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Top 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Top 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Business is all about conversions. No matter how many impressions your advertisement receives, if the leads are not leading to conversion, then the bottom line is not going to swell.

As a marketing budget becomes one of the biggest question marks for organizations worldwide, in this article, we find out the top five tips to improve the conversion rate.

1. Use the CTAs that have worked before:

If you're looking forward to growing your customer base, it is very important that you learn from your competitors. The more you observe how your competitors are doing, and the more you emulate them - it is going to pay rich dividends.

One such thing is using the CTA.

Trying out a new Call-to-Action when you're looking forward to gaining an audience base might not be the right way.

Instead, following your competitors and learning from them will work out. It is important that you make your call to action visible.

Trying out bold colors is one of the major takeaways that you can have while placing the call to action. The second thing that you can look into is to place the CTA in a position that actually gets clicked.

2. Don't miss out on the key of urgency:

Businesses focus a lot on creating an urgency effect. Offers like the “First 25 get 25% discount” - Help businesses to not only improve their bottom lines but also gain wider exposure.

Both word of mouth, as well as product quality, play a very important role in generating leads. But the conversion will completely depend on how you promote the product.

Creating a sense of urgency has shown 35% better results in terms of revenue for businesses.

So if you're still not doing it, it's high time you start practicing the same.

3. Testimonials are your best friend:

Testimonials play an important role if you're trying to target the right audience. The right audience will look into the product as well as focus much more on the reviews the product is received.

Testimonials improve the conversion rate by close to 25%.

Big organizations believe that testimonials are the backbone for improving sales.

So if you have still not shattered using testimonials, what are you waiting for?

But how should a testimonial look authentic?

If you're thinking about using paid testimonials, let's get it straight - The consumer has become proactive and very clever.

One of the best ways that you can make the testimonials authentic is by linking the social media handles of the one giving the review.

It will help in building trust, thus ensuring that your product and your customers are both benefiting.

4. Be interactive & ask users:

Your content needs to be interactive. Ask your users about what they feel about a particular topic that you're writing on. Take opinions and make users feel valuable.

Make sure that the conversation is a two-way discussion and not just a one-way lecture.

The conversion rate will depend on how you engage your user through the blog. A higher conversion rate would only be possible if the user reaches the end of the block.

Conversion rate optimization agency Melbourne specializes when it comes to fabricating catchy blogs along with interactive content that ensures that your product gets sold immediately.

If you haven't yet looked at them, it's high time you get in touch with them right now.

5. Make the website easy to surf:

Website Navigation plays an important role in engaging the users. More than 15% of the users have confessed that they have bounced websites because it was too complex to navigate.

Make sure that the website is not only easy to navigate, but also has the key touchpoints that every user should know about.

A proper website map helps the users to get from one place to another, thus making the journey even smoother.

Conversion rate is all about the game of making the user experience excellent. If you have learned to ace this game, it is going to be a piece of a cakewalk.

Bottom line:

Even though conversion rate is one of the key parameters, it is also important to get into the lead to conversion ratio. Don't forget to incorporate the sales funnel every time you work on a marketing campaign.

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