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Why Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy

Why Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy

You can’t talk about digital marketing without talking about Facebook. Yes, there are other social media platforms that operate like Facebook. However, Facebook sets itself apart from the rest of the market with several advantages. By the end of this post, you’ll have to re-write your strategy if it doesn’t include this unique social platform. Thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. Joel house gold coast SEO offers one of the best services in the area and is more than happy to help you with all your marketing strategies. In this article, we’ll be looking at why you should add Facebook to your digital marketing strategy.

● Access to a global audience

A primary advantage Facebook has over other platforms is its user base. Statista reports that in July 2020, almost 3 billion people worldwide have a Facebook account. No other social media platform has such a wide reach. Whatever age group, gender, occupation, or other markers your target audience falls into, they definitely have a Facebook account. Although you should note that there is a steady rise in the elderly demographic, users between 18 and 35 years still account for over 60% of users, which is still a lot.

● Best of B2B and B2C Businesses

While Facebook is a great opportunity to offer personalized services to your customers and interact with them socially. Facebook isn’t limited to just B2C marketing. You can also use it to target other brands making it perfect for B2B marketing. Don’t forget that business owners are people with social lives too, and even when they are off the clock, they’re still processing potential leads. To stay ahead of the curve, business decision-makers often spend more time on social platforms to get a feel of the market and how to leverage it. By using targeting segments that align with the employment industry, interests, and job titles, you will record significant differences in the output of your ads.

● Find leads at all stages of the customer flow

The customer flow describes what stage of the buying process a potential customer is at. If you’re a car salesman, for instance, you can target the teen attracted to car ads, or the young adult considering making a car swap, to the business executive actively looking for the best deal available. Moreover, you can use platforms such as the A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. to organize operations like car shipping. By utilizing the right features, you can cater to them all. Running sponsored stories, and video ads can draw people to your channel for more information, then you can thrill them with something memorable. Facebook has the capacity to cater to almost any objective you might have, whether it’s drawing traffic to your site, driving app installation, or hiring your services.

● Refined audience targeting

Another benefit of including Facebook to your marketing strategy is that you have greater control over who exactly you’re targeting. Sometimes you want to limit your content to certain people, perhaps when you’re running a promo or to create hype from doing something exclusive. With Facebook, you can handpick specific groups of people that have access to whatever you decide to share. Targets could include just your followers, friends of your followers, individual interests, or people who see your page. The value of such distinct audiences is that thanks to Facebook’s transparency, you can compare which group performs better.

● Social targeting

Social media often take note of more than just your demographic. Apart from explicitly stated information like age, education, and employment. Facebook takes note of social cues and behaviors. In truth, your demographics are a poor indicator of your interests, hence the monitoring of your social lifestyle as well. The platform draws from other segments of your account like interests, life events, and hobbies. Drawing from these segments of people’s lives allows you to determine your audience with added precision. So when you’re creating your customer persona offline, you can ensure it aligns with your target’s persona online.

● Competition’s audience targeting

There’s hardly any field on the planet without some competition, and your competition is probably also on Facebook. While you can’t exactly steal customers online, you can see what your potential leads have an interest in, including which brands. This perk is helpful to start-ups in particular, as you can target people with interest in well-established brands in the same field as you. As earlier mentioned, Facebook’s refined audience targeting allows you to even create your own groups. You may decide to run an ad for users with interest in over ten famous brands in your field. It’s more likely to turn up positive results than targeting users with just one similar interest.

● Multiple ad format options

No social media platform offers a more dynamic option of ad formats than Facebook. The best part about having multiple options is that you can tweak and adjust it to fit your needs. Things you should consider when choosing an ad format are the demographic, and what stage of the customer flow you’re targeting. Story ads are great for the attraction phase when you just want to spread awareness. Sponsored ads that allow customers to give feedback or ask questions work at all stages, and boosts engagement on your page. The more tailored your ad is, the better. User-generated content is more organic and will always do better than purpose centered ads.

● Increase site traffic

One of the multiple ad format options includes adding links to your own site. After attracting your audience with your visuals, and texts, they can easily find out more with just a click. While browsing through your site may not be their original intention, if your ad is able to pique their interest, they’ll naturally want to know more. By diverting them to your site, you can double down on the information you give since they obviously want to know more. It may not always lead to a purchase, but the more people you attract, the better your chances of making sales.


Thanks to its wide reach, ad-friendly features, and elaborate metric system, Facebook is an invaluable asset to digital marketers. Apart from helping you make conversions, it’s also a lead nurturing tool you can use to grow and communicate with your existing and potential customers. Utilizing the app yourself or engaging the services of an SEO company that can help you could be a huge difference for your business.

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