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How to Get 1000+ Shares to Your Next Blog Post

How to Get 1000+ Shares to Your Next Blog Post

Dreaming of 1000+ shares on your next blog post? Seems difficult? Not now. Bloggers might feel more frustrated about not getting enough response on their blog post, especially in terms of shares. Probably, it is one of the primary reasons why some people end their journey as a blogger. Sad. They quit blogging because they fail to promote their post to the extent they want. Without shares, the content reaches limits to specific people. Moving with this speed can take you far from your goal, especially when you’re blogging for business. You can’t even afford this practice. This is the moment when you need to experiment with different strategies to make way for 1000+ shares to your blog post.

If you are also one of them who always looks for the ideal ways to boost their shares on every newly published post, then you are at the right place as here we have the answer to your queries. Read this 1000+ word guide and learn actionable tips to promote your blog and reach more and more audiences.

Check out the below-listed points and put it all into your practice today!

1. Start Write on Trending Topics

If you want to reach the milestone of 1000+ shares on your next blog post, make sure that your content piece is meeting all the aspects required to attract the audience. Before you write your next blog post, understand your audience first, and determine what they actually like to share with others.

People usually share what they find interesting as well as relevant. So, as a blogger, you must try to come up with a blog that has higher chances of boosting your shares and leveraging the reader's interest. Let’s take an example. If you are passionate about writing baking blogs, no doubt. In that case, you need to stay updated with everything related to it, including new baking techniques & desserts or bakery products, trending among people these days, and a lot more things. When you talk about something new in your blog, it will undoubtedly catch the reader's attention, resulting in increased traffic.

All you have to do is to follow the market trends and write your blog accordingly. If you want help regarding how to stay updated with the latest trends, there are countless videos on Youtube you can watch.

2. Spend Time on Your Titles

If you’re very well clear about the topic you are writing about, then the next step is creating a title that should be catchy. Yes, that’s true! A good title makes a lasting impression on the reader and attracts them to flick it. Recent studies also show that 80 percent of people read the headline copy, whereas only 20 percent read the rest. This figure clearly shows how an attractive blog title act as a great tool to increase your web traffic and make your blog successful.

As you all know, titles appear everywhere, ranging from Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus to LinkedIn Shares, and other social media networks. So, you must spend a couple of minutes building a title as it can make or break your blog. After writing and finalizing a title, ask yourself a question, “Would I myself want to click this?” or “Do I find this post interesting by its title?” Asking such questions to yourself will help you understand that the title you are choosing is right or not.

3. Write Long-Form Content

For more strong results, bloggers usually go for the long-form content every time and this is what now works today. If you are also a blogger, you may also prefer writing long-form content to describe what you desire. Even studies also show that readers find long-form content ideal to engage. So, we would suggest you avoid writing fluffy content if you want to achieve a big goal of 1000+ shares.

Writing both long and short posts is a good practice. There is no hard and fast rule to stick to content with more words. You can also maintain a balance between both long (5000-6000 words) and short (2500-3000) posts.

4. Prefer Listicles Post

Listicles make your blog powerful. But how? What are listicles? Listicles are those articles or content that are basically in the form of long lists. For example, “5 Best Ways to Improve Your SEO” or “101 Things To Try Before You Die.” Such listicles attract the readers a lot as they find such content easy to read, and as per the writer’s perspective, such content is even effortless to write. You can easily put down the list of all items and make the content ideal enough to catch the reader's attention. The best part about listicles is that they also help writing a long-form of content (saying clearly, nearly 10K words.)

5. Use Bucket-Brigade

Another secret of getting 1000+ shares on your next blog post is to use bucket-brigade in your content. Bucket Brigade? What are they? We’ll explain.

Bucket-brigades are words or phrases you can use in your blog content to hit the reader’s interest. If a reader doesn’t find your content interesting enough, then they will undoubtedly leave your blog. You can get a clear idea about bucket brigade words with the below-listed examples. Take a look-

“No idea?”

“Seems difficult? Not actually!”

“Guess what?”

“Start reading,” etc.

When you append these words in your content, you can come a step closer to your goals.

6. Write a Content to Keep Readers Engaged

Keeping the reader engaged is a secret to winning 1000+ shares on your blog post. Every blogger craves more and more shares on the content they have written, investing their efforts, time, and creativity. Therefore, while writing, keep in mind a few things for increased reader engagement. This is important. Google also prioritizes the factor of reader’s engagement on a blog post to determine the search ranks. Don’t know where to start?

Just focus on bringing content that readers want to serve with. Don’t be boring. Try to write stories, incorporating your personality and other unique content strategies for better outcomes.  

Below we have mentioned three actionable tips to create content that can keep your reader’s engaged-

  • Write engaging stories
  • Space out your paragraphs
  • Use bucket-brigades

7. Use Content Lock- Effective Strategy

Using a content lock is another great content marketing strategy that allows a reader to share your well-written content with others, follow your social media account, and more.  

You may have noticed on several blogging sites that they hide a part of their content, and it could only be visible when you share the post with others. For instance, if you write a content “5 tips to generate more traffic to your website,” you would only allow three tips out of five to be visible. For the remaining two tips, a reader has to share the post with others. Great strategy, isn’t it? This is the magic of content lock.

There are countless content locking tools available on the internet. Some of the most preferred tools are Viral Lock, Smartbribe, OnePress Social Locker, etc.

8. Linking, Linking, Linking

Writing engaging content is not just enough, especially when you want to achieve a big milestone of 1000+ shares on your blog post. Take a foot forward, adding links to any word or phrases in your blog to increase its audience reach. People can easily share your content when you link out to them. Therefore, you should be very careful while linking out to other bloggers. Consider this example to know how linking works. If you are publishing a blog having a keyword phrase, “improve your content strategy,” then find a post on how to improve the content strategy and link to it. But make sure that you are linking to a reputed blog that has a high engagement rate. This way, you can double the reach and increase the shares of your blog post.

9. Encourage Others to Share Your Post

Encourage your people to share your blog post. It’s important marketing that you should follow every time you post a new blog and set a new record to achieve more shares. This strategy always works. All you have to do is to write and publish a blog post. The next step is to email your friends and family or your blogging friends to check out your new post & also share it with others. You can use this strategy for every new blog post and increase your chances of achieving your goals. It seems like building relationships with online people and hitting them up to share your content as well. This a great content marketing target that also helps in raising your ROI.


According to a report, there are around 1.9 billion web pages and soon to hit 2 billion also in less than one year, which itself shows the growth in the blogging industry. So, one can imagine how the blogging industry is widening at a rapid rate. The major concern of bloggers is regarding the content quality and, most importantly, reaching more audiences. This blog post has covered the tips that will surely help you touch the milestone of 1000+shares on your next blog post.

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