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5 Types of Applications you can Build with Python

5 Types of Applications you can Build with Python

Have you been deciding on developing an app and you are confused about what language you should use? You don’t need to fret anymore because python is at your service.

Python development businesses now have a plethora of options because of the technical, digital, and development environment. Python has offered developers a variety of employment beyond only designing apps as a staple.

Yet, other languages are abundant and it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to select the right one. According to a survey by stack overflow in 2020, python is the most used language for developing web and mobile applications. Let us look at some pros and cons and also the type of apps you can build using python.


If you are an industrialist and looking for the best python development company, it is necessary to know the basic framework of python. Frameworks are the modules and libraries in a programming language to write codes for developing applications. The python framework saves you from the mental anguish of protocols and thread management.

Frameworks make the developing process easier and more efficient by allowing the reuse of the code for the same HTTP operations. Some of the basic frameworks of python are Django, Flask, bottle; helping in creating scalable web applications. Businesses hire Flask developers as it allows for building complex applications.


Like every other programming language, Python has some advantages and limitations. But if it has limitations then why use it? Because the advantages of python overpower the limitations, makes it the best choice available in the programming market.

Python is versatile, along with high readability and quick-to-use advantages. However, the execution speed of python is what limits its usage. Since python executes each line separately; it takes much longer to run a code. Yet, it is faster than modern languages and compatible with numerous operating systems.

Additionally, Python is open-source making it easier to find source code and develop apps hassle-free. With vast libraries and increased productivity makes it the most likeable coding language.


Now that we have covered the concept of frameworks and skimmed over the pros and cons, we can acknowledge the types of applications that can be built using Python. Python with its design features and libraries is the most used language for developing applications.


Python offers a large library and game designing tools, reducing the efforts of the developers. Additionally, it allows real-time testing and the facility for providing rapid-game prototypes. Hence, gaming enthusiasts love and rely on it to create top-notch games.

Games like Battlefield 2, EVE Online, and SIMS 4 were all created using the python programming language. It was also utilised to construct the Panda 3D game engine, which serves as the foundation for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean game. Its track record of success makes it ideal for creating game applications.


Blockchain applications have recently developed a trend in the market. Entrepreneurs and manufacturers prefer it because of the protection it provides. If you're interested in blockchain apps, look for a Python Development Company because it's the ideal language for them.

The python frameworks like flask and bottle have made the work of developers easy. They can interact with their blockchain over the internet using HTTP requests. The blockchain may be generated in Python with only 50 lines of code, making the procedure quick. The straightforward syntax of python makes the development process a walk in the park.


Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in development can be quite tricky. The time taken for machine learning is a factor that leaves the developers bewildered. But, python is here to save the day. Numpy, Scikit, Scipy, Pandas are some of the libraries offered by python. These libraries have different roles to play and make the machine learning process faster and more efficient.

Python code is easily understood and can be used for some complex machine learning tasks. Python development companies use these libraries to create some complex machine learning applications in half the time with python.

With python, the developers can focus on creating efficient and effective machine learning applications. This helps in avoiding spending time on the technicalities of the programming language.


Console applications otherwise referred to as command-line applications are used from the text user interface. Typing the commands in the console or shell, the console applications are navigated. With its extensive library and flexibility, Python is used for creating console applications.

Python also offers a virtual environment successfully creating applications that require packages not included in the standard library.

The addition of UI/UX interfaces to command lines has changed the designing method of applications. These command lines are being used by some famous python development companies. Python modules allow the creation of interactive command-line interfaces and node applications.


Amidst the pandemic, the e-commerce market has flourished tremendously. The offers, discounts, try-on facilities at the comfort of your home have influenced the customers. People do not want to stand in long lines to buy groceries or pay bills.

With frameworks like Django, Flask, bottle; python can create e-commerce applications super-fast. To customise the e-commerce applications, Python is the best available option. Most business companies use Python to create their applications. Along with the packages and modules, python also offers access controls. These protect the data while granting access where necessary. Python is also a scalable language, meaning it can handle a huge volume of traffic without slowing down the application.


Python is a highly scalable and adaptive language that creates web applications easily and effectively. The developers do not have to brainstorm for creating source code since they are readily available. To flourish in their market, the companies should hire python development companies to design and develop the applications and websites.

Python's rich library, visuals, and design principles enable users to create their bespoke applications. Python can always be relied on for profitable and efficient applications, no matter what industry your firm is in.

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