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Complete Awareness and Consideration Conversion PPC Marketing in 2022

Complete Awareness and Consideration Conversion PPC Marketing in 2022

Marketing and sales are a buyer’s journey. From awareness, consideration to conversion, it is a path your potential clients cover. But, before the clients get to the final conversion, you need to convert from the target audience to someone who considers your products. As getting conversions is becoming tough day by day in such a competitive market, you need to strategize the marketing funnel to turn the audience into customers in 2021.

In this article, we will discuss complete awareness, and consideration, conversion marketing. Let’s get started!

The Three Stages of Marketing Funnel

Before you look for ways to tailor your marketing messages to each stage of the buyer’s journey, have a better understanding of the three stages of the marketing funnel.


It is the topmost stage of the marketing funnel. This is the stage when potential customers are experiencing pain points but don’t know about your brand. At this stage, you need to create awareness among the audience about your products and services via engaging text or video content, educational or informational slides, etc. You need to tell them how your products cater to their needs.  The less salesy and promotional your content looks like, the better your ads look.


This is the middle stage of the funnel. Here, you capture the attention of your prospects as they are showing interest in your brand or the information you provide. The main focus is to build trust and engage them continuously with adequate messaging to consider you over your competition. At this stage, the clients are little familiar with your services and products. Your goal is to showcase different ways about how the problem can be resolved.  


This is the final stage of the PPC marketing funnel. By this stage, the prospects are familiar with your business or brand and are interested in your products. They are considering you as an option. Here, you need to make it easy for them to complete the sale or the desired action.

Thus, moving down to the funnel, you need to become more focused, nurture the relationship with your prospects, and learn more about them. Now, lets us shed some light on the best tactics for marketing.

Best Marketing Practices for Each Stage of the Funnel

Awareness Stage

This is the first stage of the marketing funnel when the customers realize their pain points and try to solve them. While researching for the solution to their problem, they came across your brand. At this point, you need to provide them with all the information they might be looking for.

Before you make a move, get answers to the following questions-

  • What are your audience’s challenges?
  • How do they educate themselves on their challenges?
  • How do they prioritize their challenges or goals?

At this stage, offering informational, sharable content is the best bet. For example, whitepaper, e-book, educational videos, detailed guide, expert content, etc. Use SEO keywords specific to each of the stages to make the content easy to discover. Stick to optimized, sharable content that provides the audience with value; don’t sell content.

Consideration Stage

It is the second stage of the marketing funnel. By this stage, the potential customers are familiar with your brand. They are identifying the problem and looking for ways to solve it. Show them how your product or service is the right way to solve their issues. How will your product be beneficial for them? Or how your product is better than the competitors?

Gather answers to the questions, like-

  • What solutions are the buyers searching for?
  • How do they decide on the best option?
  • How do they find out the advantages/disadvantages of each option?

Again, content is the king here! You can create content to convert people from the consideration to the decision stage. You can use case studies, webinars, catalogs, free samples, etc., as a tool.

Conversion Stage

It is the final stage when a customer makes a decision based on the research and convert. Here, your goal is to encourage them to make a positive decision for the PPC budgeting. Your target audience has become loyal to you. And, your task is to use it to your advantage, i.e., educate less and promote more.

You can offer free trials, expert opinions, demos, discount codes, or coupons to promote your offerings. Before that, know the answers to these questions-

  • What do they like about your products?
  • What influenced their final decision?
  • Do they want a trial before making a purchase?
  • What are the things that scare them off?

Decision Stage:

This is the final conversion stage at which the customers make the decisions depending on the research. You just need to help them make a positive decision and turn them into a client. At the decision stage, the targeted person becomes more loyal, and you should use this information to promote more. Here are few questions to think about before making any decision:

  • What do customers appreciate the most that you offer?
  • What keeps them off track?
  • How many people are there in the decision-making?
  • What are the things that influence the decision?
  • What are the things buyers expect as a trial before making the decision?


This is all you need to know about awareness and consideration for conversion marketing. Whatever the stage is, you need to create the right type of content to convert a person from one stage to the other. Have a well-structured marketing plan, try to improve the customers’ understanding, and gravitate your focus on the right leads. Use this marketing funnel to tailor your actions and try to address the customers’ needs at each stage. When you serve their needs better, your business will grow!

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