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Feb 02,2019

Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Should Use In 2019

Over the years Wordpress has been a great platform to build attractive, engaging and interactive websites for people all over the world. Unquestionably, thanks to amazing WordPress plugins that made it all possible.

Wordpress plugins are actually great tools for adding and increasing functionality on a WordPress website. These plugins let owners create better content, market their website effectively and make them more operational and responsive.

But with over 54,000 WordPress plugins, choosing the best can be extremely overwhelming especially for new users. In addition, there are numerous plugins that offer similar functionality. This means you need to choose the one that best suits your project needs and requirements.

In this post, we will take a look at the top five WordPress plugins for your website in 2019. In your case, you might not need them all, but they are required for almost every second WordPress website out there.

1.  WPForms

WPForms is a plugin that is extremely simple and powerful to use. This plugin is probably the best contact form out there for your website. It has a smooth drag and drop form builder that allows anyone to create forms in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, there are many pre-built form templates that makes the task even easier.  

The advanced features let you create a powerful contact form in just a few minutes. Features like email marketing integration, payment integration, signature add-ons, spam protection and many more make it a comprehensive contact form that every website needs. In addition, the plugin is mobile friendly and very responsive on almost every smartphone and tablet.  

If you are creating a website and want a plugin that is both easy and potent, then WPForms is definitely a must app plugin for your site.

2.  Elementor

Elementor is an extremely helpful live page builder plugin that also gives users the ability to manage a wide array of WordPress functionality. The plugin helps in customizing your website images, forms, sliders and more.

Elementor is a very quick plugin that has better speed as compared to any other page builder. It has a user-friendly interface and takes a short time to design pages. This popular plugin is already active on almost 1 million WordPress websites and the numbers are increasing.

In a nutshell, it makes web design accessible to all users on the web.

3.  WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create a fully-functional and responsive online store. It’s an ideal eCommerce platform that basically allows selling anything on the World Wide Web. Today, WooCommerce powers more than 42% of all eCommerce stores and currently runs on 4 million WordPress websites.

With WooCommerce, you can sell anything from grocery, retail and food items. Meanwhile, it even lets you sell affiliate goods from online partners. It’s a complete eCommerce plugin that permits you to define your store style and sell anything, anywhere with extensive payment options.

4.  Envira Gallery  

This extremely good plugin enables users to build a top quality photo and video gallery for their WordPress site. It is a high responsive WordPress plugin that builds beautiful image galleries, and has an extremely simple interface.

It has a drag and drop builder that lets you create galleries in a few clicks. Pre-built templates is an easy way to customize gallery appearances in an easy way. This plugin integrates well with social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and others.

5.  MonsterInsights

If you are looking for a better, comprehensive Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website, then MonsterInsight is simply the best option you have.

Like the best analytics plugins, it lets you easily access your traffic and lets you develop a data-driven content strategy to expand your audience. It has a quick and easy setup, provides real-time stats, offers file downloading tracking and a lot more.

Author Bio:

Kirsten Pike is a web developer and a tech writer at 6 Pound Essay. She has been assisting students to do exceptionally well at different forms of academic papers with her years of experience in the professional writing industry. In her leisure time, she likes to travel and explore the world.

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