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What do Small Businesses want (and need) from their Cloud Communications System?

Nov 07, 2021
What do Small Businesses want (and need) from their Cloud Communications System?

Cloud communications systems have transformed the business communications sector, allowing small organisations access to high-quality communications equipment at a fraction of the price of their competitors. Small businesses are increasingly relying on cloud communications to replace landline phone service in their workplaces.

Here is our guide to what small businesses want and need from their cloud communications system.

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Support for mobile and remote workforce

Small organisations can use cloud communications to accommodate remote and mobile employees. Companies can access their business phone system from basically any location because the system is provided through the internet. Small businesses will be able to hire remote workers as a result of this, as they are no longer restricted to hiring only within the city or in the surrounding area. They now have the ability to hire people from all over the world, providing the business with more choice, as they will only need to find the most suitable staff with the best talent and skill-level.

Infinite Scalability

The capacity of cloud-based communication to adjust to a company's economic situation is critical for small firms. Adding additional users with new phone numbers and virtual extensions, if your business expands, is as simple as tapping a few buttons. It's also simple to remove users, phone numbers, and virtual extensions if the organisation is experiencing difficulties and has to downsize.

Also, if your business is still growing or is seasonal, you can easily adjust the number of lines or phone numbers as needed to avoid paying for more than you use at any particular moment.

Ability to make the business seem bigger

The biggest benefit of cloud phone systems is that they make your company appear larger than it is. By doing so, you are not deceiving your clients, you are forecasting the legitimacy and professionalism that large corporations are known for.


It's critical to be aware of any potential security threats ahead of time and understand how to avoid them. With the correct protection in place, fraud and other security threats can be simply avoided. To keep users and their data safe, cloud phone services employ a variety of security methods such as data encryption and network security.


Unfortunately, smaller businesses lack the same financial resources which larger organisations attain. Consequently, they must compare prices before deciding on a provider. The majority of cloud phone solutions charge per user and include unlimited local and long-distance calling. Certain providers also offer metered plans like pay-as-you-go, which allows businesses to only pay for the minutes they use. Furthermore, cloud phone systems provide low-cost international calling and free on-network calling, which helps to reduce expenditures.

From that list, it is clear that small businesses may want, and most certainly need, quite a lot from their cloud communication systems. However, luckily, cloud communications have a whole host of benefits and services that can be revolutionary for all businesses, large and small.

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