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Jul 06,2018

Most Popular Shopify Apps to Boost Performance and Sales

Establishing an online store is a monumental task as it needs to cover too many aspects.  In the competitive e-commerce sector, you need to know how to create your online store and promote it to the targeted customers. Shopify serves your purpose of creating customer base, and at the same time, helps you acquire and deliver the products. Read on to know more about the assistance that you can get by using Shopify tools and applications.

Set-up the Business

 1. Exchange

This Shopify tool will help you acquire online shops or sell the existing one. This tool stores information regarding your online business and thus, states the exact value of your store. Even if you are unwilling to sell or buy stores, sign up to get accurate valuation of your company.

 2. Business Name Generator and Slogan Maker

While starting up a business venture, you need to think of a name for the company. Why appoint professionals to come up with ideas for it when you can do the same with Shopify Business Name Generator? You can put certain keywords related to your business, and the tool automatically selects your domain. You just need to purchase this domain to start creating the business name.

Once the name is chosen, the next step is to create an enticing slogan for your e-commerce business! Without breaking a sweat, you can do this through Shopify Slogan Maker. All you have to to do is insert keywords and the application will suggest you many choices of slogans for each one of them.

 3. Hatchful

This application named Hatchful will help you create logo for your company. It offers you various designs, fonts, colours, even in its free version. You can also avail the premium version that has some sophisticated designs. The added features of Hatchful include customization of the logo based on the niche of your company.

 4. Easyship

Having an online store that operates internationally requires you to ship the products to the doorsteps of your foreign customers. Are you worried over the fact that it would cost you millions?  Take the alternative route and create an account on Easyship. This account will give you access to hundreds of countries and they charge 70 percent less than the market rate. They also take care of the paperwork, taxes, duties, courier rates, etc.

 5. Oberlo

Dropshipping is a crucial aspect of e-commerce businesses which starts with little investment. Note that for efficiency, you need to develop strategies to ensure that the shipments reach the destinations on time. Another challenge for you would be to maintain proper inventory size as holding the inventory is troublesome.

Oberlo solves these issues for AliExpress dropshippers. You can directly import the merchandise from AliExpress and allow customers to place orders from your website automatically. It also comes with the integrated shipment tracking tool that would inform the customers about the current status of their order. What more? Oberlo offers you auto updates on the quality and price of the products.

 6. Shopify SSL Encryption

An e-commerce business entails transaction of money online. So, the companies must build trust of the customers that their data will be safe. Shopify serves this purpose by issuing SSL certificates that guarantees encryption of the data. So just click on the Activate SSL Certificates button to change your HTTP to encrypted HTTPS. Other applications will charge you a fortune for this, whereas Shopify offers this service for free!

 7. Aftership

This tool keeps a tab of the telephone numbers and e-mail ids of the customers once they place an order. The customers can track the order, and shipment details are sent to them automatically through this application. It informs the customers regarding the time of the order being shipped, transit details, and even the contact number of the delivery agent.

Promotions Made Easy With Shopify

 1. Kit

It is an all round marketing tool of Shopify for the entrepreneurs participating in the e-commerce sector. The various functions of Kit involves creation of advertisements, reminders for posting on social media, sending e-mail, interacting with customers, and creating customized discount codes. The news of discounts can be promoted on social media directly through Kit.

 2. FourSixty

The Instagram posts displaying the pictures and videos of your products fetch you many likes, right? But do your viewers buy the same products from your online store? Chances are low! This is because it’s difficult to search for them on your stores and customers are unwilling to go through that ordeal. With FourSixty, embed the link of your store in the image page so that the shoppers can directly purchase from Instagram.

 3. Facebook Shop

Shopify has the option of allowing the customers to purchase directly from the Facebook posts.  Activate Facebook sales channels on your profile, and your customers will be able to click on the Shop tab that appears on the page. Your customers do not even require leaving Facebook for enjoying the shopping experience!      

  4. Referral Candy

Word-of-mouth or positive reviews from the trusted sources of the consumers like friends or family generate more sales than any other channel of advertisement. It is the cheapest sort of marketing that is believed to be 64 percent more effective.  

Referral candy is a tool that serves this purpose for more than 3000 stores. This application will allow your customer to share coupons with their friends after purchasing a product from your store. The customers also receive rewards when their friends avail the coupon code, making everyone better off!

 5. Auto-Currency Switcher

If you have online stores that deliver products in various countries, then auto currency switcher is a great platform for you. Use this Shopify tool to convert the price to the local currency based on the location of the user. As it enables the customers to have a comfortable experience, it is plausible that their purchase intention will be inclined towards your products.

 6. SEO Image Optimizer

Bulk Image Edit is a tool of Shopify that optimizes the size of the images according to the website in which you are posting. The Alt Text option makes your images SEO friendly through this application so that it ranks high on Google search.

 7. allows you to customize rewards for your customers. These engage the customers and increase their loyalty towards your company. You can use this to provide gifts to the customers on special occasions, or when they refer your store, subscribe to your channels on social media, or repurchase from your store.

 8. Yotpo

A positive review on the products that is displayed on the page does the work of advertisement 88 percent similar to what word-of-mouth does. So you can opt for Yotpo Review to use the available widget and display the positive reviews on top of the section. This tool is also SEO friendly and gives you many customization options.

 9. Swell

This Shopify application helps you to retain your customers by developing customer loyalty programs. Use this to give incentives to the customers so that they most likely repurchase from your online store. It is 67 percent easier than opting for enticing new customers. Swell also prompts your customers to interact with you on social media which often leads to referrals. Start using it for free before signing up for the paid plans!

Why pay more and hire the professionals when you have Shopify to take care of all your e-commerce business aspects? Use the tools effectively, and plan up your business in a cost effective way. And you get all of this done in few clicks! So get smart and enjoy the revenue pouring in!

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