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6 Features You Must Add during your Android App Development

Sep 07, 2021
6 Features You Must Add during your Android App Development

There is a lot of competition between the android app development company to develop stylish and exclusive android mobile apps. However, if you hire a professional and dedicated android app developer, they will develop such an app.

If you want to give tough competition and fight other applications, then your android app must have the capacity to beat them and attract customers. This can be possible by developing an app and adding unique features that another application lacks. Before you start designing your android application, one must go through the reviews on other applications that can give you an idea of what to add and what not to add to the application. By reviewing the comments and developing the app according to it can attract more customers to your app. You must also know your targeted audience before you develop your android app.

You can hire an android developer from India to develop your application according to your stipulation. The developer you hired can also guide you to develop a fantastic app and suggest the features you can add to the application.

Here is the list of features that must be added to your android application to make it successful.

Features of android application

  • Fast loading speed
  • Easy user interface
  • Payment gateways
  • User feedback
  • Easy and secure login/responsive design
  • Multiple language support

Fast loading speed

This is the main reason why the users left most of the mobile applications or web applications. Users don’t like to wait for an application to load. If it loads in a few seconds, there is no issue, but if it takes more time, they will leave the application. Therefore, the android application loading time must be minimized to attract more customers.

This should be on the top priority of you, the developer, and the android app development company you hired. You should add the essential minimum features so that your application can load faster and you don’t get any negative reviews or comments. According to a survey, it is observed that most of the users leave the application because of its slow loading speed.

Easy user interface

If your android application is complicated, confusing, and messy, the users will not like the overall experience of using your application. As a dedicated developer, you must consider the reviews and feedback of the user from other applications that can help you develop the app according to that and get knowledge of what the user expects from an android application.

You should add simple navigation features that can help the users to navigate within the application and pages. For example, the navigation icons can help the shoppers to find the things they need quickly. This can give a smooth and immersive user experience.

Developers can add elegant navigation shortcuts, voice assistance, gesture navigation, auto-fill in options, and much more latest UI/UX elements.

Payment gateways

This is an essential feature to have in your android applications for accessibility everywhere and revenue generation. Nowadays, every application consists of in-app payments that also support many payment integrations, so users don’t need to take the help of outside gateways for purchasing products and services. Moreover, for visibility and payment integration, cloud computing in the application will increase being highly competitive in the market. Therefore, developing android applications is more critical than websites to get more new users and maintain the existing customers.

If your goal is to target more customers, you must install easy payment gateway methods in your application. Since, for everyone, space is the top priority, developers must develop an app that consumes less space.

User feedback

Keep a feedback section in your app so that people using your app have some queries or want to give some feedback through that feedback section. Users can also complain if they don’t find your application appropriate.

This feedback will help you improve your application and add new features that can attract more customers to your application. By adding new and attractive features, you can compete with the market.

Easy and secure login/ responsive login

The login and registration page must be simple and easy to register or log in to your application easily. The developer should allow the user to log in or register through their other social media account or mobile number. Some essential information such as name, number, address, email-id, location, and much more are end-to-end encrypted and are secured.

The design of your application must be responsive and fast. The user can access your application from any device like mobile, tablets, PCs, etc. Your application must respond the same on all the devices without any error. Tell your developer to launch the lite version of your application so that it will take less storage.

Multiple language support

There are no boundaries in the app ecosystem. This is why you must consider all the languages that are the highest spoken languages in the world. It is not essential to add each language. Still, depending on the target audience and the country you want to launch, your application must be considered while providing language support.


Keeping in mind the importance of the android app, we have written this blog that is based on the features you must add to the application. Therefore, if you are looking forward to developing an android mobile application that is unique and the latest, you must go through this blog to get good information.

You can hire an android app developer from India to help you develop a flawless android application that is eye-catching and according to the targeted audience with the latest features and functionalities.

I will be glad if this blog can help you with your android application and give you good guidance.

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