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Why WordPress is Go-To Web Development Platform For Online Businesses

Why WordPress is Go-To Web Development Platform For Online Businesses

You’ve had this idea for an online business for quite some time but never acted on the idea simply because the thought of designing your own website was so intimidating. The lack of “tech-savvy-ness” is a large reason why lots of aspiring business owners never get their businesses started. But that doesn’t have to be you… there are alternatives to getting your business without the stress of “getting your business started.”

According to, building a website, SEO, digital marketing, and things in that arena are all forms of information overload and can be quite overwhelming for people, making them not want to start their businesses. It’s perfectly understandable, especially when it comes to building your online business. For the non-tech-savvy individuals, you need a website builder that’s easy to use.

So what’s the solution?

WordPress started out as strictly a blogging tool but over the years it has evolved into a powerful website builder as well as a great content management system, making it ideal for budding online businesses. But that’s not the only reason to take advantage of WordPress’ many perks. The fact that it’s so easy to use is why so many entrepreneurs use it to get their business off the ground.

Now, although WordPress is easy to use, some people just don’t have any desire to dabble in the actual designing of their online business, and that’s okay. There are WordPress web developers who are experts with the tool and can help your business in more ways than just graphic design. And this applies to whether you need a completely new website or to refresh your current one.

So, if you’re an aspiring online business owner, don’t give up on your business idea because the web design aspect is so intimidating. WordPress is an easy-to-use tool to get your business off the ground. And don’t forget, there are WordPress experts to help you as well. Take a look at all the benefits WordPress offers to online businesses.

Benefits of Using WordPress to Get Your Online Business Started

1. Designed to Handle Various Types of Media
When it comes to building your business site, you’re not just posting products and prices… In order to appeal to your audience and convert them from visitors to customers, you’re going to have to appeal to them in more ways than one… you’re going to want to appeal to them with different forms of media, like videos, images, and audio.

WordPress allows you to upload various photos, YouTube videos, and audio files to your site, enhancing your user experience. And because your audience can’t physically come to your store, incorporating various media types on your site will give them an equally unique shopping experience as if they were in a store.

2. Customizable
WordPress is full of different themes, templates, and plugins for any type of site, allowing you to express your creativity as freely as you want. The customizable themes it offers allows you to change colors, upload your business logo, and create the background of your choice without needing to code or have any background in web development.

It even allows you to customize the functionalities of your site as well. You can use various plugins to create contact forms, to record analytics, or you can even use a WordPress membership plugin to create a membership site… The ease in customization is largely why so many people turn to WordPress. And the best part about it all is that it’s free!

Speaking of free...

3. It’s FREE
If you can believe it, there once was a time where building a website was so expensive that it cost you “an arm and a leg,” so to speak. But guess what one of the biggest perks of WordPress is? It’s FREE!!! WordPress software and applications are free, however, you will indeed need to buy a domain name and find a web host to actually install it.

4. Safe and Secure
Because you’ll be the owner of an online business, you’ll come to find that the world of the “world wide web” can be a very sketchy place and keeping your site safe and secure will be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as your business grows. WordPress is a secure platform to run your online business and it’s designed with safety in mind. But you still want to take additional safety measures like business insurance as well as anti-virus software.

5. SEO-Friendly
WordPress is designed to please Google and other search engines… that’s why WordPress sites tend to rank higher on search engines. The components for each page of your site can also be customized to give you full control of the pages you want to be ranked for the type of content it displays...the various plugins are great for this.

Why WordPress?
The five reasons to use WordPress listed above are only a small portion of why you should use it to get your online business off the ground. The best way to truly experience the benefits of WordPress is to actually use it, whether you do it on your own or hire a WordPress web developer. Give it a try and see what you think.

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