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Tips to Kick Start an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Nov 22,2017
Tips to Kick Start an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is the main ingredient to ace the game of business generation in today’s fast paced world that is hugely influenced by the internet. And we all know that digital marketing is the key to success for businesses operating in the global arena today, however many a times startup owners fail to effectively utilize the power of digital technology for the benefit of their newly found business venture.

Here are few steps that could help startup owners in kick starting their digital marketing efforts for their companies.

Choose appropriate channels

The foremost step in setting up a digital strategy is the choice of digital channels. Ever digital channel has its own efficacy and audience. Through them, you can gauge a specific set of audience that is right for your business and roll out targeted efforts to acquire significant gain from them. To reeve maximum output, you need to first find out where your prospects are along with ways that could send your best message across. Some of your target audience might be interested in getting information through email newsletter whilst others may be interested in reading a blog or may be through social network.

Implement one at a time

For every digital marketing channel, reaping results will take time. Nothing is magic and requires steady efforts till the desired output is achieved. If a blog or a website is your preferred channel for communication with the prospects then instead of waiting for quick results the more appropriate idea is to keep updating information because results will show only after a long term steady trail of efforts is invested in it by you.

Put a content strategy to work

Once your preferred channels are setup, it is time now to decide what should be shared. You must find content that your audience want to read or know about. Something that excites them, lures their interest to you. To effectively engage your customer with your brand through your digital marketing strategy, you must create a content strategy that has a mix of both audio and visual content. This strategy will assure you that the content which you share reaches to the maximum output and generate the much needed word of mouth publicity and social sharing for your brand.

Different channels require information to be sent out in different ways. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all allow the use of hashtags, which can be a valuable tool to reach new audiences. However, LinkedIn does not have this functionality.

Facebook gives advisors an opportunity to be more personal and share photos of life outside the office while keeping a professional tone. LinkedIn is more of a professional network and content should be related to your job, industry or the market. If you’re attending a conference or industry event, LinkedIn is the place where you can share those professional photos.



Invest in effective SEO

Search engine optimization is an all-time favorite and proven online marketing tactic that has shown consistent results over time. Businesses that invest their time and efforts in creating a winning SEO strategy and then implement it actually makes the most out of their digital strategy. A winning SEO strategy accounts for original and interested leads that too free of cost. Something that makes up great value for businesses both online and offline. If you think you do not have enough time or proper resources for the purpose, try getting in touch with a best seo company that could offer you professional seo services in pocket friendly price.

Measure Engagement

As is the case with all marketing initiatives, advisors probably want to know if their efforts are returning a reward. It’s important to measure engagement with each digital marketing initiative because you want to know what’s working, which channels are bringing in sales leads and how your clients want to receive information. From there you can increase efforts on those profitable channels.

When a prospective client contacts you, ask how they heard about you or got your contact information. Maybe it was from an email newsletter, maybe it was from a social media network or maybe they found your website in a Google search. It’s good to know so you can concentrate and focus your efforts on activities that provide the greatest return.

Build up a digital marketing strategy on all the above mentioned points and you will thank me later!

Author Bio:

Irfan Ak is a brand strategist, digital marketing expert and a blogger. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with Branex - a web design company. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

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