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Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development Over React Native?

Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development Over React Native?

Web and mobile developers often have a hard time building applications for different operating systems and a variety of screen sizes available. However, the introduction of cross-platform applications revolutionized the world of software development. Developers have overwhelming options of cross-platform languages available that make the process easy for them, but Flutter is the most preferred among all.

Dart is used to build applications that employ the Flutter framework and it applies to the development of both client-side and server-side of the applications. Dart programming language is developed by Google and it is object-oriented and open-source. Flutter app development offers numerous features to the owners of mobile apps. The features include saving a considerable amount of time and money or compacting the size of an application.

Flutter is that mobile app development framework that manages different desires of the app owners single-handedly. It is one of the major reasons why several enterprises have shifted from React native to Flutter. Flutter based apps enable organizations to generate better profits and maintain a decent market share.

Reasons Why Flutter is OverPowering React Native

1. Efficient Cross-Platform Compatibility:

The apps developed using the Flutter framework are more peculiar about the performance, and one of the considerable benefits obtained by developers is the cross-platform compatibility. With the help of Flutter, mobile app developers can easily reuse almost 80% of their code which they have written earlier for some other platform. With the feature of cross-platform compatibility, application owners can easily deploy their apps on a variety of smartphone interfaces, such as Android, iOS and Windows. Based on the different operating systems, you can choose to integrate different functionalities and services.

2. Powerful Performance:

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that puts up higher levels of barometric performance to the apps. It enables the developers to create powerful applications in less time taken. Flutter also helps the creation of the best viable MVP for the applications by employing features like 'Hot Reload' that enables the maintenance of apps in real-time. These features enable developers to fix errors and remove bugs without taking an application down from the server. As a result, the overall productivity of their mobile app gets enhanced.

3. Intuitive Native UI:

Flutter app development uses a dart language that is highly native and design-friendly. It enables the developers to implement an advanced set of tools and libraries, that include Cupertino widgets and material design. This set of features and modules make sure that the applications get a flexible and expressive UI. The applications developed using Flutter also have native-like experience with customization provided to a great extent. The best part about it is that this framework enables developers to build high-performing applications on a constrained budget as well.

4. Faster Time to Market:

Contrary to conventional programming, Flutter employs Dart programming language, which is an easy-to-learn object-oriented language that allows the developers to efficiently optimize app solutions. Flutter provides smoother coding modules and uncomplicated syntax, and thus helps Java engineers to establish mobile applications and provide the feasibility of faster time to market to the app owners.

5. Firebase Support:

When it comes to using Google Firebase for cloud services, Flutter offers well-documented support on the installation of Firebase. The framework makes it easy for app developers to seamlessly integrate Flutter apps to Firebase.

6. Global Community Support:

React Native has great support from a global community. Flutter community, an open-source domain, boasts more than 146,000 GitHub forks, and over 105,000 GitHub stars. Besides the accomplishments that Flutter has made for all the years, it provides the developers with a great level of support. Millions of developers from across the globe can connect to the support provided and aid their fellow developers as well. All of these things make Flutter a leading tech trend in 2021.

7. Hot Reload:

Flutter provides stateful Hot Reload and hence a quick development cycle. It provides an app with the ability to reload the code of an app that is live and running. For this, the developers will not have to restart or lose the status of their app. If there is a change in the code while building flutter apps, by the programmers, and at the time of re-compiling, they are not required to navigate back or recreate the state manually to see what changes were made.

How Flutter Works?

Flutter lets developers build native apps by integrating a beautiful UI with the help of a single codebase. The best part about it is that the developers will not have to compromise on the quality, speed and performance of their apps. Flutter renders the app itself instead of letting the platform do the same. The framework enables the applications to be blazingly fast, responsive and can run on any platform. Flutter app development company offers development services that are a complete SDK for building applications.


The mobile application industry is one of the rapidly developing areas in the software development industry. Today, many business owners depend on insightful ventures, such as Flutter over the other app development frameworks. This framework provides a competitive edge to the companies. To make sure that better results are obtained you should choose experts to get your mobile app developed. Flutter is much faster than native development and helps to deploy quickly. If you’re looking for a Flutter app development company, you gauge their technical competencies and years of experience in Flutter. Hiring an expert also ensures that your business obtains utmost growth and achieves better results on the investment made.

Author Bio:

Arjun Solanki is a Business Growth Strategist at a Leading Software Development Firm. He has experience in developing and executing digital strategies for large global brands in a variety of business verticals. Apart from working on a long-lasting relationship with customers and boosting business revenue, he is also interested in sharing my knowledge on various technologies and its influence on businesses through effective blog posts and article writing.

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