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4 Ways To Break Into The Wedding Industry
May 19,2018

4 Ways To Break Into The Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is a field a lot of people wish they could get involved with, but don’t exactly know how. With such limited space (as well as limited availability given the industry’s seasonal nature) it’s often perceived as quite the challenge to break into. However, with the right skillset and planning, there’s much more opportunity here than you might think. That’s why I’m offering a few avenues to consider starting out, check them out below:

Look Into Planning
Perhaps the most common answer, getting into wedding planning can be one avenue that’s pretty accessible for the industry. As noted by IBIS World, there are approximately 39,371 wedding planning companies currently in the US, and while that seems like a pretty high number, remember that a lot of them are independently run. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t apprentice or work for one as well.

With wedding planning, the most important thing is finding a place that will accept an entry level person. Whether that means landing an internship or becoming a part-time assistant, try to seek out a shop you’re not only interested in working for but that has the revenue and capacity to hire you permanently. Items like branding, client size, or even any noteworthy events are good cursors to weeding out the more successful firms. And if this is a route you’re going to take, don’t forget to put together perhaps some mock case studies or budget proposals to showcase your skill set.

See What New Innovative Solutions Are Happening
According to the Huffington Post, the wedding industry is worth approximately $55 billion in the US alone. This is a pretty big business and one that a lot of entrepreneurs are trying to take advantage of. And while you might be wondering what type of innovations are occurring within the wedding industry, a lot of this field is being turned on its head.

An excellent example is with the planning industry, which a lot of companies have started to shift online in becoming a one-stop shop for everything a couple would need. Furthermore, other innovative solutions have begun to pop up as well, such as solutions for having custom fitted wedding outfits or utilizing current trends in travel to book hotels and trips. Get creative in your research, as you might be surprised at what you could find that might be the first step to a pretty exciting career.

Start Your Own Gig
While it might sound a little scary, starting your own gig within the wedding industry isn't that bad of an idea. In fact, as noted in a survey published by Market Research, more and more couples are taking the DIY route, which completely changes their buying behavior before their big day. Taking the leap to try to help out on your own might be pretty lucrative.

Although I’m not necessarily suggesting you take on a direct competitors mission or goal, try to take a look at the industry and ask yourself what things could be improved. Even if it’s just working with caterers on creating sample dishes or other aspects like that, there is plenty to sink your teeth into, as well as a way to explore your passion. Granted, I’ll note that some ideas might need to be launched via going through the traditional startup company fundraising, which you’ll know when you approach it. And finally, don’t forget that as starting a business can be a pretty tough gig, be patient with what type of company you could start and why it will work.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Classics
Finally, as the wedding industry is centuries old, some of the classics have always remained, and most likely will for years down the road. After all, marriage is something that while only happens once (or a few) times in someone’s life, the industry has shown no signs of slowing down. And if this is a field you want to enter, then going after the classics is a solid move.

The name of the game here is to find those items that have a high price tag that’s still valuable. For example, the wedding dress will always remain a constant; and as noted by the XO Group, with the average wedding dress costing around $1,509 could be a great route to go. Check around for some companies that create a great bridesmaid dress or even start with another traditional institution, such as catering or venues. Remember, the mission here is to find a place you feel comfortable and enjoy, so be a little patient to find the perfect place.

What are you the most excited about in entering the wedding industry? Comment with your answers below!

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