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Ultimate Guide: Facebook Ads vs Linkedin Ads vs Google Ads In 2020

Ultimate Guide: Facebook Ads vs Linkedin Ads vs Google Ads In 2020

Be it any kind of advertising campaign you are planning to engage in, utilizing the correct platform is essential. When paid media is concerned, the three big players of the current market include Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads. So when you are just initiating your business, how will you find the correct one as per the needs of your business? As per severa paid ads professionals, an intermingling of the three platforms can help you benefit from the platforms’ strengths & also you will be able to shift the strategies & the budget as & when needed. Go through this Facebook Ads guide, LinkedIn Ads guide, Google Ads guide for enhancing the brand recognition of your WordPress development company. We will learn in detail by looking at the comparisons of the three platforms in detail in this content.

Comparing the platforms for deep insight



You can move forward with Facebook ads preferences because of the following benefits it offers

  • Powerful targeting
  • Comprehensive data
  • Massive amount of active users
  • Native split testing


You can face challenges with Facebook Ads lead generation as:

  • Lesser CTR rate in comparison to Google AdWords
  • Rigid policies because of Cambridge Analytica debacle

Facebook efficiently segments the target audience because of which you can micro-target your audiences. This way you can elicit comments, post shares and likes that drives up consumer engagement.

You must think twice before opting for Facebook Ads business as the CTR rate is low as compared to Google AdWords which means you pay more for boosting the posts. You could find help in optimizing your ads by using a creative AI marketing platform, which tells you which ad needs to be tweaked for better performance. Facebook even lags behind the platform called LinkedIn in context to connecting with consumers if your business is in B2B space.



Google Ads targeting is very useful as it offers the following benefits:

  • Effective for B2C & B2B
  • Plethora of advertising options
  • Biggest search engine


Along with the Google Ads fundamentals, you must take a look at the cons as well for determining whether you should go with this paid media or not.

  • In cases of receiving numerous irrelevant clicks, Pay-per-click or PPC might drive up the expenditure
  • The platform is difficult to learn
  • Inadequacy of good quality keyword data

Google utilization can be very beneficial if you do everything properly. Be it any target audience you can effectively reach it irrespective of you being in the B2B or B2C space.

Google is easy to begin with but mastering the platform is challenging as the algorithm has become quite complex in the current times.



The following pros make LinkedIn Ads for business extremely rewarding.

  • Supreme quality leads
  • InMail straightforward email advertising
  • Niche market
  • Sponsored content


As per the LinkedIn Ads Analytics, the cons are as follows:

  • Expensive in comparison to other platforms
  • Restricted conversion tracking

When you are a business marketer, LinkedIn is definitely going to be your Cloud 9. The good quality leads guarantees amazing lead generation. You can even directly market to all decision makers with the InMail service. But this service can make LinkedIn sometimes spammy as well.

The user base is highly engaging that makes the platform extremely gratifying. The types of LinkedIn Ads are truly varied. For instance, with Sponsored content, you can easily reach decision makers and honchos.

Final Say

Even after browsing the Facebook Ads guide, LinkedIn Ads guide, Google Ads guide, it might be overwhelming for you to decide the one you should go with. This litmus test can assist you.

Select Facebook if your answer is yes for the following:

  • Is the main objective is to drive customer engagement?

Select Google if your answer is yes for the following:

  • Is the advertising campaign dependent on Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization?

Select LinkedIn if your answer is yes for the following:

  • Is your objective is to easily connect with influencers & decision makers?

To summarize, you should know that LinkedIn is for you if you are concerned about the enterprise market, Google is for you if you want the business to be easily searchable by businesses & consumers, Facebook is for you if your goal is to sell to customers primarily.

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