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How to Use Facebook Stories to Leverage your Brand

How to Use Facebook Stories to Leverage your Brand

Facebook is continuously changing their algorithm to offer new features to the users. The latest of it is Facebook stories that are identical to Snapchat and Instagram stories. Facebook have left no stone unturned to make this new addition a success. After struggle of 14 months, Facebook stories accomplished the task of achieving 150 million users. On this victory, Facebook announced the availability of Facebook stories for business profile. This calls for the digital marketers to come up with alternative strategies to use Facebook stories as a growing platform for promotions. To make the task simpler, here are some key features that could be used to leverage your brand image through Facebook stories.


3D doodling

Showcase your creative side by the augmented reality drawing feature of Facebook stories. The 3D scribbles will not move even when you take the videos, so fill the bland corners of the view with your interesting doodles to attract the audience. Use pastel colour options as there are the only few choices available to you. This graffiti would enhance the visual appeal of the stories and who knows, your Facebook story can go viral?

360 photos

Capture 360 degree images through the new feature of Facebook stories. The interface allows you to take panaroma pictures and you can also pause the recording to fill it with your desired view.

Push Instagram stories on Facebook

Facebook is the parent company of Instagram which enables the two platforms to be interconnected. Use Instagram features and post the stories in both Facebook and Instagram, or vice versa. It reduces your task of brainstorming in creating content for each of the platforms.

Prime real estate

This feature of Facebook stories reflect that the icon for stories is placed right on top of the Facebook page. This improved visibility of your Facebook stories will attract the audience to view the stories without a hint of doubt. Leverage on this feature to improve brand awareness through Facebook stories.

Ways brands can leverage it

Video over text

Facebook is the largest user generated content platform. Although the demography of Facebook consists of older generation, the essence of the platform encourages the users to involve in creating their own content. Instead of merely sharing the link of other posts, which now has become the trend, the members of Facebook are inclined to showcase their creativity through Facebook stories. This can bring back the glorious days of Facebook and your brand will gain recognition due to the platform’s immense popularity.


If your company is not using Facebook stories for marketing, then you are not alone. However, this leaves immense room to experiment on this platform. Also, the little competition will permit you to engage audience and captivate them to enhance your online presence.

It’s Unsponsored

The Facebook stories are unsponsored which means that you do not pay anything for them. Leverage your brand’s image by attracting viewers through this cost-less approach.

Guerrilla marketing

There are several types of content that you can use as theme of Facebook stories. You need to decide the objective of using this platform so that you come up with appropriate theme of the stories. You might wish to educate the viewers regarding your products and thus, use tutorial videos. You can also add behind the scenes videos that are fun, to engage the audience.

Future plans


The users having personal profile on Facebook can access Facebook stories from Smartphone application and desktop. But the business profiles are unable to access stories from their desktop. This one change should be immediate so as to ease the task of the digital marketers of the companies while using Facebook stories.

Availability on Facebook page app

If you wish to access Facebook stories then you need to use the full Facebook application and not just the one that shows your page. Facebook will upgrade the features so that this hurdle is overcome in the future.

Cross posting for android users

Facebook and Instagram stories can be synched with each other so that you do not have to waste your precious time to post separately in each of the social media sites. However, to use this feature you require using ioS. In the recent future, these features must also be developed for the android users.

Facebook is determined to bring their glorious days back with Facebook stories. Although the popularity of the same is improving slowly, the administrators would never give up. All the while they are incorporating more features that companies can bank on to improve their brand awareness. It can be safely stated that improving brand awareness would be effortless if you start leveraging on the features of Facebook stories immediately!

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