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20 Digital Tools For Online Business Success in 2021

20 Digital Tools For Online Business Success in 2021

Technology or digital empowerment is the keyword to deluge your business. This century is flared with the efficacy of high tech endorsement in all professional and personal spheres. So your business also needs a boost in the virtual space with the subvention of digital tools. Here we will discuss 15 best digital tools that every startup must use to affirm their identity, authenticity, be more productive, save time, reach out to maximum consumers, maintain synergy and healthy work-flow in the team and contend the peer competitors.

Task or Project Management Tools

Remote work is the contemporary trend of progression. When your team is diversified in different geographical location and yet you need to tune up with the synergy, workflow, productivity, updates, transparency, and easy collaborations then task or project management tools is at your rescue. Though there are many in the market but the special mention goes to and Here are highlights of its features:-

  • Project Control Centre by Integrating Platforms – It integrates all the apps your team uses. The power-up turns on the board into a live application to address the exact need of the team.
  • Collaborates Project end to end – Get an organized team by giving information to all members at a glance. The boards and cards show minutely all plans, comments, attachment, progress, problem, due dates, and other details.
  • Boost productivity with the power of automation – Empower your to-do-list with rule-based triggers, board buttons, custom cards, calendar commands, and due-date commands.
  • Easy to use – You can easily create your account, create a board of the project, name it, invite your team, and set the plan.
  • Real-time sync – This end ups the email formalities and the messed up trailing mails. With the real-time sync through cloud based server, all members can get notified instantly.
  • Highly Secure – Security of your data counts on them. So they have implemented end-to-end security of all your information.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

When your team grows in numbers communication and collaboration become a concern. Many times sharing reports, data, and images through email become a problem. Also, all team members require a common platform to chat. So is one of the most productive communication tool for you. Highlights are:-

  • Shares files –Platform to share big size files.
  • Chat or Call – Team members can connect on call, con-call, chat, etc.
  • Collaborate with Partners – Transparent and easy to use channels to collaborate with other stakeholders and vendors.
  • Real-time Sync – Keep all members on the same page by showing the same updates to all.

Website Builders Tools

If you are a start-up then your website is your digital identity and a gateway to reach the global economy. It is no more a choice rather a basic requirement. Don’t settle down by worrying about the cost to make a website or the technical expertise required to run it. Even if you are non-techy or have a budget pocket yet you are just a click away to create and design your website with website builder tools like What it has to offer you? Here is the snapshot:-

  • Customized Templates – You can choose the look and feel of your website that best fits the commodity you are catering to.  It has ready templates or designs for all business types.
  • Integrate any tool to empower the website – You can easily access to tools like online appointment scheduling software, ticket booking, payment, plugins, SEO optimization, social media booster, performance analysis, and lot more.
  • Responsive Design – It makes your website optimized to all electronic gadgets by easing the view suitable for the respective one.

Website Performance Monitoring Tool

Now when you are satisfactorily done with the website making then after some months you would like to do Website Performance Monitoring. You might be wondering what to do to make it better and what is visitors activity on your website. Like if your visitors don’t find any helpful content on your website they will bounce out or leave it within some time which makes a negative impact. Again you would like to get an insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing, how much ROI you are getting through your website, which geographical location is fetching more clients for you. So to analyze all these here are some top tools for you. and let you find out or measure:-

  • Real-Time Analytics – Detailed and in-depth report of the performance
  • Key Performance Indicator – Measuring what performs best in your website
  • What content or headlines move your audience - Giving viewers’ behavioral analytics.
  • End to end in-depth report – Detailed mathematical calculation of sale, view, reach, and lot more.
  • SEO analytics – Provides Google analytics that influences your ranking on the search engine.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

Each lead of customer is most important for you. To make best use of all these leads based on their requirement is the key to success in business and generating ROI. Hence a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is most important for you. is the leading CRM tool that benefits you with following features :-

  • Contact Insights- Enlist all your leads in a synchronized and systematic way.
  • Tasks – Based on the workflow you can customize your task.
  • Customizable – You may customize the report generation or functionalities based on your business requirement.
  • Secured – It is an end-to-end secured platform for storing your business data and information.

Email Marketing Tools

To promote your business email marketing is one of the best ways. By this, you can keep connected with your customers, enhance engagement by giving offers, information, best deals, and also drive them to your website and products in a simplified manner. By using this tool you can easily design newsletter of your own, send and analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. Here we are with two best options for email marketing, and Highlighting features are:-

  • Who viewed – Gives exact analytics.
  • How many delivered -  Status of the authenticity of email ids.
  • Which page they visited – Which product page is performing well.
  • Follow-Message – If any further follow up required.

Social Media Management Tools

In the era of powerful social media communication, you need to be very active in promoting your website and reaching out to customers easily through social media. But again you need to analyze your performance and manage data. You may easily do it using Its facilities all below mentioned works on a single dashboard:-

  • Monitoring feeds – Get a detailed assessment.
  • Scheduling post- Make a timely publication of your post.
  • Interact and engage with the audience- Enhancing audience interaction.
  • View analytics – Show analytics of performance.

File Storage and Access

Storing data, files, images is a big task and needs to be done very efficiently. Gradually storage space becomes an issue, taking regular backups lack behind and also giving easy access to those to all team members becomes tedious. To address all these issues use or

  • Faster with Cloud-native collaboration – Providing easeful and time bound upload and download option.
  • Easily Integrate with other tools and apps – Help direct uploading from respective app or tools.
  • Unmatched performance with Google’s AI – Fastest speed, reliability, and priority use.

Keyword Research Tools

To get a good rank on the search engine is a goal of every website. Hence keywords are the most important thing to feed in your content to boost up the rank. Two such optimum tools are and ubersuggest. It helps to search:

  • High ranked keywords – It gives detailed list of which keywords are effective for your business and what are their search volumes. Always keywords with high search volume are an effective one.
  • Peer Competitors keyword analytics – Get an insight into what your peer competitors are biting on.
  • Analytics – Get detailed analytics of the performance of your content.

To give boosts to your business keep watching this space for more updates on technology and the business world. We will be back with some more interesting and work-friendly enlist for you.

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