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Double your Online Sales with these 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Double your Online Sales with these 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing provides plenty of opportunities for companies who want to gain more customers via the internet.

But what makes it different from traditional marketing methods is the way it reaches out to prospective clients.

The digital marketing tools being used in promoting a business online play a key role in why this strategy is so scalable, even for a small company. You also need to work with a reputable digital marketing agency in India in the industry.

Now, what are the top digital marketing tools that you need to try to double your online sales?

We made a list of the tools that you'll need to jumpstart your marketing strategy:

1. Google Analytics

This is perhaps one of the most well-known analytics tools in the world. That's why it must be a tool that every digital marketer should be using.

This platform lets you access various reports that contain important information about your target audience, where they come from, and which marketing channels on your website are the most efficient. Especially when it comes to leads, conversions, sales, and so on.

2. HubSpot

This inbound marketing software company allows businesses to recreate their marketing from outbound lead to inbound lead generation. This allows them to be "found" by their target audience.

It's also a helpful tool that allows you to grow your business, whether you're a budding start-up or an established business in your industry.

The tool offers you an all-in-one solution, whether it's managing your social media and content, tracking emails, or connecting with prospective leads.

Hubspot also lets you convert more leads, grow your traffic, and improve your ROI in all your inbound marketing campaigns.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps you with almost anything when it comes to all your business' social media channels.

It has an engaging user interface that makes it easier for you to rank higher on SERPs despite the highly competitive landscape of the internet.

4. Marketo

Marketo is a great tool that you can use in automation marketing. This lead management solution allows you to gain and nurture your leads. It guides these leads up to the very end of your sales funnel.

Marketo also has Marketo Sales Connect, which allows you to coordinate your sales and marketing efforts, driving more pipelines at a much quicker rate. It also allows you to find, look for the best prospects, and personalize the whole customer experience.

You can also choose from four different pricing models, each designed depending on your marketing needs.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp has become one of the top email marketing software in the market. This service provides free or paid versions, depending on the demands of your business.

This tool not only automates sending emails at the right time, but it also provides you with detailed analytics that could be helpful in your digital marketing initiatives later on.

With this tool, you can create complete emails with gifs, fonts that are personalized, and images. You can also A/B test your campaigns with MailChimp.

Overall, this tool is great for business owners, web. and mobile developers, and start-up owners.

It's because this platform lets you look for your target audience, reach out to them, and then send them email marketing campaigns based on their behavior.

6. Drift

If you have an e-commerce site it's essential to have a one-on-one conversation with your customers. But sometimes, establishing a conversation with every single one of your customers is challenging.

That's where chatbots come in.

Drift is a customized chat support tool that allows you to personalize the customer experience by engaging the visitor with conversational messaging that's both timely and customized.

As we know, chatbots are currently trending because what they do is that it adds a more human feel to your website.

What's even more interesting is that the Drift Campaigns and Conversations dashboard allows you to track your site traffic so that you can easily access the performance of your campaigns.

7. Charlie App

Don't let your fans and customers perceive you as unserious with your marketing efforts, or doesn't care about their needs.

Charlie App is a tool that allows you to create a positive impression on your customers, especially if you're meeting them for the very first time. This tool will help you establish a more meaningful relationship with your customers.

What it does is it captures your customer's phone numbers, and email address for potential follow up, so that it's easy for them to be re-acquainted with your brand.

Since it introduces personalization in your campaign, it seeks to answer your customer's comments and questions quickly and easily.

8. Google Trends

This is another free tool that you can use from Google that allows you to yield amazing results. Google Trends is a tool that allows you to find out what is currently trending, and where is it particularly trending.

Let's say, your audience demographic mostly comes from the US. This tool provides you with location-specific results in your niche. So, it's easy to come up with content that's specific to that particular location.

9. Wishpond

This is a paid platform, but recently, it started opening up allowing marketers to add pop-ups, opt-in bars, and welcome sites on the website for free. These features provide marketers with plenty of ways to turn visitors into leads.

Every lead that you can get could also be easily nurtured into a sale through the tool's email platform, and among its many integrations.

10. LiveChat

This is a tool designed for support and service teams. The app is filled with tools and features for online sales, web analytics, marketing, live customer support, and the likes.

It also allows teams to connect with clients and prospect real-time.

Finding the Right Tools to Use

There will always be new tools and trends that will be introduced in the world of digital marketing.

Although it's impossible to keep up with everything, using these top marketing tools to start will prepare you for your journey ahead, making everything go smoothly in a systemized manner.

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