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Why you can't go past Google Ads

Why you can't go past Google Ads

No matter how many new tools and platforms pop up on - sometimes you just can’t go past the OG - Google Ads, formerly AdWords.

Statistically, there is simply no other platform that can compare to Google Ads in terms of reach and audience engagement.

What does Google Ads do anyway?

Simply put, Google Ads lets advertisers or business owners pay a fee to Google for their ads to be displayed on the search network. It’s big business for these guys as in 2018 alone, Google made $116 billion from advertising revenue alone. For the search engine, advertising is big business.

Their Display Network, so banner ads alone, reaches a massive 90% of internet users via 2 million websites and in Australia alone, the search engine holds 95% of the search market.

What’s so good about it?

Unsurprisingly enough for pretty much the world’s biggest search engine, Google Ads has some pretty great functionality - all search ad campaigns run through Google Ads have their performance over time monitored to check on their health.

This means you have access to real time data relating to how your ads are performing -whether they are leading to clicks, then conversions. Remember, the end goal of any ads campaign is sales - so lots of clicks and no conversions means you need to focus in and hone in on what the problem might actually be.

Google Ads also provides you with their Keyword Planner. This searches thousands of keywords, including telling you what your competitors are up to, in order to help you create ads groups focused on common search queries. They can also provide you with an estimated CPC for the specified keywords.

The best thing about all of this? Well, you can apply the learnings about keywords to all aspects of your digital strategy - including SEO.

Google Ads also comes with inbuilt features which help you to specify an initial ads budget, as well as laying out your search campaign results in a clear and concise format, making it easy to measure performance.

They allow continued and continual access to data and tracking tools so that when you notice which ads have a strong digital performance you can focus more heavily on boosting the spend on these.

Google Ads is also pretty good at easily showing you where the flaws in your strategy are - and they do this by finding the ads which are simply not performing well. That way, you can simply stop spending as much on ads which are not doing well.

After all, what’s the point of spending money which is just not providing any return on investment?

Another pretty incredible feature of Google Ads is the ability for advertisers and business owners to be extremely specific with their ads budgets. The platform lets you allocate more spend to certain times of the day, year or geographical area.

You can imagine that as an Italian restaurant offering local delivery - you probably don’t want your ad to pop up in the morning for a user who lives in a city 200 km away. This is a waste of money, right? Not many people want pizza and pasta for breakfast, and even fewer want to pay delivery fees for someone driving a couple of hours down the highway.

But with Google Ads, these kinds of mistakes are avoided - meaning more bang for your buck.

And while on the subject of bang for your buck...

With Google Ads, unlike say, SEO, you start seeing results within even a couple of hours after posting an ad.

That’s pretty incredible work - I’d say.

The average ROI for Google Ads is 200%. That means for every dollar invested by advertisers, there’s a return of $2. These sorts of statistics are simply incredible.

They also make perfect sense - people on Google Ads have problems that they need to be solved.

Most people are not just randomly looking around, they actually need a product or service, and they want your ad to be shown to help them out.

Choose to work with a Google Premier Partner Agency

Some agencies, like Ambire, are certified as Google Premier Partner Agencies. This means that we have been acknowledged by the search engine giant to be consistently doing the right thing in terms of following best practice guidelines, spending and qualifications.

And, luckily for us, we are amongst the select few agencies that get to receive exclusive access to training, resources and advice straight from the gurus at Google themselves.

We actually wrote a whole article going into these benefits in detail. Check it out on our website.

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