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10 Ways Digital Signage can Improve your Business

Mar 26, 2021
10 Ways Digital Signage can Improve your Business

Businesses have been moving from traditional advertising to digital signages over the past few years. Grand View Research predicts that the global digital signage market size is predicted to attain USD 31.71 billion by 2025. More shops are also adopting digital signages to reach more customers and restore their businesses impacted by the global pandemic in the beginning of 2021. If you are still thinking whether to go digital for your business, these ten tips will help you evaluate and make the right decision.

1. Be tech savvy and enhance brand image

In a world where customers are bombarded with countless visual contents, businesses need to be more creative in generating eye-catching images and videos to keep customers engaged while not appearing to be too intrusive. Digital signage does just the trick. For many B2C businesses, they would deploy interactive digital signage in stores, inviting shoppers to get active with the brand. By instilling this tech-savvy element into your brand, you can in fact build a dynamic, fun brand image, which improves your relationship with customers simultaneously.  

2. Increase Social Media Engagement Around Your Business

Digital signage is a brilliant way to help you stay connected with your customers via social media platforms. When you’re running a marketing campaign for your businesses, you’ll need as many channels as possible to help you spread the words out. Apart from the usually medium like email newsletter, social media is a much more effective way. Most importantly, you are expanding your social media touch points from personal mobile phones to public billboards. Moreover, by showcasing company culture and behind the desk moments, you can grow more fans that helps promote your business.  

3. Generate happy customers and reduce customer waiting time

Digital signage helps alleviate customers’ boredom and shortens their waiting time during a purchase or service. Restaurants, SPA centers, bookstores and a lot more businesses implement interactive digital signage that allow customers to complete their purchase through self-service. This helps your organization release employees’ stress at the counter while managing to serve more customers at the same time. In addition, customers that are waiting to be served can check out the signage display in your waiting area so they are kept entertained and engaged. By increasing more happy customers using digital signage, you are actually adding more value to your business in the long term.    

4. Communicate with teams, staff, and customers

Organizations also use digital signage to communicate with employees in a more effective way apart from regular team communication softwares. For example, hospitals have digital signage stationed in every floor on the hallway or nearby the counter so patients can know when it's their turn for the doctor, family members will have the latest surgery updates on their loved ones, and any healthcare information will be broadcasted to all visitors. Alternatively, digital signage may display a doctor’s medical experience so patience can feel more relaxed, knowing they are in good hands. Announcements related to the global pandemic can also be shown 24/7 to remind employees and customers about personal hygiene. Both employee experience and customer experience can be improved through the proper signage display.

5. Build Relationships by Telling Your Story

Building a real connection with customers is what every brand should be doing. Customers want to feel that they are being taken seriously and cared for in modern society. Digital signage is one beautiful way to tell your story and build that relationship through variant appealing contents. You can inform and entertain your audience effectively through marketing messages and videos. It is also another measure to establish your brand image and share your brand value.

6. Show Testimonials & Reviews

Don't be afraid to let people know how great your service or product is! Businesses use digital signage because it’s a more effective way to communicate with your current and potential customers. For retails, you can install a digital display that showcases all the amazing product reviews near your top-selling item. You can even play a video from an influencer or YouTuber that makes a detailed review on your product to help customers build more trust with your brand.

7. Create Strategic Partnerships

Brands work together nowadays to receive mutual benefits like higher brand exposure sales revenue. Digital Signage is a wonderful way for businesses to get into a partnership or sponsorship. If you’re a cosmetic company, you can work with shops like h&m to show your product information on their in-store digital signage. Alcohol brands can work with sports bars and play their advertising video on the signage board on a regular cadence. Digital signage actually enables business owners to come up with numerous creative and intriguing marketing ideas to better promote their products.

8. Collect data using digital signage

Digital signage can also help you collect your customer data and provide them more personalized experience. Through interactive touch screens, retailers can retrieve valuable customer insight from real-time data and modify their in-store marketing strategy to drive more conversions.  

9. Saving big bucks

In comparison to traditional advertising techniques, digital signage is a very cost-effective way for your marketing activities. Digital signage offers more flexibility in terms of content type and execution schedule. And an indoor display also serves a lifelong time. Businesses can replace multiple images to videos or vice versa within a few mouse clicks using the content management system (CMS) offered by a digital signage software. For outdoor displays, as long as all digital signage security issues are ensured, it is also wise to invest to lower your company’s marketing budget in the long run.  

10. Upsell Products and Services/effective ctas

Sometimes customers just need a little nudge to make their final purchase decision. Customer journey is becoming more lengthy and complex due to the convenience brought by technology. Shopping centers,retail stores and other industry businesses can actually use digital signage to help shoppers reach the end of the buyer’s funnel with limited offers or on screen promo codes. You can even upsell your product or services with the help of digital signage. Digital signage basically offers organizations unlimited content and advertising quota to educate, share, and engage with their customers.

Digital signage can improve business in so many ways including sales, marketing, and customer success. In order to fully work its magic, make sure your organization is equipped with the right content management and device management tools to help you streamline daily displays and create better customer experience. If you’re currently thinking to go digital, take these ten tips into consideration and make sure to align them with your business objectives.

Author Bio:

Cynthia Lin, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sand Studio, a global provider of mobile device management, kiosk lockdown, application management, and location tracking solution. Cynthia has a passion for content creation and SEO optimization. She owns a personal travel blog and has written for I LIKE LOCAL and other marketing blogs. Here is her LinkedIn.

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