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Jul 02,2018

15 Ways Pinterest Can Drive More Traffic to Your Blogs

We consider Pinterest as a social networking site. But little do we know that it is not an interactive platform. The objective of Pinterest is to create virtual ads that will entice the audience to visit your websites, or blogs. So bloggers out there, if you are facing problems such as not knowing whom to share your blogs with, then read on and get started. Pinterest offers you exceptional platform that will not only connect you with people from your niche, but also doubles the traffic on your blogs in just a few months!

1. Avail Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest offers analytical solutions if you convert your existing account to a business account. Through this, you will be able to know the behaviour of your pins. So judge whether your blogs are doing well or not, so that you can get back on track. Matrices such as demographic or engagement stats will help you develop the right content to attract audience.

Pinterest also suggests you tips to strategize your blogs. The marketing tips are amazing features of Pinterest that will keep you updated with the latest trends.

 2. Know Your Viewers

As a blogger, if you wish to increase traffic, then you need to position yourself as an expert in your domain. Firstly, use analytics and market research to understand what would attract your viewers. Keep in mind that the blogs are for the targeted audience and not your whims.

Visit Pinterest topic to identify the number of audience viewing the blogs on a particular topic. Use it to come up with ideas for your new blogs and enjoy higher traffic.

 3. Rich Pins & Perfect Description

Rich Pins can be of various sorts, including article, app, place, product, movie, and recipe. Article pins will authorize you to endorse your blog with titles, descriptions, logo, and URLs that would transfer the audience to the blog page. Facebook Open Graph metadata used by Pinterest will easily set up your pins with Yoast SEO (Wordpress plugins).

A perfect description that increases traffic on your blogs is spot-on. The description should not be more than a couple of sentence. Keep it interesting and use phrases that are welcoming (“Visit Us”, “Check Out”, etc.).

 4. Find It Easily

Know it for a fact that the pins are indexed on the search engines. Use smart ways to create your pins so that it crops up instantly when searched for. The trick is to add key words that are SEO friendly. Popular hashtags are also useful in this case. But make sure they are relevant to your blogs.

 5. Get the Time Right

Traffic on your blogs can increase if your article gets many re-pins. The more your blogs are visible, the greater will be the traffic. Use the simple trick of knowing the best time of the day to pin. Analytics tools of Pinterest will help you understand the consumer behaviour of the targeted section.

In case your blogs are on fashion or retail industry, then Friday after 3pm is the perfect time. Other bloggers use the weekends to come in the view of the audience. Do not aim the weekdays as the traffic is lowest in the working hours.  

 6. Attract with Image

Images possess the pins that take the users to your blogs. Now why will the audience click on your image? Of course, it has to be optimized to entice the audience. The stats reflect that the vertical images are more attractive as the viewers of Pinterest generally use Smartphone. Long pictures do not let the users skip your image while scrolling down.

Use pictures that are simple, have bright colours, and the background must be related. Pictures that have red texture attract the audience more than dark hued ones. If you wish to add your brand logo, and then make sure it does not take the focus away from the theme of your picture.

To increase traffic in your blog, first ensure that your image used for it reflects professionalism. The pictures must be of high-resolution and state of the art graphics must be used to edit them. Note that photos that include texts in them are more impactful. Finally, avoid being random, stick to the theme and get it trending on the internet!

 7. Videos Attract More

Did you know that you can also create video advertisements on pinterest? The statistics reflects that 52 percent of the users name the video based on the content. Relate the video with your blog to lure audience to read your blog.

 8. Search Ads

After Google, Pinterest boasts of the most searches on internet. The partnership with Kenshoo launched Search Ads. So bloggers create visually attractive advertisements and increase viewer traffic.

 9. Group Board Helps

One of the best strategies of increasing traffic on your blog is to be a part of Pinterest Group Boards. It is community that enables the members to post their pins. This exposure will gain you followers rapidly which in turn increases the traffic on the blogs.

Simply search on PinGroupie, search for the creator of the Group Board and start communicating to develop your network. Visit the creator’s blog to regularly comment your views. Once they trust you, your invitation would be accepted. Just follow the rules of the Group Board and you are good to go!

 10. Do It Manually

What you normally do is re-pin the other posts that are trending. Instead, start pinning manually and reach out to many followers. As a blogger, you should always project yourself as unique. And guess what? You can still use Tailwind as it merely copies the post, doesn’t really re-pin it!

 11. Pay and Promote

If you are a professional blogger working on behalf of an organization, then pay to make it more visible to the audience. Pay and get creative ad units, greater reach, and desired viewers from your niche. Also, run traffic-generating campaigns using paid Pinterest accounts and enjoy 20 percent more clicks in just a month.

 12. Include “Pin It”

Ensure that your blog has a “pin-it” button. It will make your audience easy to share your blog that they loved so much! Their followers and friends would be your new audience, further increasing traffic on the blogs.

 13. Use “Call To Action”

It creates a psychological impact on the audience if you instruct them. Pinterest analytics reflects that a short call to action gets the bloggers more clicks that lead the user to your blog page. Using phrases like “Click on the image” or “Click to know more” will be helpful in enhancing traffic.

 14. ViralWoot and Tailwind are Amazing

The popular social media websites that are used for promotions include Facebook and Twitter. They use tools like Hootsuite and SocialOomph, whereas Pinterest use ViralWoot that helps you to schedule the pins. Schedule at least 10 to 15 pins for a day if you want traffic to increase on your blogs dramatically.

Tailwind is another popular application that is used to schedule the pins. It helps in maximizing audience reach, and also measures the outcome of the pin. So get efficient and pay monthly $9.99 dollars to increase traffic on your blogs.

 15. Get Future Re-Pins

You require to get re-pins in the future and a temporary increase in traffic won’t just help! It is essential to keep a tab on the success of your pins. Use analytics to understand how your pin performed in the SEO sector. Did the traffic on your blog really increase and by what percentage? These facts and figures will enable you to strategize your future actions.

Understand that creating a blog is not the end process. If you require more viewers, use the tools in a smart way. Keep exploring and diversifying your blog niche. Begin using Pinterest and magically increase the traffic. Make sure to use the small tricks laid down before you and remember, do follow up!!

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