similar to unboxing videos in that they feature real people doing unboxing or providing their experience about using a product or service.

You could work with influencers in your videos to increase the credibility of these testimonials.

  • Video ads: These are short videos promoting your product or service directly to customers. For better results, avoid being pushy or salesy with your videos. Instead, focus on the value your product or service delivers to customers.

Here are the types of videos marketers are planning to create in 2023 according to the Wistia survey mentioned above:

To choose the right type of video to create for your e-commerce business, be guided by your strategy, goals, and target audience.

7. Hook Viewers From the Start

The modern consumer is exposed to a host of videos and information on the internet.

Apart from being engaging, your videos should be attention-grabbing the moment someone clicks to watch them.

This will help to grab the viewers’ attention and nudge them to watch the rest of the video.

So how do you hook the audience from the start?

Here are a few practical ideas to use:

  • Start with product highlights or a statement that entices the viewers to continue watching
  • Start with a startling fact or statistic
  • Open with a thought-provoking question
  • State a problem and promise to offer a solution


Learning how to create effective videos for your e-commerce business is a great idea to present your product in an engaging and informative way.

Remember that there are many different types of videos you can create but you need to choose those that are specific to your brand, product, or service.

So, go ahead and start creating your marketing videos to drive your sales up.

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