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Why Data Virtualization Software is a Necessity for Businesses

Oct 29, 2021
Why Data Virtualization Software is a Necessity for Businesses

As big data becomes more of a presence in all areas of business, it becomes a growing challenge for both small businesses and large corporations. It's difficult to reap the many benefits of big data when you can't access or integrate data from disparate sources.

Traditional data warehouses and integration processes are expensive and time-consuming, adding little business value. However, with data virtualization, it's much easier for companies to use big data to gain a competitive advantage. Read on to learn how a data virtualization platform can make your business intelligence processes easier and more accessible.

Data virtualization ensures data consistency and integrity.

One of the biggest challenges business users face when dealing with data from disparate data sources is that the data is in a variety of formats. Sifting through large amounts of data to ensure it fits your business goals is laborious, even for data scientists.

One of the many benefits of software de virtualização de dados is that it is able to extract and format business data from disparate silos such as data lakes, data warehouses, and other data sources. To appreciate how data virtualization formats data from disparate sources, you would have to have spent what should have been an unused weekend digging through a data lake for insights.

Data virtualization software provides faster access to data.

Business users sometimes need real-time access to data from multiple sources for projects, application development, and more. Data virtualization technology provides a single source from which you can access data from different sources without knowing the technical details of multiple databases and other data silos.

The big advantage of having a single point of access to all of your company's data is that it provides faster, easier, and more cost-effective access to data. Additionally, TIBCO prioritizes ensuring its data platforms are secure, making it simple for business leaders to dictate data access to specific team members and track their data usage or manipulation.

Data virtualization technology makes data integration faster.

One of the best things about data virtualization for organizations of any size is that it solves the data movement problem. Traditional data integration solutions required data scientists to move data from silos to a single platform, but data virtualization allows the source data to remain collocated.

With data virtualization, mainframe data remains on the source systems, allowing the business user to view it from a centralized control panel. This means you no longer need an IT department just to get real-time data from different sources, reducing time and cost over ETL processes.

Data virtualization tools are managed by the vendor.

One thing most business leaders agree on is that the best data virtualization tools are the ones they don't need to hire an IT staff to operate. TIBCO software is vendor managed, which means you don't have to worry about fixing bugs, updating or updating your system. Another great thing about TIBCO is that they prioritize making their data science software accessible to small businesses and the data scientists of tomorrow working on their education today.

Data virtualization tools perform data analysis.

Data analysis is probably the most exciting area of big data. Its impact reaches small businesses, professional sports and law enforcement. Big data analytics is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools, including capabilities such as identifying consumer preferences and predicting future events.

Data virtualization enables you to gather data from disparate sources and perform analytics to gain deeper insights that drive business performance and revenue. If it's good enough for the NBA and FBI, it should work for your small business as well.

Today, companies extract data from numerous source systems. Handling business insights from disparate data sources makes data management and use difficult, but data virtualization helps business users make sense of their business intelligence. So why has your company not yet invested in data virtualization technology?

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