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Jul 03,2018

20 Top Pinterest Tools To Boost Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms that you can use to promote your company. But are you using all the available tools to improve your presence? You will be stunned to know that Pinterest comes with several tools aimed at enhancing the quality of your pins which attracts more followers. Some tools are solely dedicated towards Pinterest and some are not. No matter, read on and you are in for surprises!

Pin Beautiful Visuals

 1. PicMonkey

It is a phenomenal image editing application that will improve the visual appeal of the pictures. Through this tool, you can create your own image or edit an existing one. The features of PicMonkey are vast and include all that you can think of. What more? You can use this application for free or sign up for packages which start from $5 a month.

 2. Pinstamatic

It is a dedicated tool developed for the Pinterest users to assist them in creating striking visuals. Be it a map, a website, or a profile, Pinstamatic tool will construct a picture of it. Great news is that you can use this application for free. So go for for it and instantly share your images on Pinterest!

 3. Piktochart

It is an infographic tool that allows you to embed charts and graphs into a picture. It has in built templates (500+) which can be customized by you according to your needs. Piktochart has its own array of shapes, icons, or objects that you can use to generate graphs or charts. It is also a free tool that can be used for business purposes.

 4. ShareAsImage

Ever seen a beautiful quote on the internet that you wish to use to attract followers on Pinterest? Well, ShareAsImage enables you to pick up texts and build a picture out of it. The resolution and size of the images created through this tool are perfect for Pinterest. Take the subscription for $8 a month to avail its remarkable features.

 5. Canva

It creates a perfectly pinnable image out of pictures of any size. The multiple templates are tailor made for Pinterest. The hundreds of designs available on Canva will assist you in making attractive images even if you are a beginner. So avail its features free of cost and enjoy!

Save Your Time And Increase Traffic On Pinterest

 6. Loop88

Social media influencers are popular these days. So if you want more followers then this tool is there to help! The purpose of it is to bring the social media influencers and the advertisers closer. The influencers endorse for large companies through this platform. If you are immensely popular on Pinterest or willing to promote your company, try Loop88!

 7. BoardBooster

Group boards are communities of Pinterest and if you are a part of one, then use this tool to improve your contribution. BoardBooster evaluates your contribution to each board, rank them based on your performance, and its contribution towards increasing traffic on your profile. For initial 100 pins, BoardBooster provides the services for free. After that, pay a bare minimum of $5 a month and enjoy the package of 500 pins.

 8. Pinvolve

How cool would it be if you are able to link Pinterest with Facebook? You can do it now using the Pinvolve tool. It converts your pictures on Facebook into pins and posts your pins on Facebook automatically. Avail the pro version to get things done automatically, and pay $9 a month for it! Or if you are okay with the manual working, then use Pinvolve for free!

 9. Tailwind

It is one of the most popular tools of Pinterest. Tailwind is a complete package that does everything for you, starting from scheduling to analyzing your performance on Pinterest. It keeps a tab of your competitor’s posts, your influencing followers, and repins on your post. Opt for the free trial and pay only $10 a month for so much in return!

 10. Viralwoot/Pinwoot

Pinwoot was the previous version of Viralwoot. It used to help the users gain followers by following others. The new and advanced version allows advertisement, schedules pins, pin alerts, and possess growth tools. It comes with a free starter pack, after that the plans begin from $12 per month.               


 11. Buffer

It allows you to use images from any website as a pin. It saves ample time by displaying stats in the dashboard itself including number of likes, comments, repins, and other social media statistics. For beginners, it is free for the first 7 days. Then you have to apply for the unlimited plan starting from $10 dollars for a month.

 12. Viraltag

Viraltag foremostly helps you in scheduling your pins. You can select the images beforehand and use this tool to upload it on the desired time. The add-on is that you can even chose the social networking platforms on which you wish to upload these posts. Avail Viraltag free for 3 social network profiles. Beyond that, choose from the paid packs starting from $24 a month.

 13. Widgets

This free tool has many functions that aim at integrating your presence on Pinterest. The pin widget allows you to embed your pins on any website used by you. Board widget broadcasts 30 pins from your favourite boards. Profile widget shows 30 latest pins posted by you on your Pinterest profile. Pin-it is also a widget that permits your followers to repin your pins, and follow button enables users to follow you on Pinterest.

 14. Zapier

It is an alternative and a more integrated tool in place of IFTTT (If This Then That). It suggest that you can state that if task one is done, then a pre-determined task two will be performed automatically through this tool. Zapier integrates few more tasks and has a free as well as paid version.

Analytical Tool To Strategize Better

 15. Pinalyzer

It is one of the most popular analytical tools used for Pinterest. Pinalyzer is in the market for quite some time now. It allows you to find appropriate pins through Smart Suggest Tool. Of course, you would want to identify the impact that your pins has on the audience. Pinalyzer does that too! Also, keep your competitors at bay by using this tool to monitor their performance so that you can come up with something better than them the next time you pin.  

 16. Quintly

When you require evaluating your performance on Pinterest based on your competitor’s profile, Quintly is the best tool to use. The results are shown through graphs for better understanding. Also, use Quintly to analyze your Pinterest success with that of other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. $129 is the starting price of the package that is offered by Quintly.

 17. Curalate

If you are aiming at using a tool that will provide professional results pertaining to your Pinterest profile, then Curalate is for you! Although very expensive, it provides detailed analytical solutions for you marketing tactics on Pinterest.

 18. Piqora

Pinfluence has transformed to Piqora and comes with innovative advanced features. It provides comprehensive solution on promotions, analytics, managing content, and social e-commerce. It tracks your activities on Pinterest, records traffic, and suggests techniques to increase followers.

 19. Cyfe

Not many can afford the expensive analytical tools for Pinterest. Cyfe analyzes your online presence free of cost. It also has a paid version and that too is charged a mere $19 per month. Make a wordpress account to take full advantage of this analytical tool.

20. Expion

It is a smart tool created by Pinterest’s Marketing Developer Partners Program. This tool provides content developing solutions by analyzing the market demand. The customizable tool will help you create pins that would increase followers on Pinterest.

If your company is dependent on the digital marketing strategies, or you a blogger, whatever be the case, the tools will definitely save your time and enrich your experience on Pinterest. There are tools providing comprehensive marketing solutions, and there are some dedicated to make your pins more attractive. So use the trial versions and identify the tools that suit you best!

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