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How Digital PR can increase your Brand Awareness

How Digital PR can increase your Brand Awareness

Till date we have all known what PR stands for. It’s the Public Relations. However, in the present day times, its not just about offline relations. Its not only about events and socialization. A lot depends on your online mechanism and strategies. It is no more media publications and releases like it always use to be. So lets open our insight on to how we can increase our Digital PR.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is something the industry is buzzing constantly about. It is an accepted medium to increase the visibility and boost the reputation and fame of the client. It is the process in which the trusted and unbiased online third party visitors are used to have a positive impact on the target audience of a particular brand.  The focus of a Digital PR agency is to give online visibility to its clients which involves working with Google and other online medium to give a higher ranking to the clients website in searches.

Digital PR is all about expanding the horizon of a brand with the help of digital mediums like social media, content marketing and more. It is a series of activities that are performed digitally to increase the profitability and brand recognition. The static news and information about a brand is digitally passed on to prospective visitors online and is shared exponentially. Digital super users are used for the purpose which includes bloggers, journalists, super influencers and more. The methods involve are networking online, reaching out to the journalists and influencers through their various social media profiles.

What is the  difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR ?

PR as we know by now I all about Public Relations. So the basic difference between two medium of PR majorly lies in the channel through which the PR is done. Traditional PR involves methods like attending public meetings, publications etc. These are offline methods of increasing the awareness of a brand. Digital PR on the other hand is relying on the digital medium for the brand awareness.

The activities involved in a Digital PR are 

In order to have a strong brand recognition there are number of online activities one needs to get involved in. These are as follow

  • Social media advertising
  • Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • SEO
  • Online placement of articles
  • Email marketing
  • PPC

Benefits of Digital PR
A constant Digital PR programme can help in increasing the brand awareness of a company in a strong way. Digital platform is one of the fastest medium or any company / brand / product to increase its awareness amongst the prospective customers. With people widely using the internet and various social networking sites, it has increasingly become easier to reach out to people

The benefits of an effective Digital PR campaign are listed below :

  • Getting quick quality backlinks for your brand website. There was a time when the success of the site was measured by the number of backlinks on a website. However, this has changed over years and what is important is number of quality links. Hence one cannot opt for shady ways to acquire lot of backlinks on the website. These links have to come naturally. By an effective Digital PR, quality backlinks can be generated for your website. When your link is placed on a high traffic blog or website, ti automatically drives good traffic for you.

  • With proper SEO and tools, your website ranks higher in the various search engines. If you publish meaningful and useful content for the users, it will considerably boost your presence on the search results. Further, if the content catches the attention of the users, they are more likely to share it in a huge way across several channels

  • Digital PR gives you a chance to give a boost to your brand awareness. As you interact with the influencers, they in turn talk about your brand to prospective target audience. More you are responsive to the requirement of your customer, more faith they instill in you and your brand. Moreover the one to one communication with your consumer also increases the brand loyalty, where the consumer feels that he has a good connect.

  • Enables you to manipulate the buying decision of your customer with proper ads, videos, written material etc. The customer gets an exact idea about your product and services.

  • Digital PR is measurable. After running a Digital PR campaign, you can measure in real time, how much your campaign has been successful. Using this piece of data it becomes easier for you to perform similar activities in future to promote your brand.

How to measure the success of a good Digital PR?

With the traditional PR measures, it was little difficult to state how much that PR contributed towards the sales. However, the same is not with Digital PR system. There are google analytics code and number of other mediums where you can easily tract the performance of a particular website, the kind of growth it shows after months of Digital PR.

The traditional methods of PR says that the success of a PR campaign depends on how well a business is performing. If the performance and profits of a company are good, then the PR campaign has done its job well and if there I no change in the profits of the company then certainly there had been some failure on part of the PR campaign. However this is not true. Its quite possible, that the PR company did its job well, it promoted and created the awareness about the brand very well. However, the area or location that was chosen to promote the brand was not correct and hence the efforts went in vain.

However, when Digital PR is concerned its quite simpler to track the success records. For the Digital PR all the actions are monitored and tracked down which gives an accurate data about how much benefit the brand made through the Digital PR campaign. With a Digital PR campaign, you can always track

  • Organic traffic on the website
  • Number of referrals received from the website
  • Referrals received from the social networking sites

Digital PR can be measured by the number of PR hits in google analytics. The ranking of the website can also be tracked in the search engines on the basis of a list of some major keywords pertaining to that brand. Digital PR helps to take a note of increase in the organic traffic after the PR campaign has been initiated. Google URL builder can also be used to track the PR campaign links. Hence you get a comprehensive list of conversion data and other data from the Google Analytics report. The backlink profile of the site can be measured using a number of online tools like Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO etc. If the PR campaign has been successful for your company, then the website must receive quality backlinks.

Tools that aid in an effective Digital PR campaign

What makes a Digital PR campaign hit? This is an important issue to be thought of. First and the foremost requirement for a hit Digital PR campaign is high domain authority. A PR campaign is hit only when the user gets the related information they are looking for in a most organized and comprehensive way. Using the right pitch, the right format for presenting your piece of news is the key to make sure that the information reaches the user in a way you have wanted it to reach.

So what are you waiting for. If you are looking for an effective brand awareness, opt for an effective Digital PR campaign. It can be very effectively used for realizing your dreams and reachingout to your target audience

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