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Feb 05,2019

5 Effective Ways For Featuring In Snippets

Snippets or I would say rich snippets are the search results on Google, appearing in a box at the top of the SERPs. For example, you search an answer to a question, say ‘what is SERP’ and the result which you get at the zero position in a box is termed as a snippet. How the search engine picks one? The website which has done the best job answering work is out on the top of the organic search results below the ads.

There are three types of FS (Featured Snippets). These are Paragraph, Answer Box, List and Table FS.

  • Paragraph FS- It contains 40-60 words in a paragraph. These tend to appear when a question in asked.
  • Answer Boxes-Questions are answered with a link to any of the URLs. That means you can get further information from that snippet.
  • Table FS- Information is given in the form of a table with a structure. All the data is taken directly from the SERPs.
  • List FS- It provides the answer in a summarised manner.

Why featuring snippets matter?

The best thing is that all these featured snippets are volatile. If your website is not featuring in the snippets, it may trigger and can make to it the next time also.

But the main thing to be considered here is that these featured snippets do not make any differences in the ranking of the website. So, why marketers want their website to get featured at the 0th position of the search engine results pages?

Apart from the ranking factor, there is a list of the uses of these FS. These are as follows-

  • Increase in the click rate- As the readers see the snippet, 41% of them are likely to click that. This increases the click rate of the website. It indirectly sends a positive user signal in improving the ranking of the website.
  • More attention- It is one of the best ways of getting greater attention of the users with the help of additional information added by Google or any of the search engines as snippets. Moreover, this helps in outshining the competition.
  • Improvement in site relevance- If any search engine features your site as a snippet, it directly results in increasing the site’s relevance.
  • AMP websites- The content and the display of the website can be improved in case it has enabled AMP.

How to rank your content in the snippet?

Rise in the interest of the marketers is heading towards an increase in the level of competition. Many digital marketing experts say that there are no sure-shot ways of ranking at the zeroth position of the Google Search, which makes the task tough. The following are the ways in which featured snippets are targeted.

1. Go for targeting complex question queries

Just give them the answer. It is the strategy with which you should work.It will save a lot of your users’ time. Nobody wants to click around for a simple answer. For example, age of Neil Patel. Rather than letting your user wait for getting the answer and wait for its loading, just write the answer simply.

2. Be Concise

Being specific and concise is the trick which can take your website to the featured snippet. Keep in mind that the average length of the snippet is 40-60 words. You can elaborate the topic in the rest of the content.

3. Pay close attention to the structure

Google loves organized content. Format the content as list, steps, numbers or tables. You can add the tags like <ol>, <table>, <ul>. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to benefit the readers and save their time. So, the best way is to give them well-researched and factual information.

4. Focusing on long-tail keywords that are questions

Creating evergreen content targeting long-tail keywords starting with “why, what, how to, how does” help in getting featured snippets.

5. Use strong on-page SEO

Pages with high organic search ranking get their content featured as snippets. So, utilizing SEO practices and keyword optimization is the next step.

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