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Jul 05,2018

Automate Your Pinterest and Instagram Marketing with Tailwind

If you have a company or you're a blogger, then it’s presumable that you have been using Pinterest and Instagram to drive more traffic to your account. Tailwind is a popular tool used by the Pinterest users to optimize activities on the website. It is crucial not only to manage content, but also saves tons of your time. The great news is that Tailwind is also available on Instagram with its unparalleled features. Read on to know what they are!

Some are common to Pinterest and Instagram

Optimize Scheduling

Tailwind permits you to increase your followers on Instagram and Pinterest by suggesting the right time to post your stories or pins. It allows you to choose different time slots for each day. But it’s evident the users of Instagram and Pinterest will not be available on similar time. You also are part of various boards or groups on these profiles. Tailwind enables you to pick up time for each of the posts on specific boards, pages, etc.

Analytical Insights

Analytical features of Tailwind are also offered for the Instagram users. It assists in evaluating the performance of your pins and posts. The views, likes, comments, repins, are recorded by Tailwind. It will let to identify the aspects that can fetch you more audience on your future updates.

The insights given by it includes weekly summary of the performance of your profile, engagement score (Total Repins/Total Pins), information about each board, and assist you to manage the niche your company participates in. So take smart decisions using Tailwind and increase your online presence on Pinterest and Instagram!


Tailwind has officially partnered with Instagram and Pinterest. So the application is safe and secure to use. Rest assured that your posts will be uploaded exactly on time. Also, the analytical insights are spot on!

What you get for Pinterest

Interval Pinning

Being a company aiming at digital marketing you must be part of various boards on Pinterest. If you post the same pins on all the boards at similar time, it fails to impress. Therefore, create interval between your images and schedule each of it on the desired time using Tailwind.

Pin Inspector

The performance of the pins is evaluated on the basis of the repins on it. Pin Inspector is a tool of Tailwind that tells you the exact number of repins on each of your pins. Search the popular pins from all your boards using keywords. Use this information to understand what attracts your audience.

Manage Feeds

Tailwind gives you the option of managing your Pinterest account. You can easily keep the most liked pins on the top of the shelf using Tailwind. Also, you can create a list of pins, blogs, etc. that you have liked, by adding the URLs on the Content Discovery tab. And you can access it any time you wish!

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are a group of users who assist each other to look for content that would attract the viewers. They also share insights about how to reach wider audience for each of your pins. So be a part of one and dramatically increase your followers and repins.  


When you have scheduled a number of posts into several of your boards, it is possible that Pinterest uploads pins on one board first and then moves to another. Because of this, few boards would not have pins for a long while. To solve this, click on the shuffle button, and keep clicking on it if you wish to continue shuffling your scheduled pins.

Now for Instagram too

Desktop Use

Do you feel that Instagram can only be used through your smart phones? Do your digital marketing team wish to use Instagram on the desktops so as to optimize the posts? Then use Tailwind as its features allow you to use desktops for posting stories on Instagram.

Calendar View to 9-Grid View

When you select the pictures to post on Instagram, it gives you a calendar view. If you wish to know how the images would look on the news feed, then Tailwind has a 9-grid view option which shows you exactly the way it would be on your Instagram profile!

Save and Find Hashtags

Selecting the correct hashtags for your Instagram captions are pivotal for its appeal to the audience. Tailwind gives you the option for saving a list of hashtags. Whenever you type a hashtag it asks you for permission to save it so that you can use the same later on. Hashtag Finders prompts you to use hashtags which are used for similar posts and followed by many.

Share Images

Instagram permits you to share your own stories or posts. In a normal scenario, you are unable to share the posts of your friends or followers. If you love the stories of the other users and wish to share it to your audience, Tailwind allows you do it hassle free!

Manage Teamwork

You probably have multiple accounts for the team members of your organization. Supervising all of them might not sound like an easy task. But with Tailwind it is! It permits you to manage several accounts of Instagram at the same time and provides you with similar services for each one of them.  

Although you might receive some of the aforementioned features of Tailwind on other applications, but it gives you a comprehensive package that is worth the expense. It makes your tasks easy and life easier. Indulge in using its amazing features to optimize your conduct on digital media marketing!

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