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Jul 17,2018

10 Smart Ways to get the most out of Instagram Stories

Instagram is captivating, engaging, and possess some cool features that has become a part of the lifestyle of the urbanites. Instagram stories are daily used by above 300 million users across the globe. Being a part of the business environment that is driven by the social media platforms, you need to do something unique to engage the followers and convert the viewers into purchasers. Here are 10 routes that you can avail to create out of the box Instagram stories.

1.  Ability to Tag and Link

Instagram stories are in fashion and every user is uploading some. So how do you make something that will be unique and attractive? Use the polls feature of Instagram stories to ask questions to your viewers. This will enable you to perceive the demand of the audience along with engaging them with your stories. If you have a business account and followed by at least 10 thousand users, then you will be able to link your Instagram stories with your company website.

2. Behind the Scenes

Instagram stories are about creating exclusive content. One approach of making your stories exceptional is to capture the manufacturing process of your company’s products. This will attract the attention of the viewers and they will be more inclined towards purchasing from your firm.

3. 24 Hour Takeover

If you are part of the digital marketing genre, then you must know that social media influencers are ruling the platform. One out of the box way of captivating the viewers is swapping with the accounts of other influencers for 24 hours. By doing this, you will be collaborating with the influencers to post your Instagram stories on their profile and vice versa. This will lead their followers to your account and your followers will follow them too. This mutually beneficial cooperation will rapidly enable you to gain followers by posting Instagram stories.

4. More is Better

For normal posts, frequent uploads might annoy the viewers as they pour in. However, that is not the case with Instagram stories. You can upload continuously to create a compact story and the viewers will love it whatsoever! Break a complete video into many stories which are relevant to each other so that to prolong the interest of the users.

5. Interactive Sessions

You can use Instagram stories to answer queries of your viewers. This will engage the audience more and improve your credibility at the same time. The happy customers will recommended your profile to their friends and followers, further enhancing the plausibility of positive response on your Instagram stories.

6. User Generated Content

You can utilize the content already posted by the users to create your own Instagram stories. You can run contests on the basis of the posts, which will also engage followers. You do not have to invest time on making new stories; just need few ideas to capitalize on the existing ones.  

7.    Highlighted Stories

Instagram stories usually remain on your newsfeed for 24 hours. But there might be certain ones that you wish to preserve and keep it on your newsfeed for a longer period of time? Well, viewers visiting your profile can see some of your stories even after 24 hours of them being posted. This will happen if you highlight your Instagram stories that you feel is superbly crafted.

8. Various Formats

Instagram stories can be used for several purposes and so go for all of them to avoid monotonicity. All you need to bore in mind while creating Instagram stories is that they must provide some value to the audience. The approaches that you can use includes announcements that will be deemed exciting by the viewers, news related to product launch, product tutorials, or question and answer sessions. Make sure that your Instagram stories reflect your company and at the same time, are related to the targeted audience. What more? Instagram stories permit you to go live, type texts, use boomerang, play a video in reverse, and apply funny effects to your stories too!

9. Content is Important

Yes, Instagram viewers are lenient about the quality of the stories, but if you are using stories for promotions, then you need to be thoughtful about it. You should put in similar efforts as you do for other channels of advertisement. You need to have plans about the videos that you would be uploading in the next few weeks. Advance plans will also allow you to release teasers to so as to instil curiosity among the audience.

10.  New additions to Expect

Instagram stories are coming up with some exciting new features in the recent future. The stories can consist of mere texts without any audio or visuals. You will also be able to repost the Instagram stories of other users. The images can be shared by taking screenshots but with this upcoming feature you can even do that for the videos. That brings us to the annoying habit of other users to copy the posts without our knowledge right? Well, soon you will get notifications whenever someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram stories or posts.

The popularity of the Instagram stories is gaining momentum in the social media world. Instagram stories are constantly incorporating features to maintain their stature. This calls for long term plans to continue captivating your audience. So many of your competitors must be using the platform and to move ahead in the game you need to raise the bar of competition a notch higher. These tricks are assured to magically improve your credibility and sales volume!

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